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Startup eSeries: Learn the Secrets of Our Trade

Jul 10, 2015


Reader AC wrote us recently saying:

"It's a good service provided by you people..!! Some newsletters are very interesting. But why do you provide these newsletters? Who is bearing the cost for this free newsletter? I hope what I am asking would not be very confidential information of Common Sense Living and I would be glad if I get answers to my questions."

The answer is simple, we are an online publishing initiative, self-sustained, and profit-making.

We often get questions from readers who want to learn how our business works.

In fact, and this may surprise many, we have a very simple and effective business model.

And having been a part of it right from the start, I believe that it is a great model for anyone who wants to give publishing a try.

That's why we are going to tell you all about our business.

The business of Common Sense Living.

Right now.

First, let me show you that this model actually works.

To begin with, we are in the business of words.

But not just any words.  We publish words to add value.

What do we mean when we say we 'use words to add value'?

We believe that words come in different forms.

The most basic and plentifully available words are: data and information.

When those words process information and present it in useful ways they are: analysis.

Words that make meaningful ideas that can give value to readers are: advice.

And finally, at the most valuable are words that can enlighten you: wisdom.

So the value we provide comes from the quality of our words.

Our words never simply publish data or information - that is available anywhere - in newspapers or all over the Internet.

We take words to the next level, we publish analyses, ideas, recommendations... and ultimately wisdom (at least we try to!).

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A list of a 'hundred ways to do something' is simply information and has no value. But doing the work, the study, the analyses to say, 'there are a hundred ways to do something but here's the most important one you need to know', that's adding value.

When you see a headline that offers 'the secret to' or 'the key to' understanding or mastering something that's a headline that's offering wisdom. That says that someone has done the work of going through all the data and analyses and figured out the most important thing you really need to know and understand.

And that's what we do.

So how does that sustain our business?

Now I know that this is something that makes most of us uncomfortable... talking openly about making money.

But think of it this way... if you do not have the money to sustain the idea, then what use is the idea any way!

To make our initiative sustainable we factor in an element of profit in our efforts, and you should too.

But before I tell you more about that here's something that is even more important than making money.

In fact, without doing this, you can simply forget making money at all.

You need to be honest and transparent with your readers...

It is, as you know, completely free to sign up for our newsletter, which we deliver to your inbox every Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday around lunchtime.

By being completely honest in our writing, we nurture a relationship with our readers through our newsletter.

Through our interactions with readers, two things happen. One, readers begin to understand the value of our words, and begin to trust us to bring quality ideas.

Second, by measuring the popularity of the feedback you give us, we come to understand what you want to know more about.

For example, from readers of Common Sense Living we know that there are a few areas that they want good solid ideas on.

Several of you are worried about or beginning to plan for your retirement and don't have a reliable source of advice. Many are interested in launching your own ventures, starting online businesses, launching writing careers, achieving financial security, and so on.

We take these concerns and provide answers, and use our expertise to publish products that respond to your needs.

What are our products?

They are information products - newsletters, reports, e-learning courses and books. They contain the research, perspectives, and expert advice to bring you the best, newest and edgiest ideas that are out there, with complete honesty. Ideas that no one else is giving, that no one else knows you need, or understands how to give you.

Because by now readers know and trust us, when we publish content, they pay to buy it. That is how we sustain our free newsletter.

How do we market our information products?

Through our newsletters we will also sometimes send out promotional mailers or sales letters telling you about a product that we are selling.

For example, as a reader of our newsletter you must occasionally come across a sales letter for our most important club, the Wealth Builders Club.  This is a lifetime membership club, where members receive ideas every week from our guru Mark Ford, on how to start businesses, create streams of extra income, plan their retirements, basically everything they need to control their financial futures.

As we develop more publications to meet your needs, you will soon hear about those too.

When our readers like and need our products, they buy it from us. And that's how we sustain our business.

So there you have it. We are in the business of words. We are a publisher of ideas.

If you have a subject you are passionate about, ideas that you can write about, then you can use our simple concepts to build your own successful online publishing initiative.

Common Sense Concepts
For Building an Online Publishing Business

  1. Create products that add value. Don’t just give what everyone is giving, give the best, newest, edgiest ideas.

  2. Honesty and transparency. Always and above all, you need to be honest and transparent with your readers…

  3. Build a relationship. Your clients are your clients because they know you, and trust you. Only when they trust you will they buy into your ideas. And only when they love you will they forgive you when some of your ideas fail.

  4. Give your customers what they want. If you build a relationship they will reveal what they want, and what they need, to live the lives that they want.

  5. Use sales letters to sell. Either learn how to write good sales copy (we can teach you that) or get a good copywriter to write them for you.


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