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Currency Ban: Aapka Kya Hoga Janab-e-Ali

Nov 09, 2016

Currency Ban: Aapka Kya Hoga Janab-e-Ali 

On my daily commute to work today, when someone revealed that he only had Rs 500 notes in his wallet...a bunch of men started singing 'apni toh jaise taise... thodi aise ya waise... kat jayegi... Aapka kya hoga janaab-e-ali.'

Ruthless but funny, let's admit it.

The poor guy said, 'Modi should've thought about a common man like me before imposing an immediate ban on Rs 500 and 1000 notes. What will I do now? I don't have black money. My only fault is that I visited an ATM last night and it gave me all 500 notes. It seemed even the ATM machine didn't want them anymore.'

As a teenager, I had often wondered what must have happened when India got independent in 1947? How did a common man react when he got to know that the world would change drastically overnight?

The country witnessed a revolution last night. Frenzy broke loose when Mr Modi announced that Rs 500 and 1000 bills would be abolished from midnight. It was a step in the direction of another independence - independence from corruption, black money, tax evasion, among others.

While most spent a sleepless night reading about it, thinking about it, sharing jokes and memes on social media, there was a tribe of shareef people who voiced their opinion against the immediate action; why should the common man be inconvenienced?

As I write this article, I see a 500 note popping out of my wallet kept on the table and it seems too lame to go anywhere.

Yesterday, when I went for lunch at a fancy restaurant and the bill arrived...I glanced at the 500 note...but pulled out my debit card to pay.

Today the restaurant has put up a sign saying - 'Rs 500 notes are not accepted', and all I can think is, how my asset has changed into a liability overnight.

I gave it to my cook...who said, 'bhaiya, ye nahi chalega!'

I tried unloading it on the taxiwallah and he said, 'kya saab, news nahi dekhte kya?'

The note has become such a dead entity that it needs a burial in the bank. Unfortunately, even 'burial grounds' are closed today.

'Why should the common man suffer?' the aam aadmi's cry echoes in my head.

But as everyone's saying - this is a surgical strike on corruption. They're fishing for the 'black money' sharks, and even though we'll also be in the trap facing discomfort, pain, and struggle for some time, we will be released into cleaner waters afterwards.

Normally at Common Sense Living, we take the common man's side... We put people first - we take about common problems, and provide tips and suggestions to solve the same.

But this time, while we agree that this is an uncomfortably abrupt move by the Modi government, we can also see that it is for our benefit - mine and yours. If it makes the country corruption-free, a little endurance is worth it.

Alongside the 500, I have a hundred rupee note in my wallet, my most valuable asset right now. And I am going to survive with a common man always does.


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8 Responses to "Currency Ban: Aapka Kya Hoga Janab-e-Ali"

Bhalchandra Upadhyay

14 Nov, 2016

Right decision pending since long. This certainly affect accumulated black money in currencies, financing of terrorism and hawala racket. The government cannot and should not give pre alert as in that case the black marketeers and such people would benefit the most. Common people have some difficulty but we are ready to bear.

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13 Nov, 2016

IT might be a good decision in long run but in short run, in the transition period the Govt is showing its unpreparedness looking at the long queues for withdrawal from the ATM. It looks as if the bulk of black money is with the common man only. Let us see how the banks fare in the coming week

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11 Nov, 2016

Wonderfully written article. I completely agree with content of your article. Lets face the inconvenience for a while & thereafter enjoy the results

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10 Nov, 2016

Demonetisation is excellent decision but it had to backed by proper execution. The "masses" or "common man" who do not have credit cards have clearly been impacted . The crowds outside the bank branches in mumbai city are an indication of faulty execution. Bank branches had not received any money till noon and if you get Rs 2000 note after 3/4 hour wait and if one goes to the market who has change to give - practical problems faced by the "common man"

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sunil mehta

10 Nov, 2016

Swapnil Please learn to be a TRUE patriot Please learn to to be tolerant Please understand the reason why this has been done,. We all face hardships ... this even happens on a normal day Why are you making a big issue out of this ?

natarajan s

10 Nov, 2016

where is common sense? is it so low? where is the case of demonetization? which common man will suffer. he will definitely have a house equipped with provisions and he can carry on the next 24 hours. then he can go to the bank, deposit the notes nd withdraw.for the time being rs.4000 and live on it for a day. next day he can again withdraw rs. 4000 probably for one week, then back to normal. the then rs. 500 not will be valid currency.

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10 Nov, 2016

Looks like, we want revolution at our own convenience!!! revolution ana chahiye however mera life disturb na karo.... This article sounds something like this. I would love to see a person on commute who has all 500 rs and nothing else!! Question - Nobody offered him a change?? Why? Regards Shailesh

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09 Nov, 2016

At first I was annoyed as I thought you were doing some government bashing but was pleasantly surprised by the later part where you supported the government's decisive stand. We need more such articles and more economists to support the bold stand taken by Modi government. Cheers!!!

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