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Should We Stop Saying Chalta Hai?

Jul 02, 2014


It's in our DNA to accept status quo, to say chalta hai and to move on. To continue to do what we do every day, to rarely look forward and think about how we can create a better life for ourselves. As we go about the daily grind, that little voice inside us seems to fade away, the dreams get lost, the true calling goes unheard and before you know it, half of life has gone by.

But from today onward, it may be good idea to start paying heed to that inner voice, listening to your deepest dreams and visualising how you can give them shape. Give a little extra time from your day to making your dreams come true, to changing what you thought you couldn't and to building the life you've always wanted.

The language of dreams

Dreams are the very essence of life. They make you want to live more, do more and be more.

I started following my own dreams in college, when I chose to pursue English Literature. Language has always been important to me. I have a fascination for all kinds of books, from the big coffee-table ones to the small self-help ones, from airport trash to classics, from poetry to plays - I just love words and storytelling in any form.

Soon after college, I achieved my first dream of working with a publishing house. I became editor of a lifestyle magazine, wrote on the success stories of illustrious personalities, travelled to exotic locales and ate the finest caviar.

My next dream was to start my own business, however small or big. I landed my first independent assignment quite out of the blue; a big sign on the board for me to go it alone. Then came a calling to work in the social sector. My desire to contribute to the education space and pass on my love for language came true when I volunteered and worked with an NGO.

And today, as I sit and write this newsletter, I embark on another of my dreams, to connect to the world with my own thoughts on life and living. To share with you some of the lessons I've learned, good and bad. And to be by your side as you go chase your own dreams. And honestly, if I had said chalta hai during this journey, I may not have been having this dialogue with you.

Build your version of life

Have you ever jotted down your dreams? Envisioned how you would like your life to play out in the next 10 or 20 years? Do you ever lose sleep over unfulfilled dreams? Have you ever thought of anything that can't wait till the next janam? If you don't have a list of dreams, it may be a good idea to make one right away.

There's a common belief that if you write something down, you will most likely do it. Your list of dreams could be personal or professional, or simply anything that makes your heart beat a tad faster. It's often noticed that when we write or talk about our dreams, our face lights up, as does our tone of voice. This strange energy actually enables us to go on.

Very often people list material goals, rather than dreams. But it's a myth that most dreams are material; that more acquisitions equal more happiness. Many of our dreams don't remotely depend on money. While financial well-being is important, what is more important is collecting a wealth of experiences, of feeling the satisfaction of a life well-lived, and of accomplishing dreams and sometimes passing them on. Many successful people have built visions that live on long after them.

Discover new ways of thinking and living

Everyone goes through moments of not being "with it", slipping into laziness, sometimes staying in a state of inertia. I didn't vote in my early years, thinking: Chalta hai, whoever comes into power, the country will stay the same. I regret this approach till today, knowing that had I been a more responsible citizen earlier I would now have had a greater sense of reassurance that I had done what I could to change my own future in the country.

As you follow your dreams, you will notice how life's many parts connect. What's more, you will start seeing new sides in your personality, new approaches to living and thinking, and you will begin discovering new capabilities. You will start viewing the world with a new lens and no longer accept what life gives you. In fact, you will actively start working toward changing life and contributing to its wonders.

And as you begin realising your own dreams, your success will ignite the dreams of others; you will either inspire them or they will happily join you in the creative process.

Be the hero you are

So take the first step into your journey of fulfillment -- a journey that you've always wanted to take but hesitated to do so till now. Be brave and figure out the road for yourself. Determine how far you want to go and at what speed. Get future-ready in your mind and slowly watch the magic unfold.

Your life will soon unfold like a film on the big screen; where the impossible becomes possible, where there are perfect endings and where the journey of the hero is finally celebrated. Yes, you are a hero - to yourself, to your family and friends and even to the world at large. You may not see that side of you yet but get ready to experience it.

Take a leap of faith and believe that you are capable of more, that the universe is waiting to give to you what you want and that the rest of your life is yours to shape. Reach for the stars, take the first step into the unknown and dazzle the world with your dream life.

Have you said chalta hai to anything in your life? Share with us some of your unfulfilled dreams. Or simply send us your thoughts on the article.


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24 Responses to "Should We Stop Saying Chalta Hai?"

Namita Sinha

10 Jun, 2015

Very the same true that not many have the courage to pursue their own dreams !Yet it definitely makes a lot of sense to start living the life of your dreams and end the compromise existence, sooner than later, Thanks for reminding so forcefully!

Ram Deshpande

03 Jan, 2015

I look at it as a BASIC REASON for the 'not so good' state of our country. Take one simple example. A common representative person find one car parked right on the (secondary) road of a city in India. He suffers greatly to manoeuvre. He shouts, blames, but all with himself or his co-sitter or his pillion rider. But do not take any action - like simply pointing out the car driver about the wrong act, or complaint to police, or photograph & publish, etc. etc. This is what's happening on all fronts like corruption, encroachment, use of carry bags, wastage of water, and so on. Unless the so called 'Positive' persons like you and me necessarily protest and act against such so called 'Negative' persons causing trouble to the society by their acts against the law - overcoming the 'Chalta Hai' inertia, no government can change our country. (Here it is important to note that, the so called 'Positive' persons should be cautious for not falling in the category of 'negative' on some other front, as the terms 'Positive' and 'Negative' are not absolute and are more linked with situation than the 'person'.)

Sarva Sukh Acharya

02 Jan, 2015

Really Gr8. What a wonderful thought provoking article. Unless we have determination in us, we will do any work and if we started saying "Chalta Hai" we will always fail. Thanks Ritika and Thanks to "Common Sense Living" for such articles.

Ravi Ramesh

01 Dec, 2014

Chalta hai, Doudtha hai, etc. are the common words with the worldly feeling. Though article is good, touching to the heart but life is more precious than dreams. If we try to understand and realize the value of human birth in the vision of great Indian saints, our vision can definitely be in the highest level. Earning money to lead a comfortable life is the vision of common man but creating true wealth in our life leads us to the highest peak. Take the life of Satya Sai Baba, Shiridi Sai Baba, J.R.D.Tata, Sardar Patel, Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose etc. who led the for certain specific purpose and tried to fulfill the dream in the eyes of many prosperous Indian. They created the true wealth.


27 Nov, 2014

Hi Ritika.......... Ur article touched my heart and so touched that I took off from my routine work 4 a while and have deep thinking on it. Till some time ago I often used to say Chalta Hai....... But ur article forced me to think why chalta hai......... ?

ritika talwar

26 Sep, 2014

Very beautifully written. Couldn't have been put down better than this. Excellent. For a minute I felt that my thoughts have been given words.... you hAve a mack of conveying life's most essential lessons so simply and so beautifully. ... All the best ritika ..... amazing once again

Armaity Surendra Patel

21 Jul, 2014

Ritika Bajaj’s article is THOUGHT PROVOKING and AN EYE OPENER for all those who read it!! India enjoyed a GOLDEN ERA once upon a time! Not because of the ‘Chalta Hai’ attitude, but because of Honesty, Humbleness, Respect for Elders and confidence in their Karma! There was no advanced technology nor did sophisticated instruments existed yet people pursued their dreams successfully. There were no journalists to inspire or motivate people to advise and guide them to lead a good fruitful life!! These people read Bhagwad Gita, Quran, Bible, Guru Granth, Khordeh Avasta, etc. These in itself molded the lives of people who with full faith and faithfully followed the tenets of their holy scriptures. Now coming to Ms. Ritika Bajaj’s caption “Chalta Hai” has induced me to pen my thoughts. This is an excellent topic selected by the author to discuss upon. This very attitude of ‘Chalta Hai’ by us Indians is keeping our country backwards instead of moving forward! The newly elected Government is striving to bring about a change, change for a better India ! It is here, that we need to shed this obese attitude of ‘Chalta Hai’ and support the Government by performing our civic duties which we sadly lack! We are quick at finding faults with the system, instead of helping to support the system! We easily get disheartened and do not have patience! Remember, ‘Patience is a pill that cures every ill’! We lack faith in our own chosen Government and become suspicious over little things! Slipping into a lethargic mode of ‘Chalta Hai’ and giving up! Recently, a good Samaritan requested the occupants of a BMW car not to throw used cans out of the car into the middle of the road, the occupants got out and thrashed the person!! However, the good side of the incident is that the good Samaritan, despite being thrashed by the uncouth car occupants, determined to continue with his good work of keeping the environment clean even if he was beaten up again for doing so!!! He could have easily slipped into ‘Chalta Hai’ syndrome! Such unlawful citizens need to be punished not by big Fines or imprisonment but by making them do ‘Community Service’ on weekends which is sweeping the streets of the vicinity they live so that they feel ashamed and set a good deterrent for other errant.


11 Jul, 2014

In today's world chalta hai is a very large language so we have to get rid out of the word chalta hai should be never ever use by making a very short step because winners have no excuse but losers have many

Divakar Bhat

05 Jul, 2014

Chalta Hai is chalata hai till you accept and get fully satisfied and contented with what you get through the life.The moment you feel upset with what you did not get compared to the other person then you repent for the attitude of chaltah hai. I think chalta hai attitude is genetic.

prafulla shrivastva

05 Jul, 2014

Now onwards, I will never accept chalta hai, I will follow my dreams carefully, I have written it & kept in my wallet few months back.

Palak Shah

05 Jul, 2014

Hi Ritika, your Article did give me goosebumps! Simple and lucid but very meaningful. There is no age bar to start working towards your dreams and as I am in the process of achieving one of mine, this Article is like a confidence-booster for me. Beautifully written! Thanks.

Dharmendar Kanwar

03 Jul, 2014

Very well written, Ritika. Forces you to re-think and follow your own dreams before its too late !

Chandramohan Luharuka

03 Jul, 2014

Hi Ritika, We can take the word Chalta Hai as going easy.In other way-accepting the life the way it comes.And keep going.But it does not mean not to pursue your dreams. Regards. CMLuharuka

Manjunath S K

03 Jul, 2014

This is a good motivating article. In my opinion to achieve anything what is important is action, that to resul oriented action. I am not saying success comes from every action, but the action with determination, persistent and relentless will move you towards success inch by inch.

Turab Ahmedali Dedanwala

03 Jul, 2014

Welcome Ritika "Chalta Hai" as taken me to 75 years of age. The remaining now has to "Mangta Hai" -- Hope this attitude will fufill dream of becoming a writer and publisher. I wish you good luck and learn new avenues of life from young generation. If you have time request you to read my first novel "The Diamond Necklace" Turab


03 Jul, 2014

A good start chalta hai nahee chalta hai

AG Augastin

03 Jul, 2014

Very inspiring message for the young generation. The need for a dream in life is well explained. We expect more such articles specially focused on the youth of this country.

Shiva Prasad

03 Jul, 2014

Welcome Ritika

M K Singh

03 Jul, 2014

This is very common word being used in India, as we face lot of problem in out day to day working. I don't like to bribe any one but since working as project head of company, many times I am giving bribe to Govt. Officer as it is part of my Job, although I do not like this. Then we are saying Chalata Hai. Even In Indian condition many time for our personal work also we need to bribe to police or some other officers. I have lossed lot of money in Share Future trading (earlier earn from shares only) as per advise of brokers. to satisfy myself I am saying chalata Hai. So, we can say whenever we are not finding any way we are saying chalata hai.

Kannan K K

02 Jul, 2014

Ritika Bajaj: Very interesting and inspiring thoughts. This article is really invoking our thought process differently in terms of money and beyond money as well. I am excited and very much inspired "the universe is waiting to give to you what you want and that the rest of your life is yours to shape" this statement.


02 Jul, 2014

This is a wonderful article and a good peace of knowledge. It should reach a larger crowd called Mankind. Do what your heart says and ensure its for the common Good. Chaktha hai attitude is venomous and effect of the venom is that it makes us useless, lazy, people with no mutual respect. STOP " CHALTHA HAI" immediately.

Sheila Immaculate

02 Jul, 2014

Loved every thought in it, Ritika you've articulated your thoughts well enough to touch the chords of I'm sure every readers conscience. As I was reading I felt my conscience prick and got defensive of my chalta hai attitude in many areas of my life. At every turn and every corner of my life I believed I should stand my ground but somewhere with time the passion dies and slowly dreams are forgotten to allow some other dreams survive ! It's all a matter of priority ! Nevertheless thanks for waking up the sleeping beauty within me ;)

Jaishankar Jayaraman

02 Jul, 2014

Welcome to WBC, Ritika Bajaj. Thank you for a splendid opening on "Chalta Hai" attitude. Everyone in their entire life span must have had a "Chalta Hai" moment without any exception. I'm no different and have regrets about it but have moved on. Coming to the dreams part, I have had many dreams and it keeps changing which shows I'm not focused. Today after reading your article, I've jotted down my dreams so that my focus is not lost. I'm confident that I'll follow my dreams and work hard towards achieving them. Many thanks and best wishes to you too.


02 Jul, 2014

A great welcome to Ms Ritika. She has flare for writing aptly on mundane subject succinctly and precisely with ease. Chalta hai is in our character and I have seen NRIs quickly adapting themselves to it the moment they touch the airport. they are different in their adopted alien land. May be we are sheep like in our conduct to blindly follow others? .


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