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Moh Maya Money

Dec 02, 2016

Moh Maya Money 

I was looking at the BookMyShow app recently, for show timings of a movie I wanted to watch. And I came across a Hindi movie called Moh Maya Money... I was intrigued by the movie and read a few reviews on it... The story is about an over-ambitious real estate agent who cuts shady deals, both in white and black money. As the plot unfolds the deals get murkier, exposing the good, bad and ugly side of the characters involved...

Well I haven't watched the movie, so I can't tell you more about it. But what struck me was the title, and how apt it is for what we are experiencing in the country currently.

If you decode these two words - so commonly used in India - you'll realise the word moh means attachment, while maya means illusion...and together moh maya stand for clinging to an illusory world... In philosophy, this amounts to clinging to anything in the material world.

Needless to say money tops the list of material things we cling to... As it allows us to buy every other material thing we need.

Just that nowadays there is no money to cling to! Everyone's wallets are empty. Even the banks are running dry at some point in the day... For those of us who've waited hours in a queue outside a bank, we've probably finally realized the true value of money...

What's more these long queues are making us stingy. We'd rather curb that extra indulgence than torture ourselves by wasting more time waiting in line.

Demonetisation has indeed incapacitated many, and its impact has been felt across classes of people. While the farmer couldn't conduct transactions and buy seeds in the early days, the middle class had no money for groceries, and the rich probably had to put a cap on their superfluous purchases.

But to look at the bright side, maybe the sudden demonetization actually did everyone a lot of good... It detached us from the illusory nature of bank notes... They will come and go as the government decides. And we may eventually have less and less money to at least physically cling to.

As a cashless era dawns, will we finally begin to think less about money and more about the other important things in our life?

Demonetisation has indeed put us into an existential crisis of sorts... Not only are we worried about how to fund each day with the limited cash we have, but it is also making us think about the transient and illusory role of money in our lives.

Demonetisation may have finally done what the spiritual gurus have been trying to teach us since time immemorial... It may help us let go of the moh maya that money holds over us. It may just transform us into a society that is more concerned about the welfare and wealth of the community at large, rather than one that hoards money in its private vaults!

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4 Responses to "Moh Maya Money"

Mahendra Prabhu

15 Dec, 2016

Super Article plain simple rich understanding words no need to go to spiritual guru who will confuse us more then what he understood.

Alok Kumar Jha

03 Dec, 2016

Welcome back on the writing arena. True, sensibility dawns when attachment and delusion wanes.  Indian masses are off the drug for a while; and have started appreciating the value of each rupee.  

Nazir Alibhai

02 Dec, 2016

Beautiful article. We hear many a times that we came into this world with nothing and we leave with nothing. Is duniya main Kuch leke aaya nahin Aur kuch leke jana nahin. Aaj kuch hamara hain or kal kisi Aur ka ho jayega 

Ramya Methil

02 Dec, 2016

That was  wonderful ....spiritually enriching..!!! I do hope the demonetization helps people to see the larger picture and realize that the best things in life are absolutely free.


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