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Write, Get Rich, See the World

Mar 15, 2016

Write, Get Rich, See the World 

I know many successful digital nomads who aren't writers who'd strongly argue in favour of their own peripatetic path. Particularly the entrepreneurs and start-up types.

But I'll argue for mine...

At Common Sense Living, we love good writing. My closest colleagues and I spend most of our days reading and writing.

The writing life - even if restricted to a prison cell - offers great opportunity and deep satisfaction. Of course, it's even better if you can do it from wherever you choose!

One reason for this is something called geo-arbitrage - living or working from a temporary-but-strategically chosen location to take advantage of currency and economic imbalances, tax breaks, networking opportunities, seasons, festivals, sunsets...

Geo-arbitrage is particularly useful for just-starting-out writers and nomads. A starving artist in Chang Mai or an upstart tech company in Bangalore can fight hunger pains far longer than a bootstrapping entrepreneur in San Francisco or freelance copywriter in Tokyo.

South Goa isn't the cheapest place in India to work from, but it does offer terrific value on a worldwide scale. The good news is, if you can earn a Mumbai salary and live in a cheaper spot, say Puducherry or Jodhpur, you'll quickly appreciate the benefits of geo-arbitrage...not to mention the better traffic.

The even better news is, if you're a higher-paid writer - such as a copywriter - then you don't even have to worry about geo-arbitrage because money is less of a concern.

Furthermore, aside from singers and pickpockets, writers probably have one of the most portable of all trades. Being light on your feet is key for digital nomads who want to take advantage of their freedom to travel. My graphic designer friend has a laptop about twice the size of mine and some other design tools that I wouldn't need. But still - she is very light.

Writers who are nomads enjoy certain advantages that other professions, even other writers, do not. The best travel bloggers are great precisely because they are nomadic. The best investigative journalists have their boots on the ground. The best novelists tend to be well-travelled. For writers, travel is an abundant source of idea fodder. Travel and writer's block do not go hand-in-hand.

My friend Martin is experimenting with creative writing. He asked me to take a look at his work. It was great, so I encouraged him to pursue it. It could develop into a supplementary source of retirement income for him. At the very least, he's got a satisfying hobby that he can take anywhere in the world.

While in Goa, Srivatsin is strictly disconnected from work. But after seeing me work from the beach, he's now looking into ways he could do his job, at least part time, from a place like this. Good idea.

Just today, a woman walked by me at lunch and told me that I'd inspired her. I was in the middle of devouring the most amazing fish thali, but to my side was my laptop, open, with a half-edited article on the screen. Apparently, a mutual friend had told her that I work while I travel...that I make money while swinging in hammocks.

The woman - who had all her luggage with her because she was flying home that afternoon - told me she'd decided, right then and there, to pursue a similar path herself. Note that she didn't tell me she wanted to pursue that path...but that she'd decided to pursue it. Big difference. I encouraged her and wished her success.

Indeed, I encourage everyone to consider such a path. I certainly encourage Common Sense Living readers, as they seem particularly ready for it. Retirees, entrepreneurs, professionals, artists, writers, techies, traders, teachers - the opportunity to live and work where you want...making good money and doing meaningful work...is increasingly within reach for all.

Now, before I order my prawns, I wanted to touch on something I mentioned earlier: higher-paid writers.

Copywriters are among the highest paid writers in the world. At heart, these people are persuaders. They use words to champion everything from products and public policy to ideas and charities. They are the reason many businesses stay, well, in business. They are the reason many of us decide to give to a charity or political campaign.

A friend of Common Sense Living, Paul Hollingshead, is a copywriter. But what I like about him is that he was doing the digital nomad thing before there was even a term for it. Actually, he came up with his own term for it years ago - The Barefoot Writer's Life.

You see, Paul doesn't like wearing shoes. Like me, he prefers to have his feet in the sand or a pair of golf shoes...not uncomfortable dress shoes.

Paul is the original location-independent writer. He's gotten rich from writing...all the while enjoying his freedom to wear shoes only when he pleases. And he tells you exactly how you can live the same life - no matter who you are. Click here to read Paul's letter and learn about his club.


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6 Responses to "Write, Get Rich, See the World"

Kattore John Mathew

30 May, 2016

There has been a light mention about proof-reading in the article "How You Can Join the Writing Revolution By Ritika Bajaj" in today's e-Mail. Just like to offer my services to any Writer's Forum / Club as a proof reader in my spare time (meeting deadlines, of course) during my retirement. As my background like to mention my initial startup job (at a Newspaper in the South) was as a Proof Reader and later promoted as a Sub-editor. Now after retiring as an IT/IS Manager at an USA MNC, like to utilise my time more profitably. Any suggestions / offers will be wholly welcome. With regards - K. John Mathew now at Cochin, Kerala State.


24 May, 2016

Hello, I would like to pursue this as a profession. Is there any club, association or forum where such opportunities are discussed? Is there any link you can provide where from I can pursue this further. I love travelling and I like writing too. I would be grateful if such information or link to it is shared, either here or by email. Thanks a lot. Shirish


10 May, 2016

Is there any exclusive group for Indian subscribers to the Barefoot writers club for India specific sharing and interactions? If so, please let me know. Such a group would be very helpful as the club has been officially launched in India hardly a couple of months back.


28 Mar, 2016

I have subscribed for the membership of Barefoot writers club and awaiting for communication. please advise ,whether any further communication has been made after subscription and if so how to access that communication. Thanks & regards. R S HAREESHA

s h prasad

18 Mar, 2016

I agree with the views. i do write. i would like to make money from writing!


16 Mar, 2016

I want to be a published author, trying things this and that,but the ideas you have given here are certainly will help me. Its my inner voice I will be,after reading your article "Write, Get Rich,See the World". Thank you very much giving the ideas.

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