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Use Lord Krishna's Teachings for Better Decision-Making

Nov 26, 2014

Use Lord Krishna's Teachings for Better Decision-Making 

Have you ever been at a crossroads, confused about which direction to take... wondered if you needed to quit or continue, leave or stay, do or not do, act or just wait till things tide over?

Being in doubt is a common phenomenon, more often than not, it's an everyday experience. We're constantly questioning ourselves even in small simple acts... we're playing out these mini wars in our mind, thinking of the worst-case scenario... What if I don't attend her party, she may get offended and not talk to me again... what if I speak up and say the truth in an office meeting, will it go against me in my appraisals... what if I try telling my child what to do, he may just rebel and do something even worse.

Several hundreds of years ago, in a sacred text called Mahabharata, the Pandava warrior Arjuna was in a similar dilemma. But his issues were much graver. He was at war with his cousins and uncles, the Kauravas... he was on the battlefield in Kurukshetra. And just before the war began, Arjuna was paralysed into inaction. Arjuna questioned the futility of killing his own relatives... he wondered what good was victory if half his people would be dead at the end of it.

And that's when Lord Krishna, his friend and philosopher, intervened and gave to him wisdom that steered him to action. Lord Krishna's teachings to Arjuna highlighted that all wars first exist in the mind. And thus winning in the mind is the first step to winning on the battlefield and in real life.

The 700 plus verses that Krishna taught Arjuna on the battlefield were later compiled into the Bhagavad Gita, a text that continues to be looked upon as the "manual of life". The Bhagavad Gita is today used by many organisations for better management and is even included in the syllabus of some business schools.

Here are some excerpts from the Bhagavad Gita and how you can use them to resolve your own uncertainties, doubts, fears and confusions.

      Think with a calm mind: Lord Krishna says: Undoubtedly, O Arjuna, the mind is restless and difficult to restrain, but it is subdued by any constant vigorous spiritual practice -- such as meditation -- with perseverance, and by detachment, O Arjuna. (6.35)

    The first step to gaining clarity on any situation is developing a clear, calm and collected mind. This takes a lot of effort. One way is meditation, another is by distancing yourself from the situation - not physically but mentally - where you look at it as an outsider and have a bird's eye view of it. For example in the movie Vantage Point, the protagonist replays the same series of events of the crime in his mind, till he finally decodes the mystery. By distancing himself from the scene, he was no longer worried about his own life and could think objectively.

      Give up on results: These are the most oft-repeated words of the Bhagavad Gita and often referred to as nishkam karma, doing action without expecting reward: You have control over doing your respective duty only, but no control or claim over the results. The fruits of work should not be your motive, and you should never be inactive. (2.47)

    Most of our decisions get affected because we wonder about their outcomes and consequences. But when you realize that you have little control over the final outcome and when you don't focus on the gains, your efforts will be filled with more meaning. What's more you will also look at every gain as a bonus and appreciate the rewards more.

      Treat everyone equally: A person is considered superior who is impartial towards companions, friends, enemies, neutrals, arbiters, haters, relatives, saints, and sinners. (6.09)

    People make up our lives and it's difficult not to get influenced by them or by our equations with them. But that's exactly what Lord Krishna says. Treat everyone with the same lens of impartiality. A son shouldn't take on his father's business by virtue of being his son, but, because he is an able and competent worker. Likewise just because someone has picked a fight with you, don't write them off for good... the event isn't the person.

      Don't give in to stress: In a world full of busyness and activity, with people snapping at each other, with road rage and intolerance, these words by Lord Krishna ring truer than ever: The one by whom others are not agitated and who is not agitated by others, who is free from joy, envy, fear, and anxiety, is also dear to Me. (12.15)

    Rid yourself of excessive worry, don't take on more than you can cope with and add enough me-time in your day to help you de-stress. I often walk back home from work and just being by the sea, and watching its movements, helps me get rid of the tensions of the day.

      Be ready for change: Arjuna, when inertia is predominant; ignorance, inactivity, carelessness, and delusion arise. (14.13)

    Adding change and excitement to your activities helps give them a boost. Every once in a while, when you feel yourself slipping into lethargy or a state of inertia, stir yourself up, change direction, give yourself a new challenge. I remember when I taught in a school, we'd often rearrange the way the children sat in class... we'd make them get up, move the tables around and sit in a new place. This kept them alert and also helped them make more friends. Similarly if you get stuck in one way of thinking, you're unlikely to come up with good solutions; be open to new views of learning and doing things.

      Act with conviction: Whatever is done without faith - whether it is sacrifice, charity, austerity, or any other act -- is useless. It has no value here or hereafter, O Arjuna. (17.28)

    There's a common story about villagers who had come out of their homes to pray for the much-awaited rain. Amid all these people, there was one small boy who had carried an umbrella. This little boy had true "faith". Setting out to do anything is an action, but being ready for it is faith. Before you undertake any action, think about how strongly you believe in it. If you don't need to justify it in anyway or draw on any extra reserves for it, then it's an act of conviction and the right decision for you.

      Set high standards: Because whatever noble persons do, others follow. Whatever standard they set up, the world follows. (3.21) .

    Once you've decided on your course of action, set your own standards of excellence, benchmark your own success, and then create newer highs. The greatest achievers have kept pushing themselves for gaining greater levels of mastery. They compete with themselves and continue learning in all areas of their lives. They meet with success and failure but still keep growing. And their journeys continue to inspire us and give light to our lives.

Thus the knowledge that is more secret than the secret has been explained to you by Me. After fully reflecting on this, do as you wish. (18.63)... Could Lord Krishna have put it any better?

Image Source: Bhagavata Gita Bishnupur by Arnab Dutta 2011Licensed under Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 via Wikimedia Commons


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115 Responses to "Use Lord Krishna's Teachings for Better Decision-Making"


25 Mar, 2021

I would want to have more articles on this read

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Dheeraj Kumar Mekala Dhanraj

15 Nov, 2020

Nice teachings and thanks for sharing. I sometimes feel all these teachings should have some sort of videos so that these teachings will be passed to next and upcoming generations!!!!

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Madhu Saraswat

03 Oct, 2020

Lord Krishna is always there to help us there is no doubt, I have lots of experience. I have faith on Him. Jai Shri radhakrishna.

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Madhu Saraswat

03 Oct, 2020

I really appreciate the way you are explaining the teachings of Lord Krishna. Like

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22 Sep, 2020


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16 Sep, 2020

Thank you! This is very insightful and helpful.


15 Sep, 2020

lord Krishna is always helpfull in every circumstance


04 Sep, 2020

Thank u so much.u have lightened my burden. Yes I will leave my worries to Him. Let him give peace to me. It is not easy to do that. Still somewhere the beginning is to be made.

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19 Aug, 2020

Teachings of Shri Krishna is very well explained by you

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Nilachandra yumnam

12 Aug, 2020

I wanted to know the teachings of Lord Krishna.


07 Aug, 2020

Vry. Useful. ThanQ??

Priya Yadav

06 Aug, 2020

Truly commendable.. It's useful

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05 Aug, 2020

It's AMAZING just the way you explained...! will execute in my day-today life thank you. ..!

Manu AV

23 Jul, 2020

Thank you. I really appreciate your work. keep posting about bhagavad gita lessons.


26 May, 2020

God knows want i want . Will i get that and if yes ! Then will it be fruitfull for me and entire family snd my future. Lord krishna please show me tha path.

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23 Apr, 2020

Really meaningful and too good.

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Dr. Sri Ranjini S

11 Feb, 2020

the teachings of krishna is true even after 5000 years. helps us during confusion of mind. thanks for uploading them

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25 Jan, 2020

Live and let others live in PEACE.Be like a child in all acts for child does things irrespective of consequences.Like wise let us do acts and surrender the rest to almighty lord.He is there to decide and is final decider. I am having lovely experiences of this act of surrender to almighty for he make sure that those who believe him/her are not put in difficulty. Hare Krishna.....JUST KEEP ALMIGHTY IN MIND AND DO THINGS

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Aditya Mukherjee

03 Dec, 2019

Good read. ??

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19 Oct, 2019

Very nice!! With age or experience maturity comes to many and realise that they should have followed lord Krishna's teachings. Irony is once we understand this, explaining to youngsters is equally difficult!! Today decisions are made instantly even without elders suggestions so obviously there is no time to think of God. Lord Krishna's teachings are be continuously read and practised from a young age. Yes elders need to practice what they preach. If there is a will there is a way and your article is one step which can be read and can be an eye opener.

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11 Oct, 2019

l want to prqy for my family especially my husband , kid and myself to stay happy life. remove all sins and stay joy. 

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04 Oct, 2019

Really helpful

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30 Aug, 2019

Really it's helpful hare Krishna


12 Jul, 2019

Simply Awesome eye-opener !

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17 May, 2019

Too good.

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17 May, 2019

Too good.

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Ramesh Narayanan

29 Apr, 2019


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15 Dec, 2018


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ajay keskar

22 Oct, 2018

Superb to know that ancient knowledge can be used in today's day to day life,also found a lot of similarities with jesus christ's parables.

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Sreenivasa Babu

09 Aug, 2018

The purpose of gita is to understand 3 things 1. Karma 2. Dharma last but very important 3. Giving up our selfishness So please don't see gita as a tool to gain/achieve something in life. Instead utilize it to understand humanity. How you can contribute for the betterment of humaniy & the entire world. Bhagavad gita is all about Unselfness, don't use this sacred scripture to fulfill your selfishness.

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Sunita momin

01 Aug, 2018

Yes, we should have faith in whatever we undertake.

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19 Jul, 2018

Well written and inspiring article. Everyone needs to be introspect and reemphasize Krishna's teachings. I need guidance on how I can use his teachings to guide my nephew who is estranged from his parents, due to his career path choice and bad influence of friends/peers. My nephew is adamant and stubborn in his thoughts that he moved out completely away from his parents to his friends place, would not forgive his parents, even though they are very accommodating to his behavior, and supporting him financially, while he is pursuing his own hobbies and interests. Influence of friends and peers have made him ignore his old parents requests for friendship and open relationship. How do I influence him, since the mere mention of his parents bring anger, and he runs away in opposite direction when he sees his parents?

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Ca Pramey ramoliya

12 Mar, 2018

By lord Krishna we should alway teach two things are those first how live a life without stress and how to always win a game . We should always live with our present and never take worry about past and future and do our works with full effort and trust in God because there are no machines to start our hearts

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28 Feb, 2018

Hi.. I realy appreciate your efforts to some up all these points to us in day to day life.

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19 Feb, 2018

Should we have goals?! Because if we do- we will be bounded by its rewards? But if we do not have goals, it will be futile to attain education, a degree, promotion at work or anything? So, what is the solution?! THANKS.

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31 Jan, 2018

I want to get rid of unnecessary thinking and won't think of much upcomes,will just focus on present and ma effort and hardwork will take me to next step.....

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Davinder Sharma

29 Oct, 2017

I want to change my living as i am depressed ,stressed and failure in life.

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02 Oct, 2017

Worries and tensions eat into our nerves. We often have sleepless nights when we confront a situation where our family members, relatives or friends are in any sort of distress. It is so because we forget Lord Krishna's teachings, who says, "Just surrender unto ME, I will take care of you and will protect you from everything". On the other hand all other creatures including birds, animals and insects never worry about anything and live and enjoy their life, merrily. All these creatures seem to follow Lord Krishna`s advice, truthfully and sincerely. These creatures never worry about anything and are always happy. They never care about their future, as they know HE is there to take care of them. They feel gratified with what HE has provided them and never crave for more. They never worry about their progenies, because they surrender them to HIM for their protection and well-being. Their trust in God is total, unconditional and wholehearted. We worship God, visit all religious places, and perform all religious rituals, but still feel that HE does not listen to us. Birds, animals or insects never worship God, but HE still loves them. It is because HE values their submission to HIM more than our worship. HE never disappoints them and provides them everything they need for their survival. To protect them from intense heat and cold, HE has blessed them with a mechanism by virtue of which they regulate their body temperature in all seasons. They never wear extra clothes during freezing winters and do not confine themselves in AC rooms during hot summers. They never face food, shelter or any other crises as HE has provided them all these things in plenty. HE has blessed them with a beautiful mind, because of which they never think wrong, never have any grudge against someone nor have jealousy and never harm anyone, unnecessarily. They never tell lie, never steel, never deceive any one. We do realize HIS existence when we feel that there must be some supernatural power WHO makes this world to move. But we forget HIM the next moment. We do surrender before a surgeon when he says that he would take care of us if anything goes wrong during surgery. We immediately take his word with confidence and feel relieved, because we don't doubt his capabilities as a doctor. Similarly, if we have trust in HIM, nothing wrong could happen to us. The crux is that to be free from all tensions and worries we should have absolute trust in HIM and act positively for the betterment of our own self, our family and our society.

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Ramesh Chandra Behera

21 Sep, 2017

Lord Krishna gave us Geeta Updesh for better living, living in peace, to make the earth a better living place. We should all follow His divine teachings thereby reducing pain and increasing happiness.

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Nikita Gaikwad

12 Sep, 2017

Awesome... Lord Krishna's teachings are for whole human beings... Even if one implements 5% of it, she/he will witness loads of happiness Love you Lord Krishna

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01 Aug, 2017

This is the most useful advice given to any human being since time immemorial till now. There is nothing higher than the teachings of Srimad Bhagvad Gita. This is the blue print for living. Thank you for this article.

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Iskcon Dwarka

27 Jun, 2017

The article is rightly point out how Lord Krishna teachings will help us in our regular life but there are many other areas where you find bhagavad gita (Lord Krishna teachings to Arjuna) will help you to make your life better and beautiful. If you have no time to read all chapter you can visit iskcon dwarka where you can attained seminars that is all about Lord Krishna teachings to Arjuna with easy understanding of the concept behind the shlokas.

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Ramanroop das

16 May, 2017

Good.need to understand the abstract.Surrender..Bhakti yoga...!

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13 May, 2017

Pls keep this format in PDF

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sanjay n chawla

10 May, 2017

hi..... my name is sanjay n chawla .....!! i want to discuss a point acording a bussness,but again n againi am being nerviss actualy i have a retail bussiness i run my bussness many years and now i dont want to run this bussines and i decide to hand over my bussiness to another one do land lord said that you have to empty my shop iwant back my shop so it is not good for me and if i empty my shop so i will face lot of loss do i am being dipress what should i do now... plz guide me acording to bhagwat gita.

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Gopal Reddy

14 Apr, 2017

Very usefull to me..............

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Sourabh pandey

08 Apr, 2017

Lesson which I have learnt from this whole narration. 1. The first is ,mind is restless and always wander here and there ,but human being can win on this situation by constant practice and persevarance. 2. Remove fear from mind. 3. Dont be biased with someone. 4. Do work without any expectation of fruit.

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Archi mishra

07 Mar, 2017

I have learnt a very good lessons from lord krishna and its really work we shpuld keep calm and success will reach us when we will do hardwork... this is also a important lesson from lord krishna

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23 Feb, 2017

Really, very good message to lead our life in peace and happinesses with out expecting anything from anybody. I found these words very usefull. Thank you.

Mano bharathi elangovan

02 Jan, 2017

I got better inspiration from this... Thank you to who wrote this... This is very helpful for my present situation... I do believe in lord Krishna madly... I have faith in him since I start believing him ..... Whatever you think, whether it's a small or big issues or desires with no envy and trueness he will surely make your desire or dream come true... These words from me is really true and I am experiencing it in my daily life... If you have true faith in him and ask him anything which is hard to achieve he will surely make it possible for you... Love u lord Krishna??

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23 Dec, 2016

My close friend is falsely framed in a case by a female employee. I came here searching reply for questions like why an innocent man is framed when he did not have any involvement. Though I did not find reply to that question, I will tell him act with conviction, without worrying about the results and do what is right? May Lord Krishna bless him and also make the female realize that she is doing wrong.

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Anubhuti choubey

15 Nov, 2016

I find it vry useful. It inspires me a lot. Gives me the direction.....

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02 Nov, 2016

I am suspended from work on an issue that went a national level. Just like in movies when u see an innocent person being framed in an issue and people of high level do it all to dump it on u so that they are clear. This is what is happening to me. I was in deep depression for the past 3 months. I've been reading, praying but i couldnt find a way. I have come back here again to say thank you because the chronology of teachings in your article was as if God guiding me finally. I indeed got clarity in thr mind and i am now acting with conviction. Just to let you all know i have the best lawyer in the country hired. But that conviction was missing. I am going to knock them out now. Because i feel i havent come here accidentally. It must have been surely krishna leading me through your article. God bless.

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31 Oct, 2016

I have found answers to take me out from the disciplinary committee set up by my company through the teachings. Thank you krishna on this auspicious kartik month. I feel blessed. My heartful thanks to this so clear article. Thank you.

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28 Sep, 2016

The teachings of Lord Krishna will hold good for all the times.

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28 Sep, 2016

Superb message

Suresh Ramchandani, Spain

20 Sep, 2016

Very useful and impressive article with clear ideas and guiding well. If anybody wants to hear Krishna's Updesh I recommend the Discourses of Vedantavision by Jaya Rao. It is so interesting and joyful that I get up in the morning and listen before I start my day.


12 Sep, 2016

I found this article quite useful

Rugus G. Lopez

07 Aug, 2016

Finer lines of knowledge empowering steps further stronger and for moving longer, a good dose of tonic offers mind with more faith and confidence.

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Vikas Saxena

02 Aug, 2016

Hi Ritika : Your article just underscores the perennial relevance of our ancient Indian scriptures and texts, and how effective have the teachings therein been since primordial times to date, and will remain so till Kingdom come ! My salutations. Compliment From :- Vikas Saxena, CEO : Professional Expertise Group,

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nehal dhamecha

22 Jul, 2016

very very nice words live better in this world

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04 Jul, 2016

Really valuable information for youths,,,,, who hav been struck with mind full of unwanted ideas and trying to overcome with that ,,,,,  Its really superb I understood my goal ,,, from now I can hav control on me evn better  Thank you ,,

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pawan kalia

05 Jun, 2016

It was really nice useful and appropriate description

swarn abha

28 May, 2016

please write lord Krishna ,s updesh,.

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biswajit mishra

18 May, 2016

It's vry beneficial and helpful in day to da y activities of our life...

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Subhra Sankar Das

09 May, 2016

Excellent.  Gives very good guidance. Easy to understand . Keep up the good work. Thank you very much.

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vk bhuvaneshwar

15 Apr, 2016

For a long time, I was searching for ways to get a glimpse from lord Krishna. If I implement these teachings in my daily life, I am sure that the almighty will accept me as his devotee. And one day I will reach his lotus feet to serve him forever. Thanks for these teachings

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p ht

08 Apr, 2016

Precise specific concise clear

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27 Mar, 2016

I like this story very much and my mind is very peace now. Thank you. 


05 Feb, 2016

my scooter keys was lost in a vey big market it was impossibe to find the keys i prayed to lord krishna to help me in this situation because i can not drive my scooter with out the key as it was 8.30 pm in the night what to do i wanted the key among many selling shoes that was a great incident call krishna with clean heart he will be there to help you krishna is father mother guru and every thing in the world he is present in every thing so help evey one in this world

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Nitin N Panchal.

09 Jan, 2016

JAI SHREE KRISHNA. I request you all to follow prabhu shree krishna updesh given in bhagwat geeta.

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13 Dec, 2015

Seems to be useful & stated practice of meditation. Hope to get results. Rgds

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Karthik Sankaranarayanan

05 Dec, 2015

Very Impressive and admiring thoughts of Lord Krisna. Would love to understand more of these thoughts and actions.

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11 Oct, 2015

Lord Krishna is really great.i admire,I wonder

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Amita Kapadia

08 Oct, 2015

Yes in today's life taking a few decision are so difficult This was a major help. Would be happy to receive more of such write up Haribol

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11 Aug, 2015

Best explanation, in a simple way. Excellent.

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04 Aug, 2015

Good understanding and explaination

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03 Aug, 2015

ya its nice story

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Sunil Suresh Sawant

17 Jul, 2015

yes i like et

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Iftekhar Khan

06 Jun, 2015

Hi. I would love to learn more advice or " decision " of Lord Krishna. .

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28 May, 2015

Nice article, well organized. Thank you.

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A Butchi prasad

21 May, 2015

Very nice reflects the management...manage things in right any given situation...

Manas Pratim Tamuli

13 May, 2015

Thank you for this!...

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Kailash Gupta

22 Mar, 2015

Reading of the verses with meaning inspires lot while reading. Well explained but difficult to follow in today's time due to selfishness and competition in life one has to face in the given circumstances.


29 Dec, 2014

very nice article, I listened to Geetha lectures by Swamy Chinmayananda. Speaking frankly every one is in batttle field and many are in same state as Arjuna. For sake of upholding Dharma Arjuna must fight, hence Mahabharatha. So too we living in the mundane world must do our niyatha dharma leave alone fruits. Nishkama karma a laudable goal of life: Ranga,VC

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Tilak Keshvani

11 Dec, 2014

As such , we know all these things academically , but implementation level too weak ! To smoothen it , bases on my experiences , give priority to daily Meditation & daily practice of treating U as witness rather than as actor of the particular action or decision ! If these two practice are achieved , rest regularities to put a life on straight path will be under your control or will be easy to implement ! Of course , these are my personal views ! - Tilak Keshvani

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Ashok Kumar Sethi

03 Dec, 2014

In today's scenario, the advises of Lord Krishna given to Arjuna are quite valuable to all of us. Though, many of us have read the Mahabharata, but how many of us understand and use themes in our day to day stressful life. The way, you have expressed and linked to common human life of ours is really commendable and highly appreciated.

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30 Nov, 2014

It is rightly said that 'Bhagavadgita' is a manual of life, the more one reads it the more it divulges about the live. As usual another wonderful article. Thanks a million.

Sobhraj lalwani

30 Nov, 2014

Hare Krishna, Hare Krishna, Krishna, Krishna, Hare, Hare, Hare Ram, Hare Ram, Ram, Ram, Hare, Hare.

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30 Nov, 2014

The most important lesson of bhagwad gita is that the only thing that change is the only thing that is constant in life. ...the moment we are stuck to any person or situation we are inviting suffering because the it is difficult for the mind to get out of its comfort zone.

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28 Nov, 2014

Thanks for the article/newsletter.Mighty impressed.The teachings are so true and relevant even today in our everyday life.Very inspiring.I would love to receive such newsletters.


28 Nov, 2014

it is excellent


28 Nov, 2014

excellent article must for everyone whether student,businessman or housewife to live a perfect life

M. C. Sharma

27 Nov, 2014

Thanks for such a nice explanation and interpretation. It would really help in decision-making for readers.

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27 Nov, 2014

It is a master piece ! Bagwat Geeta gives solution to our all day to day problems .thankyou , you done a good job and right use of Geetajee .

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27 Nov, 2014

Well compiled.Thanks


27 Nov, 2014

Excellent and very true even today.

Rajendra Bhageria

27 Nov, 2014

I liked the article very nice. I am fond of reading Bhagwad Geeta so it was very interesting if you notice in the 1st chapter Lord KRISHNA has not uttered A single verse/shloka, He is in the listening mode .Arjun speaks out all his doubts,feelings and decides he will not fight.I feel this is a very important lesson of management that The Master must let the people express their feelings without interruption.This helps in good decision making Thanks

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Col ck seshadri

27 Nov, 2014

Well summarised. All are relevant and practical points. Wish all follow the Teachings


27 Nov, 2014

Valid 5 points from Gita brought out with clarifications/elaborations. Good.

anil motwani

27 Nov, 2014

Nice article .we can learn lot from mahabharata and god krishna


27 Nov, 2014

Yes we are in war front every minute. The war is happening in my mind. Distancing from the result or what is going to happen I can think positively and act better. Changes are also inevitable. Taking them as a challenge make you work more efficiently. And last but not least reading the Bhagavat geeta( with a good explanation )when you are starting something new or you are facing some difficult will give you a clear thinking process and better solution

Prakash Rath

27 Nov, 2014

Very nice. I liked it. Thanks

girish shethia

27 Nov, 2014

very true and bhagvat gita vichar and lord krishna is better for our life sandesh. JAI SHREE KRISHNA

akshay kotian

27 Nov, 2014

i really admire the author Ms Ritika Bajaj for putting out the Bhagwad Gita teachings in such a simple and easy to understand manner which helps us to lead our lives in a meaningful manner and destress our current way of living!!!

Dr. Ashok Sadhukhan

27 Nov, 2014

Nicely drafted. You have nicely highlighted the points pertaining to management of day to day problem in Business, Research and Personal life. Thank you very much and I would look forward to such write ups in future.


27 Nov, 2014

I read the "use lord krishna's teachings for bettef decision making. really i am at the cross roads in deciding which act (which i was thinking) Will fetch me more results without any hickups. after i read the above topic sent by you throughemail gave me peace of mind and gave me strength to decide on easy factors to implement my thinking without waiting or enumerating the results because it fetches some employment to other people. Afteral. N.MALLIKARJUNAM.


27 Nov, 2014

Truly a Game Changer

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27 Nov, 2014

I like the article.

Murali Anivilla

26 Nov, 2014

Topics from Common Sense Living are very meaningful. Once i really enjoy reading them always.

Radhakrishnan Pattath

26 Nov, 2014

1. Improve yourself with your own effort. You are your best friend and worst enemy. 2 The great people should set an example, because the lesser people will follow them. 3. A saint is he who could feel the others sorrows and pleasures as his own.

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B. Prakash

26 Nov, 2014

An article written well ! Ms. Jaya Rao , who is well known on her lectures connecting Vedanta with human activity in corporate world , has done this kind of work for decades now ! For my little brain the crux of Lord Krishna's advice to Arjuna on the Mahabharata battlefield is " God takes the responsibility of making each and every move of yours and chalks out those actions well in advance ! This being so and if you have faith in Lord then you have only to act without giving thought to its outcome ! During Vedic times , in India , the industrial life was based on the division of various skills such as carpentry , iron-mongering , farming , priesthood and so on and so forth. Every skilled worker perfected his skills to make it better in quality ! There was no "rat race" for money making like today ! Because of this our architectural craftsmen poured their heart into their work and produced the magnificent temple architecture all over India. No "AutoCad" technology of today can produce such intricate work ! Under such norms & ethics of work prevailing in the society in those days , and the implicit faith of people in "Sanatan Dharma" of those days , it would have , perhaps , been possible to adhere to the principle of " Karmanye Vadikarasthe Maa Phaleshu Kadachana" ! Today our whole society is following the modern ( western ) management philosophy of " work with eye on the fruits of your action " ! "Make money by hook or by crook " is the "mantra" in life ! People have more faith in Bill Gates , Henry Ford , Zukerman et al than in what Lord Krishna says in Bhagavd Gita !

Sandeep Nischal

26 Nov, 2014

I am very immpressed

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Ramesh Bajaj

26 Nov, 2014

Very well explained I think I have become your fan. Regards Ramesh Bajaj


26 Nov, 2014

Many Thanks Ritika - This article was timely for me. I'm struggling financially like everyone else but have much more than what I had a decade ago but no happiness in sight. Life seems to be an ending barrage of checklists. This article will surely help me refocus. also despite beinga Hindu by birth I've never got around to even searching for the Bhagavad Gita on the net so the benefit here is two fold.

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