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Let Your Heart Make Your Choice: BE INSANE

Jul 09, 2014


These were words written on the t-shirt of 29-year-old Vikas Kumar from Orissa who was rescued more than 72 hours after a 12-storey building collapsed in Chennai, Tamil Nadu. Not just that, he asked for his chappals, so that he could continue to walk on, as if nothing had happened.

These words struck me so deeply that they instantly triggered a series of thoughts. What exactly was going on in Vikas Kumar's mind when he was lying still under the debris? When he was waiting patiently for someone to rescue him? Was his life flashing past him? Was he regretting what he hadn't done or said? Was he choosing life over death? Choosing to believe that someone would save him, maybe the Almighty would see him through this one as well?

Or maybe he was just listening to his heart. A heart that refused to give up, a heart that like most others may have been broken but still repaired, a heart that could have been feeble but stayed strong, a heart that simply did not want to stop beating.

"I can't agree more how dramatic and life changing the experience of writing my dreams and goals has been and how vital but generally ignored is the importance of living your true calling and life purpose is."
- Reader SK
Vikas Kumar's story asks us to exercise our power of choice. Most of our life is determined by our choices. But there are no good or bad choices, there are just choices that work for you or don't. And sometimes the world doesn't understand these choices. People around you may think you're 'insane'. But that's what the t-shirt says, right? 'BE INSANE'. Don't care about what the world thinks. Just have the courage to stand by what you believe in because more often than not, what your heart says is what will really work for you.

There were times in the early stages of my life as an entrepreneur when I wondered what I was doing. How far my venture would go and if it at all I was making any impact on my clients, their businesses and even on my bank balance. It was at such times that I just listened to my heart. The journey had to be lived, I had taken a conscious decision and I would give it my best. In the process I developed some mantras that hold me in good stead. I share these with you today.


Yes, Rome wasn't built in a day. No venture has been successful without first having a painful gestation period. And sometimes, it may also be very discouraging. But the time you spend waiting for that first big client or the first cheque can actually be put to constructive use. You can use that time to hone your skills in the trade. It can even be used to study the market, see what others are doing and what you can do differently. And finally the time on hand can be used to connect with people. An important part of entrepreneurship is meeting new people and building your network. I must have had hazaar meetings in coffee shops, discussing ideas, possible marketing tools and even generating leads. Aim to meet at least one new person every day. This will eventually give you a substantial number of people to bank on when your business grows.


As an entrepreneur it's easy to get swayed. To see how much you can stretch away from your core competence and do something else.
"I really appreciate your article on chalta hai. It is really enlightening and inspiring. I am sure articles like this will bring awareness and change in the thinking process and ultimately lead to eradication of this chalta hai attitude from the society and the nation."
- Reader AS
We dabble with several mini-ventures before we finally come back to where we started. Your main area of expertise will continue to stay the same no matter how many off-shoots you start. In my business I tried to change my focus from one medium to another but by the time I had entered the other medium, there were already many players. They had created their niches and they were offering services at more competitive prices. Wasting any more time in that medium would mean losing time and making less money in what I knew best. And moreover, the biggest chunk of revenue was still being generated by the core competence. So it helps to stay focused, grow in one area of expertise and continue to strive for excellence in that space.


Honesty applies everywhere. Be honest while analyzing your strengths as an individual or an organization, be honest when you make commitments to clients and vendors and even with the people you work with. Honesty may slow you down at the start: you may reject clients, delay work that you find shoddy, or even have to do all the work yourself because you can't afford to pay anyone else. But in the long run, honesty will earn you respect, and money.


This is about embracing change, opportunity and new ideas. As an entrepreneur you should be open to exploring new ways of thinking and working. Be open to working with new people, learning new things, even accepting criticism. Very often criticism can be used constructively, where you take the good points from it and use it to your advantage to make a better product. More importantly, create an environment of openness, allow people to talk to you openly about their views and feelings. And don't shoot down any ideas as 'insane' because sometimes what's 'insane' might actually work.


In the race to be a successful entrepreneur, don't forget to be yourself. Be true to everything you stand for and everything you are. Enjoy being you; there is no other version of yourself! Celebrate the uniqueness that you bring to your life and to all those around you. Be the biggest fan of your own work, as the world might run you down but only you can pull yourself up, time and again.

And let's honour Vikas Kumar's t-shirt philosophy: BE INSANE. The most memorable entrepreneurs are those whose success stories defy logic… maybe because they believed that 'being insane' was actually a good thing.

Thank you for the warm welcome and response to my first newsletter. Do continue to share with us your own stories… on entrepreneurship, life mantras, or any other feedback.

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7 Responses to "Let Your Heart Make Your Choice: BE INSANE"


11 Nov, 2014

Very interesting reading.At times,when you look around it becomes difficult to behave like that.

Kunal Desai

21 Aug, 2014

Ya its true that you work with passion,integrity and do lots of Hardwork.It is the direction which you have chosen and right timing and right decision can lead to a path of success.

Rima s.

15 Jul, 2014

Wel come ! Ritika, "Insane" is a clever game, Game to your way to fame. now fame is findings me, As road is set , set by ME!!!

Vipul Ashara

12 Jul, 2014

It is perfectly true that go with your heart provided you are 100 % honest to yourself. This will lead to your desired destination. Have faith in yourself and leave rest on Almighty.This is the only way to achieve your desired goal with 100% guarantee.


10 Jul, 2014

Your article let your heart make your choice :Be Insane is very true in the case of many entrepreneurs who started business amidst all odds and are doing well now.The act of Vikas Kumar getting up and asking for chap pals to walk immediately after he spent 72 hrs in the debris of building collapse reminds me of the Greek Hero Ulysses who said to his men"To strive , to seek,to find but not to yield".


09 Jul, 2014

Very common thing, generally known


09 Jul, 2014

It is an extremely well written article. All the things said above are very pertinent to my current entrepreneurial endeavors. Indeed patience,honesty ,adaptability and networking are very important ingredients to success. These articles give me a sense of inner strength and motivation to continue with my own journey.


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