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As Time Goes By... Make 2015 About Your Dreams

Jan 02, 2015


I was recently discussing 'life' with my friend Sanay, and he was talking about how when he was in school he used to love theater and writing funny musical pieces. Now as a lawyer he has made a lot of money and lived all over the world... but misses that fun whimsical guy he used to be in school.

So here's the thing, right. We all did things at one point that we loved, that we were doing just for ourselves, not to impress friends or parents, not to project any image onto the world... but just to be... ourselves.  

And then time and responsibility took over and rearranged our priorities, and of course we let them, but more often than not something gets lost in this transition... just being ourselves gets lost a little.

And we are left plagued by a big question: 'what is the purpose of life?'

As the year ends and this question flares up with greater intensity than ever before, it makes me think the question must be time-related. As the changing numbers on our calendars count down to the end of our lives, maybe when we're wondering what our life purpose is, what we really need to know is, 'what can I do with my time before the sands run out?'

This year instead of resolving to exercise, quit smoking and be nice to everyone - new year's resolutions are but short-lived fantasies as we well know - I have resolved to discover what I really want to do with my time. And then do it.

Time to Dig Up Your Dreams
Time to Dig Up Your Dreams
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It's difficult, though, to focus on what you want to ... not should, not ought to, not need to... but want to do with your time. Most of our decisions about how we use our time stem from responsibilities, from things we must do for others, and from avoiding pain, uncertainty and other fears.

So below are three fantasy scenarios that can compel you to find the answer to: what do I want to do with my time?

Scenario 1: You're about to die...

When asked, what do you want to do? most people will answer, 'I just don't know for God's sake'. 

Ah. That is how deep denial is! If I put a gun to your head and asked the same question... I'm absolutely sure you could come up with an answer.

Not to be morbid, but imagine you are going to be shot dead in a few minutes... What do you wish you had been doing instead of what you are doing with your time now?

Whatever you picture yourself doing - that is time well spent. Whether you'd always wanted to write a book, jump out of a plane... invent something ... whatever dream is wasting away on the back shelf of your life... do it.

Now, not later. Don't leave room for regret. Don't become one of those people who sighs on their deathbed, 'I wish I had...'

If you were about to die, what would you want to spend your time doing?

Scenario 2: You can turn back time...

One of the reasons we don't pursue our dreams is because of fear. What if you fail, and it's embarrassing, what if you lose money, your family doesn't approve, what if you write a book and no one reads it, what if everyone reads it and thinks you are stupid... what if you just don't have it in you?

Imagine you have a remote control that lets you rewind. You can try anything. If you fail you can turn back the clock. If you lose money, just turn back time. If it goes wrong in any way just hit rewind.

All your fears are really just imagined and pasted onto your future... you don't know for sure something will go wrong, you're just guessing. If we are always turning the clock forward to imagine negative outcomes, why not learn to turn the clock back and let ourselves erase all our mistakes.  

If you did have a rewind button, then what would you do with your time?

Scenario 3: You're the last person on earth...

Many of our decisions are made for people who are not us, either our responsibilities to others - parents, families, friends - or to fulfill some social requisite - get married, have a respectable job, behave a certain way.

What if the world was wiped clean of people (in a non-depressing way) and you could do anything you wanted with no one to judge you. You could go to clown school instead of business school. You could be a comedian instead of a CFO. A cycle rickshaw wallah pedaled for two months to get to Ladakh. Everyone thought he was insane. He didn't care.

If no one was watching, what would you spend your time doing?

These scenarios, although fantasies, can de-clutter your life and mind, sift through the impositions of fear, shame and responsibility, and help discover the dreams of the real you - that have been getting buried deeper inside year after year.

This year, dig him out, the real you and your dreams, and just try spending some time on these. What do you have to lose? Except maybe a little bit of time.

But you are losing so much of that anyways. You're going to blink and suddenly find yourself at a Happy 2016 party... where nothing has changed and you're still resolving to eat healthy and quit smoking.

Instead open your eyes, put a gun to your head, and make 2015 the year where you discovered and worked on your dreams.


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6 Responses to "As Time Goes By... Make 2015 About Your Dreams"

Pradip Shah

08 Jan, 2015

Your article creates interest in life to live life richer ! You bring in a different perception . It may be simple but touching the core ! eg." We all really just want a little piece of peace. " " Tips to Travel Like a Pro ".

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05 Jan, 2015

I am writing A BOOK and wish to publish my manuscript, how much would 200 pages cost with 40 pages of illustration both black and white and colour.

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03 Jan, 2015

Each one has a inner consensus follow it up .It will act has your search light what you want to achieve. Never use your intelligence & experience in this matter.Your inner thought will guide you and take to its destiny.If you had urge in your dreams to do something then it will be right for you & it will be a great phenomenal success in your personal & professional .life.May this year be a great successful year for all the readers & commonsense living

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Abdul Khadeer Khaleefa

03 Jan, 2015

It is nice to read your articles. Found very interesting and worth reading. Keep it up and Allah bless you. Regards.

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MG Kapoor

02 Jan, 2015

An excellent writing; makes an interesting reading. I love the to read your writings. Alas, clock could be turned back. After seeing LBS London on later lbsocation of my daughter's ex-husband .mi remarked, "I wish I had been born 30 years later - would have joined LBS for an MBA! During our time opportunities were scarce or else we did not have proper guidance or we weren't in a position to follow a particular profession either due to lack of resources or due to family circumstances. Now many a time while peeping into the past I feel I really wasted my life achieving nothing - though I have been an Army Colonel and after premature retirement have been reasonably successful lawyer for over 31 years.

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Sanjay Bajaj

02 Jan, 2015

Well said Anisa, this is so very true and each one of us know very well as this is common sense, inspite of knowing we keep playing the waiting game. Most of us have got into this habit of expecting results without any action and are living a life in our comfort and thus fear has set in our minds which holds us from taking any action on a path which in long run is surely the path to go to. Thanks for sharing this, one thing I am sure is whatever you believe in is sure to happen. Cheers and have a fabulous and an Awesome 2015.

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