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9 Ways to Improve Your Karmic Footprints

Feb 25, 2015

9 Ways to Improve Your Karmic Footprints 

Confused... Did you think footprints were only of the carbon variety? Well, think again.

While carbon footprints are excessive carbon dioxide and methane emitted by organisations and populations, thus increasing the amount of negative toxins in the air, "karmic footprints" are more individual in nature... They are a result of excessive negative feelings, words and actions that are released in a home, workplace or any other space you belong to.

Positive karmic footprints uplift your life and take you closer to the shores of success, while negative ones keep you stuck, block a smooth flow of energy and do little to enhance your own life or the lives of those around you.

A philosopher once told me, "If you want to increase peace in the world, first be peaceful yourself for 24 hours... no negative thoughts, words or deeds... Then only will you be ready to spread the message of peace."

I did actually try it... I clocked myself from midnight to the next midnight. I watched my thoughts, corrected myself when something negative surfaced, and resisted the urge to crib or complain. I also intentionally refrained from any arguments, simply putting it off with, "Let's discuss it tomorrow."

These were small baby steps but ones that effectively transformed my behaviour thereafter, making me more understanding, tolerant and compassionate. And all it took was 24 hours and a firm resolve...

And I thought, if this approach can work for peace, can it not work in other situations too? If we decided to change some tiny habits, would they not go a long way in creating a more positive environment, and eventually reducing our karmic footprints for a more sustainable way of life?

So I jotted down nine such approaches to help you create more positivity and peace wherever you go.

  1. Listen more than you speak: I read somewhere that people who talk excessively in offices are the ones who are the least productive. In fact, they are also the ones who spread rumours, gossip and generally create a toxic environment. Thus talking less will not only make you more productive but will also give you quicker solutions and enhance your relationships with those around you. Debates and discussions are healthy but the important point is to make sure they don't lead to discord.

  2. Replace negative words with positive ones: In order for us to become positive, we have to not only feel positive but also use positive words. For example, there is a big difference between the words "challenging" and "difficult" - the former shows it's a challenge that you are working on while the latter shows an approach of fear and pessimism. So abandon all words that bring your spirit down, instead use words that lift you and make you want to do more.

  3. Do away with what you don't need: Have you noticed big money boxes at airports where people drop loose change from different countries. Most of this money gets collected and goes toward a humanitarian cause. But the greater significance of this action is that you leave behind what you will not need anymore. Your visit is over, you may not return to that country or need the currency again, and hence it's better to let someone else use that money. A simple philosophy that can be applied to every part of your life.

  4. Give yourself a pat on the back: Only if you value yourself will the world value you. And everyone has a premium that people need to know about. It could be your acting skills, your cooking talent, your spirit of adventure, your ability to make friends, your charming way of networking or anything else that is unique to you... So first believe in your own strengths, give yourself a standing ovation and then get ready to play a greater role in your own life.

  5. Celebrate others' achievements: Very often we see people talk negatively about someone's success. "He was born with a golden spoon", "he must have used his connections", "he used the communal card to get more votes" etc. But as co-workers, as friends, as family and as a society, when we show our appreciation for someone else's work, we not only show we care, we also show an understanding of the journeys they have travelled. It takes guts, hard work and perseverance for people to get to glory, and all we need to do is rejoice in how far they've come.

  6. Stop worrying excessively: A friend of mine used to often say, "Don't you worry, you'll spoil the curry." Not just the curry, worry will hamper every action of yours. The flipside of worry is that it can cause a debilitating fear, it can prevent you from taking necessary action, being present in the moment and enjoying the positives of a situation. What's more, worry is contagious, it creates more worry in those around you and together we become a very gloomy bunch of people. Instead, hope for the best, replace that frown with a smile and read point no. 2 again, use positive words that signify hope instead of negative ones that denote worry.

  7. Make forgiveness a daily habit: You must be wondering what needs forgiveness every day. You'll be surprised. You could be walking on the road and someone bumps into you or you could be waiting at a red traffic light and someone speeds past. All episodes that could trigger rage or could trigger calm. The only difference being - the use of forgiveness. If you internally forgive someone, give him the benefit of the doubt and move on, you will hold no grudges, feel no anger and generally be more peaceful. Forgiveness though does not mean that you do not understand what is right or wrong, it simply means you will not let that situation affect you, instead you will respond from a place of understanding.

  8. Become a mentor to someone: There's a popular saying, "Those who can, do, those who can do more, teach." Each one of us is a treasure trove of knowledge and wisdom that can benefit at least one more person, if not many more. And you needn't really teach in formal structured environments like schools and colleges, all you need to do is take one person under your wing and help that person in his life journey. Even simple life instructions can be hugely beneficial for a person who is going through a not-so-good phase and wondering what to do next.

  9. Stop reading tales of horror and fear: "Young girl married and burned in Jharkhand," or "Old lady attacked by thief in affluent south Mumbai." What do such headlines do to us eventually? Only make us more fearful, less trusting and less confident about the society we live in. Of course they help in keeping us alert and taking necessary precautions, but when we make a habit of reading or watching too many of them, we are falling prey to the enemy called fear, and we will start viewing everyone in the same negative light - only adding to the negative vibrations on planet Earth. Thus, there's no value in perpetuating fear, instead spread awareness and provide solutions.

These are just take-off points and you can improvise on them as needed, but the important point to keep in mind, before you do anything, is: "How will my actions have a more lasting impact on my own life and on the lives of those around me."

If you keep this as the pivot of all your actions, be sure it will create a great ripple effect with a lot more positivity going around in the world, eventually reducing the harmful karmic footprints, and making it a more "green" and peaceful place to be in.

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23 Responses to "9 Ways to Improve Your Karmic Footprints"


29 Mar, 2017

i need daily articles


06 Sep, 2015

Sorry, my comments are not about the article. Please, the colour of your letters are not black, which makes difficult to read for old age people like me. Sometimes I skip reading the article because it pains my eyes. Hope you will consider my request.

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02 Jul, 2015

Truly Inspiring...Excellent!!!....amazed since the time I have subscribed to the articles...Do you have a compilation in the form of a book?

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Mrs. Usha

25 Apr, 2015

Congratulations , keep the good work going. One more instrument is there for these 9 approaches - REGULAR MEDITATION.

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Rohit Mahajan

24 Apr, 2015

Ritika, I must say that you are doing a fantastic job of writing such inspirational articles. We are blessed to have you in our lives. Have preserved all your articles received till date and keep reading them all over again whenever I can find some time. So please keep up the good work. God Bless!!

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Ritika Bajaj

09 Apr, 2015

@Mr Singh: Thanks for the compliments. But the journey of a writer is an ongoing one, where one learns and grows every day. and each day is a new challenge and a new accomplishment at the same time. You can quote the article by giving the author and publication their due. But we would appreciate no reproduction of the content as is. @ Dr Jad: Thank you so much for appreciating the articles and preserving them, your words truly mean a lot. I will thank my parents for sure for the genes. And yes, it's a good idea to mention them in an article, will think of something soon. Till then keep reading CSL eletters.

Gurbinder Singh Bedi

09 Apr, 2015

You are published so you know that you are good but I also know one feels good when appreciated. Pat yourself on the back, well expressed. I intend to use some of these 9 pearls of wisdom for writing an article. I know I can reword and use these but that would be cheating self. so do I have your permission to use some of these 9 headings in my article? of course I will quote you.

Dr jawahar Lal Jad

24 Mar, 2015

Your all posts have been preserved by me ,I honestly ,refuse to delete them from my inbox . Your every word is worth weighing in Gold .you are an ocean of knowledge and treasure of wisdom . You are a noble person with noble thoughts and a Satvic personality .i salute you .keep it up !! It seems that you have very powerful ,purposeful and intellectual genes . Do you belong to a pandit family ? Please write something about yourself and your parents who have given birth to such a genius scholar .i have also heard your audios ,your delivery of sentences is sweet and soothing to ears .May God Bless you .

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04 Mar, 2015

The words seem so comforting coming from a young writer Ritika on karmic philosophy ..the tone if I can say is very friendly, motherly and encouraging when we are surrounded by a world of negativism .. lucid and simple Ritika you are no less than a revered Guru to reach out to to seek solutions about our ever challenging demanding existence !!! I am indeed your ardent fan ever since I subscribed for common-sense-living.


28 Feb, 2015

I just got interduced to your publication. I am impressed Ritika, writing in simple language about complex subject of karmic Footprints . You kept it short ,well focused & then presented beautifully simple 9 ideas to implement for harmony & growth in our daily life. Congratulations , keep the good work going.


27 Feb, 2015

Karmic Footprints is an interesting choice of words and a superb way to make a difference to your environment and you. You have really raised the bar.....thank you.


26 Feb, 2015

truly inspiring and uplifting madam. so simple to understand yet so difficult to put into practise........err i would like to correct myself .....not difficult but yes it is a challenge (no negativity). I will surely strive towards it.


26 Feb, 2015

I am following most of your articles and this one exceptional...thanks for such inspiring insight and thoughts

SP Palaniappan

26 Feb, 2015

Excellent article Ms Bajaj. Very inspiring thoughts.. I am sharing it with my family and friends. Thank you.

Nem Chandra Singhal

26 Feb, 2015

Nice and thought provoking article. Please continue to enlighten us.


26 Feb, 2015


Vivek Abbi

25 Feb, 2015

Good job!! Ms Ritika Bajaj. More of your kind required to lift our world out of Negativity. As compassionate human beings we have to be more in the mode of observation / reflection of what is happening around. There are no rights or wrongs, all thoughtful actions are good if they are driven by the desire to make this world a better place.

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Harbhajan Singh Sapra

25 Feb, 2015

Nice article. Very Thought provoking. The back of the mind keeps on working and keeps on generating negative thoughts. I am unable to control them specially in dreams or subconscious leanings. I agree with all the nine points and follow them religiously in my day to day activity. I think the Will of God prevailes and blessed are those who can control their mind.


25 Feb, 2015

Very nice article, these things are easy to say but difficult to follow but one has to make start.


25 Feb, 2015

Beautiful Article, Short & to the point...

M K Arya

25 Feb, 2015

Wonderful piece of article Ritika. Well researched views duly substantiated by facts, result oriented and self experimented actions. Good thought provoking article. Really, we all must try all this in order to create a new peaceful world around. Thanks.


25 Feb, 2015

Nice article. Nicely explained in steps essentially leading to curb six inner enemies viz. Kama, krodha, lobha, moha, mada and matsarya (Desire,anger,greed,delusion,pride and jealousy). Tiny steps to have mind of man instead of an animal.


25 Feb, 2015

Nice article. Actually this all is a common sense to Wise. But even then we forget some or the other important facts. Quick list with apt words does the job.

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