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You Are Afraid...and That's Why You Will Succeed

Sep 27, 2016

You Are Afraid...and That's Why You Will Succeed 

'You do not fear death. You think this makes you strong... It makes you weak,' says a blind old man to Bruce Wayne in The Dark Knight Rises. Times are dark and the hero is trapped at the bottom of a hellish pit - climbing out of which is next to impossible. Every time he tries, he falls. Only a rope tied around his waist saves him from falling to his death.

The old man notes that Bruce isn't afraid of dying and instructs him that if he wants to succeed, he should let go of the 'saving' rope and allow fear of death - 'the most powerful impulse of the spirit' - to find him... Then he will have no choice but to make the climb.

Bruce finally decides to climb without the rope, and in a breathtaking sequence - amid flying bats and the cheers of his prison-mates - rises from the mysterious pit.

This scene from the Batman trilogy delivers a strong message to the audience: Fear of failure is one of the most powerful motivators.

It provides the necessary push. The moment you realise you can either give up or give it your all. And every successful individual we know today...chose the latter.

Fear is our involuntary response to threatening and unfamiliar situations. If we didn't feel it, we wouldn't be able to protect ourselves from many dangers.

More often than situations pertaining to life and death, we fear while making important decisions or changing our lives radically...we fear that we won't succeed. A startled voice inside our head always hums - Look out! Be careful. Maybe you shouldn't do this. What if you don't make it?

If you fear failure, you are not alone. Every second person you know is afraid to fail. Anyone who's tried to achieve something big...has known the fear of failure.

According to The Telegraph, entrepreneurs are united by fear.

It is true that fear paralyses passion...and keeps us from pursuing dreams and accomplishing goals.

The odds are against an entrepreneur who is plagued by self-doubt.

But a little shift in attitude can make the fear of failure healthy.

Megastar Shahrukh Khan admits to suffering from stage fright. But he says, 'If you're nervous before going on stage, it is okay. Nervousness is an energy which helps you to not go on a wrong path. It keeps a check on you.'

As a matter of fact, you're more likely to fail when you don't fear.

I recently asked my cousin, a successful sales manager at a leading mobile company, 'What keeps people from succeeding in your field?'

He paused, and then answered firmly, 'Overconfidence. The most common trait of all those who fail is that they thought they never will. When you stop fearing failure, you become less careful, less efficient, and overconfident. Remember how the Titanic was supposed to be unsinkable? Well, the world knows how the story ended.'

Fear is an essential emotion. Essential for success.

It unsettles us. Drives us. Always on the move, ever concerned...fear pushes us to grow and evolve. It keeps us from falling behind in an ever-changing world.

Fear breeds creativity, productivity, efficiency...

And ultimately, when we face the most important climb of our is fear, and not rope, that makes us rise.

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3 Responses to "You Are Afraid...and That's Why You Will Succeed"

Mona gaur

12 Jan, 2019

 Nice and interesting Article. ????

Terence Verma

28 Sep, 2016

Facing your fears is the only way to overcome them. Success or failure is only an outcome.


27 Sep, 2016

The South Africans threw Gandhi out of the train.That gave us the Bold and fearless Mahatma. Jai Hind.


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