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I'm Ready to Retire from My 9-5 Job

Feb 05, 2016

I'm Ready to Retire from My 9-5 Job 

Yes, really I am. Now I know I'm too young yet. I know I haven't made enough money. But I also know I probably never will... As they say, you can never be too rich or too thin.

So I'm not even going to try!

I'm a socialist at heart, a capitalist for survival, and a libertarian at most other times. I'm a dreamer for all practical purposes, and a doer for the less practical times.

Routine bores me. Deadlines fail to excite me. Promotions seem like formalities. And some provident fund is definitely not my incentive or ticket to retirement.

If you get what I'm saying, you're probably in the same situation.

Like many of you out there, I too feel trapped in a 9-5 job. I want to explore the world, reach out to people who need me, spend more time with friends and family...just potter around doing nothing at all...with a book in hand sitting on white beaches and watching seagulls in the distance...

Do I currently have the luxury of doing so? Maybe. If I did, would I even exercise it? Maybe not!

No matter how big or small a responsibility you undertake in life, a responsibility is a responsibility. You can't shy away from it. Commitments are commitments. Life is not always about you...

But how do we make life more about us, more about our dreams? How do we break free from our rut and build a life filled with possibility? Where do we find the free time to pursue exactly what we want?

Here are the answers...

Ask yourself how much you really need

Note, there's a difference between 'want' and 'need'. How much we need is far less than how much we want. All we need to live a reasonably good life (I know this is relative, but it can be determined) is the basics, coupled with some savings for emergencies, recreation, and retirement.

If your current income - no matter the source - covers your existing needs, don't stress about making more yet. Because when you need the 'more', you'll find a way to make it. The human mind is resilient like that; it comes up with all sorts of ingenuities when we least expect it and need it most.

Don't let go of your dreams

What I mean by this is, no matter how busy your work schedule, add a bit of your dream to it every day. I'm going to share with you a secret: I was recently in a painfully boring meeting that didn't pertain to me. So you know what I did? I wrote some poems. Now, I haven't written poetry for a long time, but I suddenly had this inspiration. And I didn't ignore it.

Inject a bit of your dreams into your daily routine. Find time for the things you love to do, even if it means stealing time from the 'more important' things. Our big commitments should not end our small joys. Take some time off. Indulge in your dream. Make your routines more exciting.

Balance your commitments with your aspirations

We all have commitments - work commitments, family commitments, social commitments, and even personal commitments like growing our wealth or becoming more fit.

And then we have dreams...

To learn a new language, master a new skill, revive a childhood talent...to move to a new city...to enjoy a new life.

But there's no reason your aspirations should wait. You can start planning and even working on them this very moment... Every day that you push your dream aside is another day of your dream life lost...which brings me to my last point...

Start building your future today

Think about your dreams. And start today. Account for how much you need to make them a reality. Look at your books. Determine what investments you need to make. Spend wisely. Save. Do everything it takes to build your 'dream fund'. Perhaps even seek assistance from financial gurus.

I almost never think of retirement, but I felt I should today - not because I want to retire from work but because I want to live life more fully... And to live life more fully, you need to feel secure, you need to know you're never going to get stressed again for money, or work, or emergencies that you don't know how to deal with...

Life will throw you a curve ball every now and then, but don't let it ruffle your feathers...instead plan for tomorrow today.

Retirement isn't about old age. It's about our dream lives. And that's why I'm going to use ideas from Retire Rich to bring me closer to my dreams. Are you?

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7 Responses to "I'm Ready to Retire from My 9-5 Job"

sunil rebello

26 Jun, 2016

"I'm Ready to Retire from Job". It was a done decision taken in 1993 to leave my paid job in 1999. no matter how much money one has - is not enough. it is more important to be satisfied with what GOD has blessed you. Retiring from your Job is not enough - you require to keep your self busy. by busy does not mean to take up another paid job. But, doing service (free) to your fellow men. any way you can serve with your time and talent. no one is asking you to give money (which will be a scarce commodity - because you do not have a paid job. also do not get in to business - it may be a disaster, at your age you can get involved with a NGO next door or a near by hospital / clinic / school / others you need to keep both body and mind active to live the remaining part of your life well. do not waste your time and talent surfing the net or at the club etc. best wishes on your Retirement I am satisfied with what I have done in the past 16 years. GOD Bless

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26 Jun, 2016

Good article. One can live his dream life by proper planning.

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Kanchan Kulkarni

26 Jun, 2016

Also this phase of life should have spending life more with your wife who has adjusted her life according to your schedules and priorities. This is the time to allow her to spend more of your resources and time as she wishes and as much she wishes . I liked the experience when a working husband handed over entire cheque of his retirement benefits to his wife writing her name on it. This is also a precise time to start thinking and acting upon for you both about how to secure good health, so that we bother least to our kids on this count.

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mona gaur

25 Feb, 2016


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Sanjay Gadoya

06 Feb, 2016

Very good article for retirement idea. Thanks

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P. D

05 Feb, 2016

Retirement means half death. every cell is immortal and from mortality humans have to attain immortality. Every part of body including heart, brain and lever is renewed in less than 1. 5 years. So why talk about retirement when you can work for your goals continuously. Brahmavidya, the Tibetan form of Yoga clarifies that every one can be immortal. So why think of retirement when you can use better words like regeneration and refreshment.

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05 Feb, 2016

Yes,a very Rich Idea of Retiring Rich.

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