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Let Us Not Take This Planet For Granted

Mar 01, 2016

Let Us Not Take This Planet For Granted 

If you already follow Leonardo DiCaprio on Twitter, his speech at the Academy Awards wouldn't have surprised you. He is an out and out environmentalist. Almost all of his tweets shed light on the environmental and climatic concerns of the hour. The audiences gasped in appreciation when he said, 'climate change is real'.

One of my friends wrote on Facebook, 'He made the most sensible speech till date. Period! #Respect.'

In the evening, the same guy shared a post that read, 'Hit LIKE if you can't wait for Holi to throw your friends in a tankful of water...and oil, and mud, and tar...'

I was taken aback. But then I thought...he was just like you and me! We give a standing ovation to such speeches, we share them on Facebook, we tweet, we discuss, we contemplate...we give #Respect. But we never give what such speeches beg for...that is, change.

A United Nations report published in March 2014 tells us that India will face the consequences if it does not conserve water. By 2025, nearly 3.4 billion people will be living in ‘water-scarce' countries and the situation will become grim in the next 25 years. It is a fact that by 2040, India will be left with no drinking water.

But we should celebrate Holi. Yes, I insist! We celebrate Holi only once a year, we should waste gallons of water because it's a major festival. Do I sound stupid? You bet I do!

Three years ago veteran actor Sadashiv Amrapurkar protested against water wastage during Holi, and was physically assaulted. Those who assaulted him were so-called sophisticated people, living in his own society in an elite suburb of Mumbai. And all he had tried to do was point out that it was insensitive to have a rain dance party while Maharashtra faced draught and farmers committed suicide.

Last year, more than 2,000 farmers committed suicide in Maharashtra. The state has been fighting with draught and uneven monsoons for the past three years.

Reduced rainfall and global warming are real, and have been created by us. We need to stop and think. Does the environment need to pay the price for our habits and lifestyle? In the morning, as you drive to office in your car, throw out the plastic wrappers of your snacks, sit in air-conditioned cabins, and come back home to walk on your wood-panelled flooring - for every single deed that you commit - the environment dies, and the planet pays for it.

Our festivals are but an icing on the pollution cake.

It is only a matter of time before the damage will be irreparable, and will come back in the form of a calamity.

Leonardo DiCaprio's speech was a reminder. He's one of the finest actors in the world today, who got nominated five times before he won an Oscar. Thousands of articles contemplated on why he didn't make it, a million posts on social media speculated whether he would ever make it...

But he did. And he stood on a platform where people are heard.

Academy Award winners usually talk about their endurance, how they fought against opinions and fulfilled their dreams...some deliver a crisp and witty speech.

Leonardo DiCaprio didn't do any such thing. He chose to throw light on the need of the hour.

Now, it is our duty to not let his words go in vain. Whether we do that by cutting the use of your vehicle, and going to office in public transport. By adopting a plant, and nurturing it like our own child. Or doing whatever moves us to act on behalf of the planet.

'Let us not take this planet for granted, I do not take tonight for granted.' Leonardo DiCaprio's last words were so profound that they will be remembered for decades.

Are you pledging to not take our planet for granted?

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12 Responses to "Let Us Not Take This Planet For Granted"


05 Mar, 2016

Gud One Brother..!


04 Mar, 2016

I don't dispute that climate change is happening but am not sure whether you have studied reasons for climate change in any  detail. Question marks have been raised many times on whether data provided in support of human induced global warming are real. IPCC data have been proven to be inaccurate at best and fudged at worst. Michael Chrichton wrote an excellent book on this subject (State of Fear), but even if you discard that as work of fiction, there has been enough scientific evidence to believe that Earth is going through a cycle (like it has always been) as opposed to warming caused by humans. Don't get me wrong. I fully support water conservation (and personally have implemented it in my home)  and caring for environment, but don't think scare mongering is a good idea.


03 Mar, 2016

Thank you Mr Krishnan, and Mr Alok.


03 Mar, 2016

Mr Dipak. I think not all protests and strikes carried out by students are violent and unnecessary. Sometimes they are really needed. However, they should protest in a peaceful manner, and not create any such situation where measures like water cannon, etc are taken to control them.


03 Mar, 2016

Thank you Mr Eric. Your comment is food for thought.


03 Mar, 2016

Thank you Mr Ang! As a matter of fact, I don't use AC either. Neither at home, nor at office, nor anywhere else. Even while traveling I do not check into AC rooms. I'm glad that there are other people who realize that comfort shouldn't be at the cost of ozone. Thank you so much for your detailed feedback. It was a morning delight to read such a comment :)

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Eric Joseph Nayagam

03 Mar, 2016

Dear Swapnil The article was Great and Refreshing. Thank you for the same. Taking the mortality of life into account it will stand the test of time for all who read. I believe:- " Common Sense is using what God has given, When man tries to break this Common Sense - that's when we call it NON SENSE." Sad to say the majority fall in this category. Your article is an eye-opener for all who car for themselves, their family and the society as a whole.


02 Mar, 2016

Swapnil #Respect! (I mean it, else I wont have dared to try this as a compliment on you, after your post exposed the shallowness of such declarations without backup actions). This may be only the second hashtag I have used ever, young man. I simply loved the article above..even more for the passion than for the content which is dear enough to me to be trying my bit ( to be ashamed of the past, both mine and of our human race, and to improve the future.) You are what we need. One suggestion: why dont we share one act which each of us do to help turning back the impending disaster? (Real actions only, not thoughts) I can do my bit: I spent last year in a country with max summer max temp ~35 deg C (feels like 40) and winter  min temp ~2 deg C (feels like minus 2) without turning on the home air conditioner even once. I am pretty glad about it, hence shared. Will try improving that in future (dont use AC in India in any case, did not install it thanks to my supportive family). I must watch Revenant now, though. You got me going boy!

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02 Mar, 2016

Dear Swapnil, Accept my sincerest appreciation for highlighting a topic which is the need of the day. In this connection, I would like to draw your attention to the protests taken out by students which turns violent and the police have to resort to using of water cannons where thousands of gallons of water are wasted to prevent the students from furthur attacks on the government property. Should not our students take a pledge "Let Us Not Take This Planet For Granted"?

R Tayal

01 Mar, 2016

What has come over EquityMaster, Commonsenseliving et al? Since when did you start rushing in where angels fear to tread? Before putting Dicaprio on a pedestal, did you bother to check how often he flies a private jet? Of course environment is important, but not because Dicaprio says it. You are eulogizing him like a page 3 fan, which is despicable.

Alok Jaipaty

01 Mar, 2016

Hi Swapnil, I am a believer of "law of attraction".Mentioning the speech of Leonardo at the Academy award regarding environment shows your concern of environment.We all are destroying the environment for selfish interest ,in the name of convenience and progress. The cost paid is self destruction in a longer run. We can not save our Planet but prolong the destruction by using natural resources wisely. It is our duty to leave for our future generation their due share.

Krishnan Iyer

01 Mar, 2016

This is amazing responsibility from the inception hero who chose this great international public podium to voice his environmental concerns, Hats off..

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