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Butterfly Moments: Add More to Your Life

Nov 12, 2014

Butterfly Moments: Add More to Your Life 

I am fascinated by butterflies. I don't know where this affinity stems from but I absolutely love the way they flit around, not being in one place for too long, not even living that long, but still adding their beauty and colour to the spaces they touch.

So when I entered a butterfly garden at a resort recently, I was awestruck by the number of them that were thronging the full-bloomed bushes. The many colours of the flowers were beautifully complemented by the patterned butterflies that wooed them. And with a camera handy, I decided to get one shot of a butterfly completely still. Needless to say, I had to wait a long time for that one perfect moment before I could zoom in and click.

The picture you see here is the result of that patience (and the little photography acumen that I have). But more than anything, this photograph is testimony to the theory that sometimes the best moments are those that are fleeting ones. Those that may not be captured but are still lived with complete joy and awareness.

These for me are "butterfly moments" - short but meaningful moments in our life that actually make it worth living. Moments that may be few and far between but which nonetheless take us away from the daily drudgery -- from going to work and meeting deadlines, from taking kids to classes and packing tiffins, from paying the bills and then earning some more. Cycles that we can't escape but cycles that can definitely gain more meaning if we intersperse them with moments of colour, moments of appreciation and most importantly, moments of value.

And this brings me to the question that I've asked myself very often and today I ask you -- What does the word "value" really mean? How much of it is dependent on what we have - in terms of wealth, money, success, achievements, a big home, a bigger bank balance, a new car, the latest mobile phone or the newest edition designer handbag - and how much of it is really about making the most of what you have?

There are times when I've struggled with this question and then there are times when I've answered it with alarming ease. But I guess the beauty of this paradox is that it brings me closer and closer to the realization that "perceived value" is really just that; it's how much value we wish to give something. It's more about feeling rich than being rich; it's more about working toward a dream than realizing the dream; it's more about enjoying the journey than reaching the destination.

And I'm not devaluing any of the final outcomes or accomplishments... I'm just emphasizing the need to appreciate the process rather than the goal, the living rather than the acquiring, the playing rather than the winning, the doing rather than the result.

At Common Sense Living, we get a lot of feedback from our readers. And some of them write in saying they don't wish to make pots of money or acquire more luxuries. They simply want to enjoy their lives the way they are. And that's exactly what Common Sense Living is about, it's about enriching your life with daily doses of common sense, about appreciating everyday beauty and commonplace wonders. It's about having Eureka moments while you walk on the street and then incorporating them into your life to make it richer, wealthier and fuller.

It's about giving you more ideas to help capture your very own "butterfly moments". It's about decoding theories that work... mostly. Like the ones coming up next, which may help you derive more value from your experiences...

Have awareness of the present moment

One of the easiest ways of appreciating the life you have and seeing its endless possibilities is by being present in the 'now'. There is no moment like the present one and the more we focus on it and do justice to it, the more successful we will be in feeling a sense of satisfaction in everything we do. By keeping all our five senses, and even the sixth one, in complete awareness, we can actually gain more from even mundane activities.

Be alone at times, move away from the chaos

Sometimes being a part of the herd helps, like in the case of cricket matches and rock shows, or candle vigils that show support for a cause. But stepping back and taking time off for yourself, to contemplate, to hone your own talents or to simply disconnect from the madness of the world, can help you bounce back stronger and more focused. Like the arrow that needs to be pulled back before its shot forth, alone time helps us cope better with worldly expectations.

Don't equate price with experience

A common misconception is that the more we spend, the happier we will feel. But the value of things drops very quickly after we have acquired them. It is actually the process of acquiring that thrills us more. It's the challenge of earning and saving that really drives us. It's more about the confidence of having enough money to buy what we want, be it experiences or objects. And if you look back at your life, some of the best experiences you've had may not have cost you anything at all. So don't focus on the money, focus on the experience.

Gain maximum value from what you have

In this age, where newer models of things are coming out every second month, it's only human to wonder if you should switch to the next best one. But ask yourself many questions before you do that: Does what you have currently not serve you well enough? Have you gained enough use from it that you need to discard it and buy a new one? Are you doing it for yourself or are you doing it to fit in with the crowd and flaunt a new acquisition? Maximum value comes from maximum use, so before you let go of anything, ensure you've used it to the fullest.

Start living with a sense of purpose

Purpose can mean different things for different people. But the common thread that connects purpose is the fact that it goes beyond material and social trappings. It pushes you to live and act with conviction. It's what makes you wake up in the morning raring to go and ready to meet the world with a smile. It scares you but at the same time it gives you an adrenaline high. Purpose is about adding meaning to your life each and every day. It's something that will define your life and make everything else irrelevant. It will make you spot butterflies on the path that you walk.

I now see butterflies almost every day of my life. And when they hover around me, I feel blessed and fulfilled. And my honest advice to you, to add more "butterfly moments" to your life, simply follow your heart!


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14 Responses to "Butterfly Moments: Add More to Your Life"


27 Sep, 2017

Thinking of the Wendy Craig "Butterflies" Sitcom (from way back when) I googled "Butterfly Moments" and found this article. I met a lovely lady whilst walking my dog at the beach today and now I can't stop thinking about her. I've had a butterfly moment!

G.Venkat Reddy

06 Oct, 2016

Very interesting and educative article. It tells the value of present in our lives. One must enjoy every second of existence. See butterfly moments in every day of life.


10 Feb, 2016

Reality of life is simplified in every article. Kudos.


28 Jan, 2015

. Great. Our Human mind is Butterfly, its fly here and there but it gives true experience of life. Every creation is mirror of your thoughts, emotion, energy and etc., Once Human love such creation, that person is love themselves 100%. This article proofs you love yourself 100%. Great keep it up

Ralph Rau

15 Nov, 2014

Sadly there is a human tendency to spend our moments, days and lives either in the past (regret?) or in the future (worry?). We end up loosing the only valuable time we have. The present moment. Our greatest gift. Aptly called "present". which if we use positively will in all likelihood lead to a better future? Hope to make every moment a butterly moment


14 Nov, 2014

Your fascinating article is really very interesting and I loved it thoroughly.Congrats and expect much more such articles golden thoughts from you..


14 Nov, 2014

Great articles to enable people achieve their purpose and goals! Yes,from the 'Caterpillar Moments' to the 'Butterfly Moments' is a process all must go through. From crawling to to flying, by breaking out and breaking loose from the cocoon of life to be of comfort and care to someone in need. From a gnawing, chewing and creepy life (caterpillar) to a life of freedom, beauty and flying (butterfly) lets all add value and colors and 'Butterfly Moments' to other peoples lives.

Vinod Sampat

13 Nov, 2014

Ritika, You are doing a wonderful job of motivating person across continents.You help bridge the remembrances which are forgotten though they are priceless.

Mohan Rao

12 Nov, 2014

Very nice feelings expressed by you. Every sentence is worth remembering. Real values of life is expressed with touching feeling. Money earning should not become our lives moto. Enjoy ing every second of life with full joy and happiness. The beauties of nature and its fullness in giving joy to the beholders is itself worth its existance. The beautiful Butterfly never think of its short life. During its existence it spreads happiness and joy to all Such should be our life. Be kind to all. Share what you got. Never be jolous of others. Spred love. Be happy till the end. .

sadashiv potadar

12 Nov, 2014

By nature, what we see as a BUTTERFLY is a final stage of a life cycle. This may be lasting for a couple of weeks at the most. We look at the butterflies with awe as their variety of colours and incessant activity. Thanks.

Ramanuja Dasan

12 Nov, 2014

Many thanks and definitely an interesting read. Its always butterfly moments if we learn to listen to our heart as that's from where God keeps guiding us on the path of righteousness all the time. Please keep up such motivational writing for everyone's benefit.


12 Nov, 2014

Yes Indeed ! I recall my visit to the Butterflygarden atSantosa, Singapore and the peace and the energy I derived watching the colourful Butterflies there.

Pankaj khare

12 Nov, 2014

well renewed my determination. very inspiring.worth practicing in daily life.thnx a lot

Rajesh Adwani

12 Nov, 2014

simply fantastic and very simple thoughts.I will surely try to execute them in my personal life Adwani Rajesh


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