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7 Steps to Get Retirement Ready

Sep 23, 2015

7 Steps to Get Retirement Ready 

You know whenever I have something really important to say to you I do more than just write about it... I record a video and tell you about it. And today's subject is really important.

Anyone, at any stage in their lives, should be planning for retirement. Most people know this... and yet they don't!

So listen to my video today because I will tell you exactly how to get over your retirement planning blockages and get started in 7 steps.

Click below to go to the 'Getting Retirement Ready' Video

So I have put together this ultimate retirement planning bundle that gives you some of the best ideas out there for planning the kind of retirement you want – or the kind of life you want, even. If are looking for a gainful life outside of an office - this bundle has your answer to an early and rich retirement.

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15 Responses to "7 Steps to Get Retirement Ready"

Neelam Kaurar

25 Dec, 2019

Read first ever article. A good  though. Would like to subscribe Common Sense Living 

Chetan Chaturvedi

27 Apr, 2016

It is an eye opener for the planning of forthcoming life after Retiredment.

aditya sonthalia

26 Oct, 2015

your advise is sound and good and positive but i think in my case i have passed the opportunity as ive crossed 60 and am in semi - retirement due to health reasons. but i still like reading such articles to know more about todays thought and attitudes. thanks aditya


27 Sep, 2015

Thanks Anisa. I am doing exactly what you say. Wonder how you are able to speak so clearly the needs of retired person when you are young! May be you need to add regular excercise to maintain the body and keep away the deseases!

Manoharan Thottarath

24 Sep, 2015

The Common Sense Living Letters and the present video on the '7 Steps to Get Retirement Ready' are indeed wealth of knowledge. They give a lot of insight into the need to have proper financial planning prior to retirement. Most of us do not think of the need for saving enough for post retirement life. It is mainly either due to lack of concern for the future or simply there is not sufficient surplus money to put away. It is a fact that everyone will retire from active service at certain point of time and there will be a big question staring at him as to find the much needed finances to meet the future requirements. Therefore, proper financial planning from the beginning of one's service career is a must. The efforts of the Common Sense Living team headed by Ms Anisa Viji are very laudable. In fact, all their letters are a compelling read. I think had I read such useful letters a couple of years back, my life would have been more fruitful.

r n raju

24 Sep, 2015

video is good.But more concerned on money. I hope the money won't solve all the problems but some extent it may do. ultimately human assistance is one do miracles than some times than the money. I hope that you will understand my point of view. it may be at western places But like in India, there is strong possibility to build up human chain. Pl. provide some tips, how to develop human bond which will be more stronger than any bond. thank you sir

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24 Sep, 2015

An eye opener

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24 Sep, 2015

Good ,interesting and i did my retirement planning on similar lines. maybe few points overdone or few points miss out.


24 Sep, 2015

Wonderful job... we all do it.


24 Sep, 2015

Excellent, well researched piece.

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24 Sep, 2015

Logically, Interesting. Thank U

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24 Sep, 2015

very good tips with detailed researched report.... keep it up....

Yogesh Joshi

23 Sep, 2015


Vijay Vora

23 Sep, 2015

My hearty compliments for a wounderful video on 7+1 step on getting ready for Retirement . Your deep research , clarity of expression and thoughts and message on Retirement is very much appreciable . In fact I have been continuously reading and focussing each steps on what you have mentioned in your various articles . It's appealing and creating conscious and caucious signals to start thinking for Retirement . Thanks again and looking forward to get more fruitful articles on Retirement ....with best wishes , Vijay

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23 Sep, 2015

Informative video.Thanks!

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