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The F.R.E.E.way to Achieving Your Dreams

Jul 11, 2014


Sea horses, because of how small they are, are incredibly difficult to find.

I've plumbed the depths of the Indian Ocean, the Andaman Sea, the Banda Sea, the Mediterranean... scuba diving in search of the elusive sea horse that I've been dying to see.

As I clambered breathlessly onto a boat after my 50th dive, I thought, 'This is pointless. I'm never going to find a sea horse!'

Sometimes when you really truly want something - you give it your all - your energy, your creativity, your enthusiasm. And when you don't get it, you get exhausted, curse your luck, and give up.

And I was definitely on the verge of giving up... but something stopped me... I remembered all the other beautiful sea creatures I had seen while looking for the elusive sea horse.

I had seen whales, sharks, octopus, enormous alien-looking fish bigger than me, tiny creatures smaller than the nail on my little finger... Searching for that one sea horse, far and wide, I found even more than I knew existed. This also reminded me that there was a lot more out there. I'd only covered a tiny fraction of the oceans! And I was not ready to give up my search.

The F.R.E.E.way to Success
F ocus on the positive
R emember why
E valuate your path
E njoy yourself!
Life is like that. You think you want certain things. 'I just want that only'. And in your single-minded focus you forget to stop and appreciate everything else that you do get.

You might eventually get more than you want. Sometimes all you need to do is change the way you approach your existing goal.

Readers sometimes write to me disheartened that a venture they started is not giving them returns as quickly as they expected. They don't know how to proceed, and they don't know if they should proceed.

So here's my answer...

When your road seems strewn with insurmountable hurdles and you feel like you simply can't go on anymore, the F.R.E.E.way method will give you renewed energy to keep going.

FOCUS on the positive

If you focus your attention on the 'nahin mila', instead of 'kya mila' you will always seem defeated . But on your journey you gather things you never set out to - lessons, experiences, friendships, wisdom.... Each one more valuable than the last.

When you reach your destination you will get what you want and feel the contentment, happiness, and sense of achievement. But the journey has its own joys - excitement, anticipation, the discovery of unexpected pleasures... be open to these and like coal in a steam engine they will propel you towards your destination.

My friend Anahita wanted to sell her signature cakes. She opened a bakery and filled her display with beautifully designed cakes - Chhota Bheem cakes, World Cup themed cakes, a Van Gogh painting on a cake.... She also kept a few cookies and some coffee near the counter.

Week after week she waited for the cakes to start selling like 'hotcakes'. She advertised online, she kept free samples... people came in but hardly bought anything. She was starting to get really demoralized. Should she shut shop?

But as she was morosely going through her accounts expecting a disaster, she found that she had broken even! How? None of the stupid cakes were selling. Turn out it was the cookies and coffee. They were a huge hit and were actually selling like hotcakes. Her focus being elsewhere, she had never even noticed.

Another master piece from you! It was highly motivating. At times, even very small things make us sad and fill with sorrow. Stories like these teach us the value of life and motivation to live life and pursue our dreams and Goals. Thank you for bringing positivity in me.
- Reader BR
As the fictitious but brilliant Dr. House says, 'Everything sucks. Might as well find something to smile about.'

If you don't count your blessings, you will exhaust yourself and give up. Instead, focus on every positive thing that you do find when you go looking for that one thing, and let that feeling of gratitude keep you moving.

REMEMBER why you want what you want.

What made you start on this journey in the beginning? To change the world? To provide a better life for your family? To find your true calling. The dream that prompted you to start down this path will motivate you to keep you going. So stop to think about it, especially when the road ahead seems difficult, and you're worried you can't go on.

Worrying about results is good, it gets your adrenaline going ...makes you work harder, stay focused.

But too much worry can stress you out, leaving you incapacitated. Sometimes a burden on your mind feels like a fog clarity ... no answers.

Quiet your mind. Your heart. Things that you can't do anything about, leave them aside, and focus on solving the problems you can. Strength will return to you. The answer will come and the way forward will open up.

EVALUATE your path

Now that you've reminded yourself why you're heading down that one challenging path, evaluate where you have reached. Stay focused on your destination, but maybe you need to adjust the path a little... use what you have learned so far to map out a new route.

If cookies sell better than cakes, see what more you can add to that section. Maybe it's the pricing you need to rework? Maybe cakes are better off when they are made on order rather than wasting resources keeping too many on the shelf?

Evaluate your changing context, and visualize your new path right up to the goal post.

"To liberate the potential... you must first expand your imagination...things are always created twice: first in the workshop of the mind and only then, in reality," said Robin Sharma, in The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari. So use your imagination to figure out what you do better.

© Jake Richards
ENJOY yourself

Focusing on the positive will not only help you work through the toughest challenges, but enjoy your journey to achieving your dreams.

Use the F.R.E.E.way motivational method to stay on your path, and don't stop till you've conquered the peak, found the elusive sea horse, and change the world.

Where do you draw positive energy from when you feel as though you've hit the end of the road? Tell us how you keep yourself going till you achieve success!


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11 Responses to "The F.R.E.E.way to Achieving Your Dreams"

Kolukula Innareddy

27 Feb, 2016

Dear Anisa Virgi, I am 47 years age. I started Learning. I am the Student of Comman sense living School. Now I am the FREE man because somuch of gratitude I am writing this small comment. Thanks a lot that i came to know Comman sense Living. Thanks to the Team. It is Grate Treasure Hunt to ME. It changed my way of life. Since last October 2015 I started to watch  what are the small and big things that are distrubing in my life . noted. including mynute things like eating and chatings or speaking. What time reglarly i do my comman things and office things. how much time wasted for unnecessary things. Over all what things are badly eating up my valuable Life. I met the few Syrien families no way, very farway new life. but I helf myself and i extend your wishes also. Once again thank u somuch. I am working in Europe .


05 May, 2015

Horse dream

Vikas Gadgil

07 Jan, 2015

I think this should be a part of study in Schools and Colleges This will help next generation to be a good human being. If you have CD or Books please let us know I would like to gift the same to my grandson so that he will not make mistakes which I have made in my life.You have given me an opportunity in finding my own weakness and to overcome on them in this life. You are doing excellent work. Please keep it up. Regards - Vikas


18 Oct, 2014

I wish someone had told me this earlier.I would have been a different person.I am forwarding this to my child.


14 Sep, 2014

Really worth following the guidance .One can come up in life.


22 Jul, 2014

It is really very great & FREE service to the mankind. Keep it up.

Naresh B Jumani

14 Jul, 2014

I went to improve my family situation having been called a legalist. That is getting done slowly, but we are picking up in other places we did not even have a hint of and things are going better. So all of you BE ENCOURAGED.


11 Jul, 2014


Dinesh Kotecha

11 Jul, 2014

Great reading, my random thoughts : Love is in the centrestage of performance from the heart and in gujarati it is said about success : " Mage ene thaghe,and "thaghe ene agge" pour you whole heart in your work but add love, don't ask, it shall desert you, but sacrifice and what you desire will be before you." In this world everybody is born intelligent, and has the capacity to sparkle/shine in his chosen field if he has grinded himself with utmost sincerity and positivity full of love for the field chosen. see the example of keshto mukherjee - the great comedian - always in demand for a drunken persons role, and his perfection, his acting was above par, which till date no other hero/comedian/actor have been able to achieve. once asked kesto replied " I love to act a drunken person. its my dedication. period. that said it all for him and his dedication for such roles. Love for work we do brings us success, but dedicated love is characterized by landmark success. love knows no tiredness and recognizes only unselfish behaviour of positive thinking/giving/sharing/believing for the best results. No speedbrakers/hiccups/interruptions/obstructions are big enough to stop the momemtum gained for it to reach its logical end. "Nazar ne nazar se mulakat kar li, Rahe done khamosh aur baat kar it, yeh kya guft ghu hai oh khuda, ke aakhone roh roh kar barshat kar li, power of love..... Accept my humble regards with thanks for sharing your so wonderful thoughts. Dinesh Kotecha


11 Jul, 2014

All your letters are treasures to read, possess and act on the go. I practice some of them already and adding one by one daily. Thanks for your kind service to readers, like me.

M M Amalsavala

11 Jul, 2014

"Readers sometimes write to me disheartened that a venture they started is not giving them returns as quickly as they expected. They don't know how to proceed, and they don't know if they should proceed. " Please permit me to appraise those who are disheartened. As i understand some of the subscribers to Eq.M have not achieved profits as was expected by them. The forum is a guiding factor and should not be considered as a Profit Making machinery. The data being furnished is to be treated as a ready reckoner. It avoids time & research factors involved when otherwise one has to search for data on a company. Such disheartened individuals should correct their outlooks. I have made it quite short. Trust this satisfies. Thank you.


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