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3 Simple Secrets to Achieve Anything

Aug 25, 2015

3 Simple Secrets to Achieve Anything 

Recently, I met a gentleman who was glowing with a great sense of confidence, achievement and belief in himself. During the course of the conversation, he narrated the reason for his glow - he had just completed a 100-day running challenge.

For a 100 days straight he had been running an average of 4-5 kms every day. He hadn't missed a single day in between!

He also mentioned that his friend unfortunately injured his knee on the 99th day and could not finish the challenge. He added that he was grateful that God had been kind to him.

After listening to him, and experiencing his elation and exuberance first-hand, I could deduce three qualities that took him to success:

  1. Focus.
  2. Discipline.
  3. Humility.

  1. FOCUS

  2. Every achievement starts with an intent, a purpose or a goal. And this goal - like the management one - should be SMART:

    S-pecific: In his case, he had a crystal clear goal to work toward. He knew he had to run for 100 days at a go, not missing even one day of those 100, as anything less would not cut it.

    M-easurable: It was a goal that could be measured. Every day that he ran, he could measure the number of kilometres covered, and the amount of time he needed to achieve the same. He could increase the number of kilometres or reduce them depending on what worked best for his energy levels and helped him sustain the running better.

    A-chievable: His goal was attainable for him because he already had the background of a marathoner. He had been training for years before this, eating right, getting up early and exercising every day to build stamina and endurance.

    R-ealistic: His goal was a realistic doable one in his mind, because he had prior experience in running and training for marathons. Only this time, he had to be consistent and do it every day... He was backed by good health and discipline, and thus when he took up the challenge, it was a realistic one!

    T-ime-bound: He had only 100 days to prove himself. It was a target that was time-bound and that he couldn't overshoot or overlook. He knew that for just 100 days, every night he would have to sleep early, rise early, hit the road, stay positive and be a fighter... the rest would take care of itself.

    Now, for some of us 100 days may seem like a long time. But in the larger scheme of life - which could span 70 or 80 plus years - it's exactly three months and ten days, a short span of time to commit yourself to achieving something... anything. All it takes is...

  4. The other day, in The Times of India, I was reading about the 5am club, and how most successful people follow a simple mantra of getting up early every morning to do their most important activities at the start of the day. For instance, former US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice gets up at 4.30 am and heads straight to the gym, while others like, author of The Happiness Project, Gretchen Ruben uses her early morning time to finish her own work before the rest of her family wakes up.

    Getting up early is a discipline... one that is very hard to build. Ask me, I'm a relatively late riser and could really sleep through anything. But how I wish I could join this club and accomplish so many things I haven't been able to thus far.

    What do I need to do to create this discipline? I need to make getting up early a habit. I need to get up at the same time every day for 21 days or the new magic number of 66 days or maybe 100 days - like the running hero of this story - and convert it into a lifestyle.

    I also need to completely believe in the benefits of getting up early. So that just in case my lazy preconditioned mind full of old patterns comes into play again, I can rationalize with it and tell it all the wonderful stories of what I will gain by making this a habit... I will finish reading all my unfinished books, I will get more time for meditation, more time for exercise... some time alone with my tea etc.

    I essentially need to show myself a picture of achievement, a clear one with tangible goals. And once I do achieve my goals, I need to practice the third and final quality of success -

  6. I find the term humility very abstract to describe. But when I see humility I know it. It's one of those qualities that is so intangible yet so conspicuous in most successful people.

    When you pay a compliment to a CEO of a company and he quickly deflects and passes it on to having a supportive team, you know he has humility.

    Similarly, when you praise an artist for his great creation, and he says he's merely a medium for a larger force, you know he's humble.

    Or when Sachin Tendulkar raised his bat to the skies, after every century he made on the cricket field, and thanked the One up there ... we knew Sachin was humbly passing on his achievement to the Gods rather than keeping it for himself.

    I guess that's what humility is - the ability to be grateful to all those who brought you to your moment of achievement, to acknowledge them publicly, give them their due credit, take them along and make them part of the marathon, called life.

Anyone can take on a 100-day running challenge, provided your committed, prepared and focused on the goal... Add to it some discipline and humility and you will have achieved, not just 100 days, but, a lifetime of success!

Image Source: Marcos Mesa Sam Wordley / Shutterstock


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14 Responses to "3 Simple Secrets to Achieve Anything"

Mukesh Dalal

15 Sep, 2015

Great article to achieve greatness. The greatness is in one's own eyes an not from public perspective. If the Almighty above is happy that is all that matters. Honour and shame from no condition arise. Act well your part and that's where all your honour lies

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Meet Jain

14 Sep, 2015

Motivational article...


10 Sep, 2015

This article kept me spellbound... I read it for like 45 mins.... Awesome and inspiring... Real thought provoking article...

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Parvez Bam

05 Sep, 2015

Energetic article especially for young. For them to attain their goal without violating the rights of others, they ought to be disciplined, dedicated and determined.

shekhar tgc

27 Aug, 2015

Dear Ritika, As usual your writing is excellent. You have good command on coverage which is really inspiring. I wish I could write like like this after meeting or talking with somebody special. This should be a must read or compulsory for all youngsters who wish to acheive something. Great work. Keep it up. Best regards. Shekhar

Dr subhas

27 Aug, 2015

Most Respected Madam This is a great and highly informative and really leaves us thinking about how we have complicated our simple lives. Awesome article and food for thought. Thanking you and Congrats to you.

Neti Srinivasan

27 Aug, 2015

Interesting post. It is believed that there is a cycle of 40 days for human beings which is needed to change a habit. What this means is that if you can carry on with something for 40 days without a break, you have sown the seeds for the habit. If you can repeat this for 2 cycles (40+40 days) then you are pretty much set and the body gets used to the new habit. So the folks who are planning to change habits, you need to plan for a 40 day streak.

Roop Betala

26 Aug, 2015

Thanks Ritika for Covering this. The whole objective of this 100 day challenge was fight between my body, mind and soul.Each has its own view and never agreed with one another. I have decided to bring all three of them to one place and say hey if you all cooperate then I can do anything you want and finally it happened. The run was minimum of 7Km everyday and my target was 900-1000 Km total running in 100 days which started on 1st May 2015 and end on 8th August 2015 with 1008 Km of total running. in these 100 days i have to travel domestic and international but i was committed to this cause as any other business and personal appointments and finally on 8th August I was able to complete. apart from my Body, Mind and soul I thank all the friends on Face book and physical who motivated me and always like my post and comment and last to say that my family supported me for this run some time even odd time running. I would like to thank Dr.Laila dave who kept tab of my health by regular checking my body index and related checks. Thank you every one who inspired me directly and indirectly. Thanks Ritika for taking time and writing about this.

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Ritika Bajaj

26 Aug, 2015

Dear readers, our running hero just read the article and corrected me on the figures: "I did minimum running of 7Km every day and total I did 1008 Km in 100 days in 4 countries and five cities. I am planning to complete my 50th Half marathon on 13th September 2015 in Surat in less then 2.5 hour time." He's surely raising the bar for us!

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S.Srilatha Reddy

26 Aug, 2015

very nice article.

Atul Juvle

26 Aug, 2015

Excellent motivational & enlightening articles, with lot of wisdom captured in few words. Keep on writing & circulating. Best regards

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K N Shivananja

25 Aug, 2015

The Challenge is not beat or to show anybody I did it. It is for you and for your body and to make your life in discipline manner. My grand father has thought me to get early morning, he has lived for 88 years. Now I am 60, I will get up early morning at about 4.0 PM. Walk for a hour. Not show to the people that I am walking. In my area few of us, we will come to the park around 4.30AM and walk to our satisfied level like some people will walk fast and some people will make more rounds, I walk for to take out sweat. Do some breathing exercise pranayama and meditation. After coming from park, I will do yoga and exercise for abut 40 minutes. This makes more healthy. But people say they don't have time. When things comes to worst, people will spend more time with Doctor or with the bed when they are sick. This they do not understand. This is has to come from child hood, otherwise people will come for a day or two they say & show they also walk. It is to show that they also. Walk.

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Ramesh Shendge

25 Aug, 2015

Very nice article .

arun kumar abrol

25 Aug, 2015

if you are commited and disciplined ,you will achieve your goals

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