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'Let Them Pay You for Doing Your Hobby,' says Boman Irani

Jan 10, 2017

'Let Them Pay You for Doing Your Hobby,' says Boman Irani 

There likely isn't a person in India today who wouldn't recognise the booming voice of the beloved actor, Boman Irani. Or Virus, as some still like to call him after his iconic role as the mean old principal in 3 Idiots.

It's a gift from God, that incredible voice, one would think. I wish I had a powerful voice like that.

Well, here's something you probably didn't know about Boman. He wasn't born with golden vocal chords.

In fact, it may have seemed to many that he had no vocal chords at all, considering he didn't speak till he was in about sixth standard. He had a debilitating stutter growing up - a speech defect so embarrassing that he preferred not to speak at all.

You would hope that a quiet child would at least be able to put his head down and be good at his studies. But Boman was not. He had learning disabilities, and was not good at school.

'Bicharo Boman' people used to call him. Poor Boman.

But here's what he had that many children do not - an enlightened mother.

She recognised straightaway that academics weren't for her son. She saw in him a passion for drama, and movies. And she encouraged it.

'Can you imagine, a mother in the sixties, telling her son, who she hoped would support her when he grew up, it's okay if you can't do your homework, why don't you watch a movie instead,' he said at a youth achievement event last week where he was a guest speaker.

That was his passion. And she fed it.

With drama and speech classes, he eventually lost his stutter. He followed his passions, tried many things and failed, but remained determined.

He persevered for forty years before he made it big. In the role of Virus, he used his own speech defect, his stutter, to his advantage.

Boman Irani is widely renowned now.

His achievement is testament to his spirit of dogged persistence.

This is the message he had for the youth who were looking to him for inspiration.

Forget about industry. Forget about profession.

God has given you a gift. There's a parcel right there in front of you... Won't you at least open it and play with it. Just play. They will pay you to play.

'Let them pay you for your passion,' Boman said. 'Just open your gift and play.'

For him, as for many children who rise to success, parents play an important role in providing support and motivation.

For us grown-ups, we need to find our motivation within. We need to be our own greatest cheerleaders. We need to have that voice within that will push us to succeed. That believes we can do it. And that insists we persevere.

Perseverance. It's that magic ingredient, that 'secret' to success we are always talking about here at Common Sense Living.

It is the single most important difference between those who make it - and those who don't.

Call it grit. Determination. Stubbornness. Tenacity. Doggedness. Focus. Persistence...

It is an unwillingness to give in, to give up. It is the ability to get up and get back in the game, not just after falling, but after taking a beating. After getting thrashed, ridiculed, fired...

Nothing in this world can take the place of persistence. Talent will not: nothing is more common than unsuccessful men with talent. Genius will not: unrewarded genius is almost a proverb. Education will not: the world is full of educated derelicts. Persistence and determination alone are omnipotent. - US President Calvin Coolidge

You may have to fight a battle more than once to win it. - UK Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher

Opportunities are not offered. They must be wrested and worked for. And this calls for perseverance...and courage. - Indian Prime Minster Indira Gandhi

Don't take these words lightly. You are at the beginning of a new year, a year that brings with it vast possibilities. Take these thoughts to heart and dig deep to find your courage and perseverance. Let this be the year that you 'make it big'.

We are here to help and support you - all you have to do is ask.

Image Source: Shutterstock.com/DreamLand Media


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6 Responses to "'Let Them Pay You for Doing Your Hobby,' says Boman Irani"

Smita S Naidu

08 Jun, 2017

What is this exactly about? "does any hobby work?

K Vijay Kumar Raju

12 Jan, 2017

Hello Anisha, Enjoyed reading the article, confidence does take you through. I am also interested in conducting training sessions , can you guide me through. What are the different topics you people deal with. I am a teacher. I would like to use my training skill to benefit others and get paid in return. I would like to personally meet you and discuss with you. I have read many of your articles and felt that you could guide me . Hoping for a quick and positive response. vijaykumar

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11 Jan, 2017

Hi Anisa, Enjoyed reading it .Kudos to Boman Irani's mother.Surely A hand that rocks the cradle rules the World. Cheers Shyam


11 Jan, 2017

Anisa - l just love your creativity  - how interesting it is that you bring out this actor's voice issue into a positive notion that would motivate people from different walks of life using this as an example. This movie has been watched by millions of people from so many cultures.  It is timeless.  You have also used relevant quotes from Presidents and Prime Ministers.   I salute you????????????

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11 Jan, 2017

Thanks for sharing such a great article, indeed its very inspirational to know the story of Boman Irani. I would like to take this opportunity to make a point here, though this is completely my views and many may have a different opinion. We read a lot of articles about great people and take struggle as an inspiration, but we tend to forget one thing that they made to this point with sheer determination and willingness to excel and reach their goal. Now a days people have become very much impatient and want to achieve their targets and goals very quickly. So because of this impatience people hop onto different tasks very quickly and do not stick with a single set of mindset. Thanks again for sharing the article, would like to see more in the series.

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Uday Nath

11 Jan, 2017

Nice one, well done. Quality comes before quantity. This article proves that quality is your primary goal. Keep going... :-) Uday.

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