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You Can Energise your Work... And Your Life!

Jul 28, 2014


The usual Monday morning blues are nowhere to be found... not a glimpse of gloomy, not a word from grumpy, and in spite of the rainy weather, dreary didn't come to office today.

Instead, our open-plan office is ringing with laughter... people joking and teasing each other, uploading pictures of themselves, sending office-wide emails littered with smileys.

Last weekend we went on a company picnic, and somehow we brought the energy back to office with us.

It was a wonderful day to be at work. I actually wanted to be there. I was not thinking about when the clock would strike freedom, and I could rush home. I was not thinking 'when will the vada pavwala open his stall?' I was happy to be exactly where I was - at my desk - and be doing exactly what I was - working!

The energy in the office was so great that it made me think. Maybe the office outing shouldn't be just annual? We should have it twice a year. Or quarterly? In fact, why can't every day at the office be so full of energy?

I was dreaming of course, but this kind of great energy is in fact a reality in some workplaces.

When I walk into my favourite coffee shop, I am greeted with an enthusiastic chorus of 'Welcomes' shouted from across the café. It always makes me smile. Walking into a place with such great energy you can't help but smile.

The energy doesn't stop there. The staff is always joking and laughing. Teasing each other, and even me!

Last week I walked in looking a little harrowed, and the barista laughed at my frown and said, "You look like you need a double shot of espresso today." I considered getting angry at him for being rude, but he produced a cake sample to 'put the smile back on my face'. How could anybody be mad there? As you can imagine, the place is always packed, there is never any seating available, and yet, no one ever feels like they should go somewhere else.

You might be thinking: My work is different. I'm a back room administrator my work is boring as hell - I never even get to see the client let alone yell out 'Welcome!' How can I get energy from that? But it's not about the work.

Edyta Pawlowska/ Shutterstock
Being a coffee barista is not by any means a fun or easy job. Standing behind the counter for hours, making the same drink for picky customers with ridiculous demands, bussing dirty trays, wiping people's messes, and smiling on top of that, is tedious at best, and torturous at worst.

I know. I worked at café in college. At that café, as in most places, the staff talked to the customers as though they were reading from a script. They used the same bored robotic voice, sometimes an irritated look, and if there was a manager around, then a fake, pasted-on smile. They hated it. You could see it in their faces. In their work. And in the mediocre earnings of the establishment.

So if it wasn't about the nature of the work, then what was it that made this café different? Where did their seemingly endless stores of energy come from, while most offices seem to be the vortex that sucks all energy out of life.

How can we dig energy wells in our offices, and in our lives?

In fact, let's take this same question to our homes as well.

Are our homes resounding with this kind of energy? Remember a childhood where you played outside all day? You came in and sat down to study while your mother was knitting beside you, humming a song? She smiled and your heart and home filled with loving energy.

Today, it is all about 'our children do not understand the importance of education, the importance of money, etc.'

How do we get our children to be engaging, friendly, excited to be there and excited to learn, instead of always yelling at them to do their homework and stop playing Nintendo.

Our teams should be like family, and our families should be like our teams. Both should be filled with positive energy, and make each aspect of your life a delight to live.

So how do you do that?

How do you make it so that you enjoy waking up, getting ready to go to work, spending hours at the office and enjoying every second of it? How do you make it so you can come home to a loving stress-free environment, and a flourishing harmonious family?

With all the stresses of today's fast-paced life, is this possible?

And as I watched the post-picnic camaraderie in my office, and thought of the high impact energy at the café, I slowly began to see what it was that made them so happy to be where they are.

The answer is special, but not cryptic. It is a secret hidden in plain sight. And once you learn it, you can transform your life...

Some people strengthen society just by being the kind of people they are.
- John W. Gardner      

Learn how to become that person, the one who changes his environment, energizes his world, and inspires others.... Your life can be more than a few good hours... it can be wonderful every waking minute.

But to learn this, you will have to be patient for now... unfortunately my letter ends here today, so stay tuned until I come back to you on Friday... because what I learned will energize your work...and your life!


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14 Responses to "You Can Energise your Work... And Your Life!"

Parth jha

09 Jun, 2016

"Just do what so ever you like & you will not have to work for another day" however we are all not that lucky so try to take 5 minutes off & do what you like eg hear a song ,relax, walk, watch an interesting clip you will be charged.

mukesh Chandra jha

06 Jul, 2015

Awesome, like it.rgds

mr.saber elfaidy

03 Jul, 2015

I Trust You With My Private Info

Jyoti Nanda

18 Nov, 2014

Anisa, It is a nice presentation.I enjoyed the reading. Thanks for the nice thoughts you wrote.

Ralph Rau

15 Nov, 2014

Attitude is everything. Everyday is an opportunity to create a new reality, first in thought, then in word and finally in deed. How? Because we are alive. The one's lacking this opportunity are ----

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08 Sep, 2014

I alwayse Read your post ,I like it very much It s wonderful.


19 Aug, 2014

Excellent Anisabeti, keep it up Continue your dose of inspiration for ever

Naresh B Jumani

31 Jul, 2014

Anisa, nice presentation and opening article. Keep up the good work and have some energy at home and work. I also need it. Speaking for myself, I felt earlier itself that I need to be like this and started working towards it by cheering people when I walk by or when they walk by my table. Also on my mind, what is written in Psalm 16 that I have the Lord present with me all the time. Because He is at my right hand, I will not be shaken. In His presence is fulness of joy and at His right hand are pleasures forever. But there is still a long way to go. But not discouraged but encouraged to continue.


30 Jul, 2014

Your words in the said letter is full of energy & inspiration, taking me out of gloom. Making me charged up for rest of the week. I will wait for your next letter due on Friday. Thanks


30 Jul, 2014

Thanks for the posts. I find them valuable.

abdul Gafoor

29 Jul, 2014

Thanks for the lovely though u put in the article... :)


29 Jul, 2014

What a coincidence ! The last 3 days were enormously depressing. I simpy couldnt function. If you asked me wat is it I liked to doI wouldnt have been able to answer that too. So, thid is very timely. cant wait till Friday to know the answer. Corollary : My son also is getting stressed out and thefirst month of school is not yet over. How to energize our children in addition to ourselves whe there's not time for picnics, when there s a major series of testes begining tomorrow , when movies and noivels are banned now that summer holidays are over ?


29 Jul, 2014

A very interesting article. Got to wait a few days to get that secret :( If such smiles and happiness could be built into the work culture, work related stress could come down, productivity would go up..... I need to know that secret you have found.


29 Jul, 2014

I am routine reader of Common Sense of Living and very much impressed with the articles issued from time to time. It's really very true that our routine work energizes us whether at work-place with colleages or at home with our children while playing cricket or in the monring walk with our like aged friends. Life is not to be ruined but full of cheers. One have to find out the ways to be happy self & others.


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