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You Can Energise Your Work... And Your Life! - 3rd Approach: Find Your Energy Switch

Aug 08, 2014


There's been an accident on the sea link. Controlled chaos takes over as the patient is rolled into the nearest hospital, bleeding profusely on the gurney. Ravi races to the doors, grabs the gurney and rolls it with all his strength to the ICU.

Another patient survives. Another life saved.

Ravi thanks God. Every day he gets to save lives, and make people better. He loves his job.

He has been a cleaner at the hospital for years. And when he sees people waiting on his floor, confident in its cleanliness, free of infection and a safe haven for the distressed he can't help but feel pride at the good his work is doing in the world. He feels lucky.

There are many things human resources personnel recommend for good workplace environments, such as maintaining healthy workspaces, appreciation of employees through recognition of their work, and good management through trust and open communication.

But in this series on energizing your work, I make the case that the external environment reflects your internal environment. And although you have no control over the external environment - the state of your office or the leadership abilities of your bosses - you can be happier at work, because you can control your internal environment.

If you really want to bring happiness into your work environment ... you have to bring it from the inside out.

Today I will tell you the final approach in this series - one where you control your experience at work and in life, with the flick of a mental switch.

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In a Forbes article, Steve Denning quotes psychologist Jonathan Haidt, author of The Happiness Hypothesis. In his research Haidt found that most people think of work in one of three ways - as a job, a career or a calling.

When you think of work as a job you do it because it makes ends meet, and brings home the daal-roti.

As a career, you work because it takes you somewhere bigger, towards the achievement of your larger goals of success. This approach makes you work harder, but also exhausts you. You focus on work too much and don't make enough time for personal development and happiness. You play hard and party hard, and still end up feeling unfulfilled.

But if you think of work as a calling - you find meaning in the work itself. You are fulfilled at work and don't need to find happiness outside.

You see a bigger picture - your purpose in doing that work. You see your work as Ravi sees his - one that adds value to the world. You don't do it for the money you don't do it for success. You do it for self-satisfaction.

How you think of your work determines your experience at work. So what are you thinking?

Watch your thoughts; they become words. Watch your words; they become actions. Watch your actions; they become habit. Watch your habits; they become character. Watch your character; it becomes your destiny.

This saying is so old, we've forgotten who said it first. Wisdom as old as time - attributed sometimes to ancient Indian philosophy, and sometimes to Chinese. The truth in them is timeless.

Your thoughts and words determine your experience at work, and in life.

If your thoughts and words are negative, your actions and experiences will be too. So listen to your thoughts.

Are your thoughts a litany of negative words and complaints? My life sucks. This job is horrible. I’m so tired all the time. I work so hard. My co-workers are so annoying. Poor me!

Zahaan took over his father's business. He was always meant to, he was born for it. He had been preparing for it his whole life. He went to business school. And now here he was in this big leather chair, losing his hair and watching his life pass by.

He felt trapped. He hated running the business. He found it tedious, he didn't really understand what was going on, and wasn't interested. He should have stayed in America, he had wanted to become an investment banker. As he sat in his cabin day after day he felt his energies depleting and ambition sagging.

One day, he walked out of his office. He went to his shops and began talking to his salesmen. And as he met more people, and talked to them not as a seth but as one who shared a common mission with them, he found himself seeing the people that make up his company - the energy that was within them.

And then he found himself thinking, Wow! Here is this amazing team of people, doing their work, representing HIM, his name, his family, his brand. What a blessing. He had found his calling. He belonged here. With his people - talking to them, sharing ideas, driving the ship from the helm... not locked away in a cabin giving orders. Lucky me! He thought.

How do you think of your work? DO you?

Whatever work you do can have meaning. And how do you make it meaningful, make it a calling? You just have to flip a switch... change just one word in your head: When you catch yourself thinking 'poor me', reach up and flip the switch, and choose the words 'lucky me' instead.

Zahaan flipped his switch. He began to believe he was lucky. Ravi felt lucky. I feel lucky too as I write to you. It's the middle of the night as I'm sitting here writing to you. I've been up all day, and I have a deadline tomorrow, but I'm not tired. I'm not thinking 'poor me, I wish I was asleep'. I'm thinking 'lucky me, - I get to write these letters, filled with truths, and research, and ideas that I believe will help people.' And this thought gives me energy.

Find your switch and you will find your source of energy. An unlimited source. And every time you feel depleted - at work or any interactions you have in your life - you can reach for your switch and flip on the energy.

Through this series on energizing your life and work... I hope you see that control lies with you. If you want change, change will be yours. These three approaches... being present... thinking of others... finding your switch... will get you on your way to a life filled with all kinds of wonderful experiences, the energy to achieve great things, and the happiness to make it all worthwhile.

For a life infused with energy, try this: For a few days pick up any one of the approaches and consciously try to include it in your daily life. You will see change... gradually you will begin to change. And the day you have mastered these three approaches, you will have completely transformed your life... and yourself.

I hope you will write to tell us your stories of change, and your thoughts on this series. If you have missed any letters in the series you can find them here:


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6 Responses to "You Can Energise Your Work... And Your Life! - 3rd Approach: Find Your Energy Switch"

Chander Shekhar Malhotra

24 Oct, 2014



13 Aug, 2014

Excellent. Its all lies in your thinking finding the switch to create a satisfaction. What you call "suffocation" in Local train becomes an "atmosphere " in a discoo....


13 Aug, 2014

1 Practical article 2 Spread it for a common man 3 Students must be taught it in "Moral Sxcience" classes Regards,


11 Aug, 2014

Hi, I have been reading each of the articles that is sent to me and find them very positive and inspiring. I have been spreading it my friends and family and keep getting appreciation from them. Thank you so very much.

vishnumoorthy p n

10 Aug, 2014

I agree. Sure, energising others we also get energised.


08 Aug, 2014

Thanks Anisa for enabling us tap the energy within us in abundance. Nice articles. Keep it up.


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