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Please Don't Take My Sunshine Away

Oct 22, 2014


Last week, I was up before the sun! I didn't need an alarm, I didn't need someone to wake me up and I didn't even have a flight to catch. I was staying in a houseboat in Kerala and after we cruised the whole day through the backwaters of Kumarakom, we docked near the surrounding fields for the night.

As is true in most quiet places, you tend to wake up at the crack of dawn. It's something about the air or maybe the breathtaking beauty that makes you want to lap up every bit of the place. And when I left my room to sit on the deck, I realised that my fellow travellers were up too and ready with their cameras. All of us waiting for those few spectacular moments... to catch the sun in one of its two glorious avatars. Yes, the sunrise and the sunset have to be the most uplifting sights in your life.

Sunrise at Kumarakom
Sunrise at Kumarakom
It reminded me of a poem I had written two years ago, around the same time in October:

Seeking the Sun

The white glow or the yellow tint,
The orange hue or the neon pink,
The source of strength or the scorching rays,
The peace when it rises or the awe when it sets.
I searched for the perfect moment in the sun,
I found it glowing in my cells, each and every one.

Undoubtedly the sun seems to be a recurrent motif in our lives. And just like in the poem, I sometimes feel seeking the sun is like seeking yourself. It's about finding the light in us that we can reflect to the world. It's about becoming the "true you" after carefully sifting and sieving teachings and experiences.

The sun can give us many lessons, all you need to do is absorb its energy, feel its vibrant messages and use its qualities where you can in your life. I share with you today some of the many things the sun has taught me.

Be a giver, not just a taker: The sun's light doesn't diminish when it gives light to the world. So don't worry about ever giving 'too much'. As you start understanding your true strengths, you will realise that they only grow in both scale and intensity. Give freely to others your good thoughts, words and deeds. It's no point holding back all the good that you have inside you. You have just one life, touch people in the best possible way you can.
Put energy into everything: Our work and life comes alive when we put enthusiasm into all our endeavours. Being listless doesn't help; low energy gets instantly reflected just like high energy. Do what it takes to increase the energy levels in your life. Rise with the sun, put on your best smile, eat healthy, run on the beach and say a little prayer each day. And most importantly spend time doing things you like and meeting people you love.
Spread your light far and wide: The sun's light touches every part of the world. Similarly, life transcends from being about you to being about your family and then about the community. As we evolve and learn, we realise that we can make a bigger and more meaningful impact in our world. But it all starts with identifying what your purpose is and working on it in the best possible way you can. Even a small act of telling your own life story can transform the lives of many.
Enter through the tiniest cracks: Have you often seen tiny rays of light enter cracks in doors? It's like seeing opportunity in the smallest and most unlikely events in your life. A random mail from a colleague, a brief exchange in a coffee shop, a chance encounter at an airport, a passing idea ... And you'll be surprised as to how these synchronicities come together to make up the fabric of your life. When events occur you may not see the meaning in them, but by discounting their importance in your life you may lose their essence altogether. Get adept at acknowledging even the tiniest ray of light.
Always, always be on time: This is a life management practice from the sun that can never go wrong. Being punctual is about respecting your own time as much as that of the other. Moreover, it helps put a discipline into your life. When you set out for the day and keep time slots for all your activities, you actually accomplish much more. And just why did this happen? Because you adhered to time.
Become dependable in your actions: We don't question if the sun will come out, we know it will. There's a common saying on leadership that showing up is half the battle won. But this is just one part of being dependable. The others are delivering on your words and actions, standing up for the people and beliefs in your life and many more. For me, dependability is largely about consistency, when a person knows exactly what to rely on you for and when you successfully live up to those expectations.
Provide warmth and support: One of the most comforting moments after being in a cold place or after heavy showers is the warmth of the sun. Human relationships are like that. They come alive with warmth and support. So be someone's shoulder to cry on, lend an ear to someone who needs to talk, be a part of a movement, vote for someone's good work or just hold someone's hand. All you need to do is look around and see where you can provide support.
Rise again with optimism: The night is just a foil to a sunny day. Believe the good times are around the corner and believe that you can swap darkness for light. We often get stuck in gloomy moods and dark thoughts and sometimes even bleak circumstances that we feel will never end, little realising that everything is transient... sunshine is just a few hours away. Try and be as hopeful and optimistic as you can. If you think it's tough, just take a bit of cheer from the sun and make it your own!

I'm getting ready to bask in the sun and its glory once again... as I hum Copeland's much-loved song... "You are my sunshine, my only sunshine... You make me happy when skies are grey... You never know, dear, how much I love you... Please don't take my sunshine away..."


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19 Responses to "Please Don't Take My Sunshine Away"

darshi manjit das

20 Nov, 2016

seems to get enlightened, & frankly speaking, i could visualise my life through dis & got da realisation dat i am right on my path..& going on lyk dis with a li'l more activity & optimism as stated here will make me as well as PEOPLE around me happier:)

Jagadish Narra

12 Nov, 2015


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05 Nov, 2015

Meaningful,very near to life, holy thinking.

Vijay kumar

01 Sep, 2015

I like it. Nature always gives us and demands nothing. We should learn and do needful change in attitude What an Excellent article !


28 Jan, 2015

Sun gives tajes/shining in life. Once you merge with Sun. Every thing will get. Sun is first God of the Nature. Sun is limitless energy. Great Ritika ji. Your Sun Brings you to bright this Universe through writing. Great keep it up. Om Shanth.


26 Dec, 2014

yes b a giver not just a taker i agree


26 Dec, 2014

really meaningful /fruitful article. pls. share all ur articles . realy enjoyed. regards, Krishnan.T.S.


24 Dec, 2014

So well written! Keep sharing! Ajoy P.S. Your post got me reminiscing about John Denver's - Sunshine On My Shoulders...!

Ramesh Venkataraman

24 Oct, 2014

Dear Ritika, Very beautiful article, I never imagined we could learn so many things from the Sun. We almost take the Sun for granted. I look forward to your CSL mails and enjoy reading them, thanks. Regards, Ramesh

sangeeta gupta

23 Oct, 2014

Thank you Ritika for reminding us that the 'brightness' we seek and wish for our lovd ones is just a "spoonful of sunshine" away. A warm piece. Love and a Very Happy Diwali to you

E Amaresan

23 Oct, 2014

Wow! so much to learn form the sun. I never expected so many things.I was always looking at the sun for its everlasting energy. Extremely useful piece of writing. Thank you so much.

A Rajan

23 Oct, 2014

Very nice observation Ritika...Though millions of us are watching and admiring the sun rising and setting every day, very few of us interpret and appreciate it the way you have done...very inspirational. Keep travelling and continue the good job. Rgds, Rajan.


23 Oct, 2014

This article is as beautiful as sunshine...thank you.

Shivachandra Reddy

23 Oct, 2014

Lovely,Very inspiring and thought provoking to move forward in the journey of Life.

Naresh B Jumani

22 Oct, 2014

Hi Ritika. Hope you enjoyed the Kumarakom Holiday. Nice article and encouraging.


22 Oct, 2014

Dear Ritika- Great article...Thank you. Look around the nature and observe, we will really get inspired..Special thanks for coming to my village and getting inspired..

Dinesh Shah

22 Oct, 2014

Though your views r true but a businessman who has lost a lot and still wants to do business cannot do the same without enough capital,particularly without any support from his friends or relatives or his other half.


22 Oct, 2014

hi Ritika. This is truly a very inspiring analysis of the Sun and its vast energy reserves. Very multifaceted and well brought out. Thanks for these words of Wisdom.


22 Oct, 2014

Very nice article. Very inspiring. Keep writing & making difference in our life.

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