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Top 10 Ways to Show Your Gratitude

Oct 07, 2014


A couple of months ago, I met with a young college girl for a job position she was going to fill. She had already been recruited and all I had to do was give her a brief of the work involved. She was recommended by a friend of mine and I put her resume on to my company. I was just doing my job, facilitating the process and simply playing my role.

At the end of the meeting when we were coming to a close and wrapping up the discussion, she suddenly said with full seriousness, "Ma'am I would finally like to say one thing... (long pause)... thank you very much for making this happen." Her gesture was so heartfelt, so out-of-the-blue that it caught me unawares. My eyes welled up, I felt tongue-tied.

And it left me wondering: What was it about that one ordinary act of saying "thank you" that moved me so much? Did I feel I didn't deserve it? Or had I not heard it being said with so much genuine feeling. Or worse still, did I think I belonged to an age where people have forgotten to appreciate simple everyday acts. Her expression of gratitude probably reinstated my faith in goodness.

Very often you go about your daily life giving and receiving very little gratitude... getting caught up in chores, getting absorbed in gadgets and in the meanwhile forgetting the human connect and making people feel appreciated for all the goodness they bring to your life.

That's where these two words "thank you" become very useful. Self-help writers and motivation gurus alike have written and spoken about the positive and powerful effects of gratitude. An innovative author who comes to mind is Rhonda Byrne. In the book The Magic, she writes about taking 'magic steps', an exercise where you have to walk 100 steps and say "thank you" at each step -- An everyday activity to which you can add two words and make your life more 'magical'.

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Being grateful can become a habit, it can become a way of being. All you need to do is incorporate it in some small way into your life. Thus I decided to create my own list of gratitude techniques that could help you, dear reader, say "thank you" without too much effort.

1. Start with a prayer: Prayers work wonders. They make us feel humble, grateful and give us strength. A prayer can be anything you want to say at that point in time... a few lines you have created yourself, an affirmation you meditate upon, mantras you chant or verses from a holy text. By starting your day or any auspicious activity with a prayer, you're thanking the universe for the multiple opportunities it's giving you. Do you know I actually say a small prayer before I send out each e-letter to you... thanking you for taking time out to read it.
2. Salute nature: Yogis do Surya Namaskar or the salutation to the sun, the giver of energy and life. But if you're not into Yoga, don't fret. I simply look up at the sky every morning and say a small thank you. It's my way of paying homage to nature... the sunshine, the sea, the trees, the birds. Those few words connect me to the larger universe; they give me energy to start a new day.
3. Sing a song: Several people hesitate to sing. They think they don't know the lyrics or will get the tune wrong. But that's really the least of your concerns. All of us have a right to sing... and not just in the bathroom. By singing we are actually paying a tribute to all the wonderful music we've heard in our lifetime. So join a choir, go for karaoke sessions or simply hum along. Throwing back music into the world is like expressing your joy of being alive.
4. Smile at a stranger: Don't wonder what people will think when you smile at them. Don't worry about giving the wrong signals. If you believe you feel like giving someone a smile, go ahead and do it... you may just have made someone's day. A smile not only makes us feel good about ourselves, it also adds happiness to the general environment. By smiling, all you're doing is showing you feel grateful for those you come across.
5. Strike up a conversation: Have you ever realised how some of the longest flights have seemed so short just by starting to talk to the person in your neighbouring seat. All of us human beings love a good conversation. We enjoy talking about ourselves and the events in our life. By starting a conversation you're making the other person feel special, you're making the person feel like he/she has lived a life of value and that you would like to know more about it. And you never know, you may just make another good friend or contact.
6. Say something nice: This is the important part of conversations. Make it about the other person. Sure we can talk about our own issues, our own viewpoints, our own grievances, but good conversation is about being 'nice'. It's about appreciating the good qualities in another person. So if you're a team leader, praise an idea of a team member, or simply end the meeting on a positive note. Let people leave with a good feeling. Good words are you're way of thanking them for being who they are.
7. Send a gift: Everyone loves receiving gifts, opening wrapping paper and ribbons. And we often think gifts are only for occasions. But gifts could be small things done every day. Leave a book that your colleague always wanted to read on her desk with a note. Put some flowers on the vase to cheer up your partner. Or buy a friend a drink when you go out. These small gifts show the people in your life you care. It's your way of saying thank you without really saying it... It sure will brighten up the moment.
8. Spread compassion: Make a surprise visit to an elderly relative, spend some time with lesser privileged kids, read a book to the blind or distribute bottled water to runners at a marathon. There are many ways to do good deeds. All we need to do is take some time out and find something that is aligned to our personalities. Being compassionate and kind is a way you can show support to the rest of mankind.
9. Stop to take in beauty: Every now and then, it's a good idea to look around and absorb the beauty in the world, be it manmade or natural. Take a walk by the sea, spend some quiet time in a park watching butterflies and flowers, step into a museum and admire the work of great artists or enter a handloom store and appreciate the fine craftsmanship. By taking time to admire things of beauty, we show gratitude for the labour that has gone into creating them.
10. Share a bit of you: One of the most grateful things you can do is to feel truly happy about being who we are. And the way to thank yourself is by revealing the "true" you to the people around you. Share with the world your talents, your experiences, your thoughts, your successes and your failures. By being honest about who you are and letting people in to your life, you're thanking them for being a part of your journey.

Let me know if you try any of these tips, if they work for you and if they make you feel better and happier about life. And if they do help you in some way, send me a small thank you note as well.


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55 Responses to "Top 10 Ways to Show Your Gratitude"


10 Sep, 2016

Thanks very much for the beautiful listing of the simple steps. Very easy to practise these. Cost nothing!!! At the same time it has great value and each one can become a precious gift for the people we meet. Years ago, when Binaca Geet Mala in the evenings were listened to, VOA (voice of America) morning service used to be popular. The programme used to close (around 7.30amor so) with the words : " If you find someone without a smile, give one of your own". Now-a-days even in US, I have seen no one reciprocates a smile --although saying "Good Morning" and nod of the head are common.!! Nusy world indeed.

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Ravindra Kr Gupta

11 Aug, 2016

Hello,Ritika Thanks for sharing many motivating thoughts regularly, I try to read most of them. May I know ,how you take out time to write so many blogs for people help. Thanks for such enlightening thoughts which we know but get buried in daily busy schedule. thanks & regard 

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Bhadresh Modi

19 Jul, 2016

First of all, a big THANK YOU for sharing such wonderful insights into human behavior. Fortunately, I am one of those who follow almost all of the ways to showing gratitude.But the unfortunate part is that, that the same is not imbibed by the youngsters including my kids,since they have taken many of the things for granted. My sincere wishes that all of us inculcate this simple habit of saying thank you to all who have made our living worthwhile as human beings. THANK YOU!

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John W.Jayachandran

18 Jul, 2016

Dear Ritika,First of all ,I would like to thank you for this article.If one follows these steps he or she will have blessed and happy life.

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maxie monteiro

18 Jul, 2016

Dear Ritika, I liked what you have stated. I have grown up with these values and niceties. It does helps self and the person you interact with. I m glad you are able to share these qualities thru this medium as learning is a never ending process. God bless.

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17 Jul, 2016

Dear Ritika I have not learned so much in human behavior throughout my life as by your brief article .simply written and explained withI relevant examples.If everyone follows even half of what you have suggested, at least half the world will be happier

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17 Jul, 2016

thanks a lot for inspiring post . I really like contents of common sense living.


17 Jul, 2016

thanks for the post

Tarun Bajaj

17 Jul, 2016

Hi Ritika, Thank you for the wonderfull articles that you write. There is that honesty in them that touches the heart. Regards Tarun

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VIlas V Bhave

17 May, 2015

Good one.. One should read & follow the same. Thank u for the post. Best Regards.. Vilas

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D L Bajaj

31 Dec, 2014

Thanks Ritika. I liked your article. I do not have the habit of reading long articles. But I was forced to read your "thanks". I would like to continue reading. THANKS.

D. Gnanasundaram

25 Dec, 2014

Age is no bar to learn good things. I am four and seventy. I am amazed to read your article that has message even to persons who are as old as I am. May your pen produce such enlightening articles that go a long way in making everyone live a happy and fruitful life. My sincere thanks to you.

K.R. Viswanathan

25 Dec, 2014

Thanks for your beautiful write-up. I always say thanks when the canteen man or lady keeps a cup of coffee on my table or get some assistance from others. One day the person sitting next to me asked my why you say thanks to the person each time he/she brings coffee; it is they duty. I just replied to her - the person gets some pleasure when you acknowledge their help; Indirectly I also get some satisfaction.

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27 Oct, 2014

Hello Ritika, i read this article today and i was immediately taken back in time.. a few years back when my mom was alive. She lived her entire life for us, cooking, washing, doing everything for her six children and her husband. She never complained of being tired. She never expected anything in return..but i do wish i had read this article then or may be better if God had kept her alive till now... just for me to say one big "THANK YOU" for everything she did for us. Thank you so much for this beautiful article and i hope no other mom goes away without hearing a "thank you" from now on.. I hope this article reaches out to everyone.

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M L Raju

14 Oct, 2014

Hello Ritika. I read one of your articles sent by one of my friends today for the first time and it really touched my heart. I have sent the same article to my daughter and wife and started reading some other articles of yours. They are really nice and keep your good work going.

M V Mallya

13 Oct, 2014

Thank you Ritika. Simply saying "thanks" with a smile does wonders !! When I say thanks to my wife, every morning, when she serves tea, her face brightens up. Many a time, we take things for granted. We fail to acknowledge, we fail to appreciate. It makes all the difference.


12 Oct, 2014

THANK YOU for all the lovely thoughts expressed in your e-letters.I really enjoy reading them.


11 Oct, 2014

Thank you for this article I liked it & had learn many new things on value of THANKS. Deepak

Ashok Verma

10 Oct, 2014

Hi Rikita. Few months back, I started reading your articles and I would like to thank you for all the effort you have been putting in for creating such beautiful articles. They are worth it!


10 Oct, 2014

Dear Ritika, Thanks a lot for introducing these10 points on 'GRATITUDE' which I think must be cultivsted and to be practiced by all. I do not wish to take pride to say that I follow this attribute of gratefulness and showing/expressing gratitudr towards small acts of kindness/favours done by my friends, relatives or loved ones.I wish to remain as humble as I can be. Once again many thanks.

Savitha Suresh

09 Oct, 2014

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Loving you. God bless you for this beautiful initiative


09 Oct, 2014

Dear Ritika, its a very nice article, which once again strengthens my belief that life is very simple, and we as human beings make it more complicated. Very simply u have explained, what the two words 'THANK YOU' can do a big difference to our life.


09 Oct, 2014

I found quite interesting article written. TanQ Ritika. I tried and now made expression of gratitude , a way of my living. Its good to develop attitude for gratitude. It pays. Thank you very much . Stay blessed

Ravi Ram

09 Oct, 2014

Thank you for such a nice list. Some of them are simple but we tend to ignore. They make huge sense in the overall scheme.


09 Oct, 2014

Thanks from my inner heart. Thank U Thank U very much.

Babu Lal

09 Oct, 2014

Thanks from heart for posting such a thankful gratitude.

M C Gupta

09 Oct, 2014

Reading the article was like the rain in the desert. I had forgotten all these beautiful things. Thanks for cleaning the dust of negligence insensitiveness from the necessary human traits.


09 Oct, 2014

I literally say " Thank You " for posting those simple words in a most appropriate way, to express thanks.


08 Oct, 2014

I regularly read common sense living.It is very motivating and full of new ideas,which the everyone with lot of stress in life can practice for ideal and enjoyable life.It is indeed a good thing to express gratitude to anyone and say thanks to the many number of people and to God who make our life worth living


08 Oct, 2014

thanks for reminding little things which make big difference to the one who receives it while what the giver needs is a conscious effort abdulrehman


08 Oct, 2014

Whatever you said is so true.\ Your ideas are simple and great thanks Dr. Dinesh


08 Oct, 2014

Thanks, to ritika & your article top ten ways to show your gratitude.these are really good habits to open your day. thanks.


08 Oct, 2014

Impressive, motivating and so true. Thanks for compiling it.


08 Oct, 2014

Thanks .

Atul Pandit

08 Oct, 2014

Thank you very much :)


08 Oct, 2014

Thank you Ritika. It is a beautiful piece and so relevant to today's time. Thank You again.

Ashish Parikh

08 Oct, 2014

Thank-You. This is really heart touching. By reading this I felt, if we follow this strongly in life, I don't think we have any complaints to anyone ever. Our life become beautiful. Excellent message.

Kamal Garg

08 Oct, 2014

Very simply and nicely put. Watching and enjoying nature and beauty of nature is a great inner solace. Conveying our gratitude and thanks to people around us is a humble way of living and enjoying the relationship of life.

Srikanta Konanur

08 Oct, 2014

Very true. ..I always believed in this and some how I developed this attitude of expressing my gratitude ..It helps for long lasting relationships.. While in working for a private organization in a very important responsible position, after meeting the clients/business associates /colleagues ,I used to promptly send a thanking mail/card for the time they have spared/for the useful discussion we had during the meeting. and it helped me and the organization to build strong business relation ship ,trust and confidence..I think expressing gratitude should become way of our life, which will have tremendous benefits and to lead the life with lot more happily and with peace..

MS Shekhar

08 Oct, 2014

Ma'm, My Heart felt THANKS for making me and everybody HAPPY in life, by giving Rightful tips & Advice. A BIG 'THANKS' With Regards MS Shekhar.

Dr Alexander

08 Oct, 2014

Dear Ms Ritika, thank you very much for the post. I am sure it has touched a chord somewhere in all those who have read it. In today's fast paced life we often forget the simplicities of life that can propel us into a state of immense happiness as well as make life meaningful to others. As we become more and more commercialized our selfishness increases in parallel without us really realizing it and thereby we forget the ten points that you have mentioned above. Our universe and our lives work on the principles of positivity and negativity - the 'yin and yang' and I have come to the realization that in every giving there is also getting.. or simply ' when you give you actually get'. thank you once again for the nice post!! Dr Alexander plastic and cosmetic surgeon kims cochin+


07 Oct, 2014

Thanks a lot Ms. Ritika Bajaj. I do that often; I feel happy in addition to making the other person happy. Keep up the great work. God Bless You.


07 Oct, 2014

Thank you for the 10 fantastic ways you send few of those I follow every day and the rest I will start practicing right now. This was the best Common Sense Living. So Big thank you once again.

Pramod Kumar

07 Oct, 2014

Thank You.


07 Oct, 2014

It's an excellent article, keep on writing with simple things which we tend to ignore in the busy lives. God bless you


07 Oct, 2014

Thank You for making us learn to say Thanks for every experience we go thro' in our lives.

S D Sharma

07 Oct, 2014

Thank you for reminding the importance of small but essential things

MN Tiwari

07 Oct, 2014

Thanks alot for sharing such valuable thoughts. I read with kin interest all the thoughts provided by Common Sense Living. Please contunue your noble job. MN Tiwari

Binu Sebastian

07 Oct, 2014

Dear Ritika , You spoke on a subject very dear to my heart. I would like to add a few more ways to show gratitude. There lot of impatience rising on our roads, which is the main cause for the traffic snarls and accidents. The pedestrian especially the old and the children left at vehicle drivers mercy. We can stop our vehicles well before the Zebra crossing and allow the pedestrians to pass by. The Bada sahebs and memsaabs can direct their drivers not to take short cuts, overtake rashly, push into any nook and corner or a free space available , the passengers in taxis and rickshaws can direct their drivers not to do the same. The drivers of Bada Sahebs and Memsaabs stopping in the middle of the road to pick them without caring how much inconvenience they cause to others. Pedestrians are very surprised and very happy when you stop and give them way and so are the drivers when one stops to give way so that there is no traffic block at unmanned crossings. Thats a great way to show gratitude. Reducing honking unnecessarily or totally is another way of gratitude. Another way to show gratitude is have patience when standing in any queue. Theres more but I dont want to make the letter too long. Thanks


07 Oct, 2014

Thanks, keep posting it's nice and makes people aware of little things need to be done in the day to day life. Good job.May God grace you with his blessings.


07 Oct, 2014

I enjoyed reading the Top 10 Ways to show our gratitude. I am already practicing some of the Top 10 Ways. In future I will make it a habit to practice all the Top 10 Ways. I thank you very much for making me a better human being With regards S.Ramachandran


07 Oct, 2014

thank you

K Ananda Rao

07 Oct, 2014

I feel extremely grateful to go through the mails sent on the subject that motivates my inspirations although I am yet to overcome my fears of failure. Yesterday 6th October 2014 was auspicious Eid-ul-Adha, the day of sacrifice or Qurbani. In India we recall sacrifice ritual involves either Murga-Cock, Bakri-Goat or Bhainsa-Buffalo. If we look instead of mere seeing into it Cock symbolizes Grace-Ahankar, Goat bloats indicating fearness and Buffalo reminds laziness (not patience). Looking into Goddess Durga reveal taming the cruelness, kill the laziness with trishul - good, bad and tactical. I hope you may enlighten similar symbolic gestures spread through our religious scripts not confined to any particular faith.

Shyamal Dey Biswas

07 Oct, 2014

I do convey sincere thanks & gratitude to you for this write up in a very decent manner step by step. For your information, I am following almost all these steps not only as a Management Consultant but also as a MAN. Please continue such type of write ups for the upliftment of Mankind. God Bless You. With Kind Regards. Shyamal Dey Biswas.

sadashiv potadar

07 Oct, 2014

Thanks for giving insight to your mind and thoughts. Sharing such things with others really spreads the message of peace and progress too. Let us follow these principles and enjoy sharing the world in a better way.

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