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Ring in the New Year with 12 Uplifting Quotes

Dec 31, 2014


The day is finally here. The countdown will soon begin. It's time to celebrate the end of one year and herald the new one with a bang. It's time to look back but still look ahead.

As you wait for the clock to strike 12, as you draw up your list of resolutions and as you say goodbye to the year that was, read this round-up of quotes from some of my favourite letters to you and get recharged for the year ahead.

  1. The language of dreams

    Dreams are the very essence of life. They make you want to live more, do more and be more... From today onward, it may be good idea to start paying heed to that inner voice, listening to your deepest dreams and visualising how you can give them shape. Give a little extra time from your day to making your dreams come true, to changing what you thought you couldn't and to building the life you've always wanted. - Should We Stop Saying Chalta Hai?

  2. Be you

    Be true to everything you stand for and everything you are. Enjoy being you; there is no other version of yourself! Celebrate the uniqueness that you bring to your life and to all those around you. Be the biggest fan of your own work, as the world might run you down but only you can pull yourself up, time and again. - Let Your Heart Make Your Choice: BE INSANE

  3. Work with your characters

    In life as in work, identify your support systems. Many will take your journey further, still others may hold you back. But they all add value, they all bring their own wisdom and they will all play some role in the larger story of life. - Aap Ki Kahaani: Get Ready to Write Your Own Story

  4. Encourage everyone to have a voice

    Good teamwork is about open channels of communication. The opportunity for everyone in the team to say what they want without any fear, doubt or inhibitions. Open communication fosters a sense of trust and respect among the team. Good communication practices come into play here. While one speaks, others should listen, and wait their turn to speak next. - Sprinkle Garam Masala to Make Your Venture a Success

    Celebrate the New Year
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  5. Think as big as you can

    Lord Ganesha's big head encourages us to think big, have many ideas and unlimited dreams. The mind holds a treasure trove of information, so dip into its deep recesses and find all your answers. But remember that you do need to replenish it, so gain as much knowledge as you can as well. - Ganesha Says Aim for Greatness

  6. Don't get stuck in a rut

    View life and people like a child. Don't hold on to grudges, failures, prejudices or anything that keeps you from moving on to the next big thing. Get up each day with a new vision of hope and possibility. Because every day is a new day and, in your mind and life, that's really all that matters. - Did You Know That Life Lessons Could Be Child's Play?

  7. Start with a prayer

    Prayers work wonders. They make us feel humble, grateful and give us strength. A prayer can be anything you want to say at that point in time... a few lines you have created yourself, an affirmation you meditate upon, mantras you chant or verses from a holy text. By starting your day or any auspicious activity with a prayer, you're thanking the universe for the multiple opportunities it's giving you. - Top 10 Ways to Show Your Gratitude

  8. Make a difference by adding value

    Change is a by-product of our need to go beyond what already exists. To challenge our comfort zones, to have better experiences, to add beauty to our world. But as Gandhi says, all change starts with you. When you push your limits, go beyond the ordinary and strive for the extraordinary, you will experience that change and growth. You will start seeing a world that reflects spectacular moments. - Gandhi's Philosophy for Growing Your Business

  9. Be a giver, not just a taker

    The sun's light doesn't diminish when it gives light to the world. So don't worry about ever giving 'too much'. As you start understanding your true strengths, you will realise that they only grow in both scale and intensity. Give freely to others your good thoughts, words and deeds. It's no point holding back all the good that you have inside you. You have just one life, touch people in the best possible way you can. - Please Don't Take My Sunshine Away

  10. Have awareness of the present moment

    One of the easiest ways of appreciating the life you have and seeing its endless possibilities is by being present in the 'now'. There is no moment like the present one and the more we focus on it and do justice to it, the more successful we will be in feeling a sense of satisfaction in everything we do. By keeping all our five senses, and even the sixth one, in complete awareness, we can actually gain more from even mundane activities. - Butterfly Moments: Add More to Your Life

  11. Give up on results

    Most of our decisions get affected because we wonder about their outcomes and consequences. But when you realize that you have little control over the final outcome and when you don't focus on the gains, your efforts will be filled with more meaning. What's more you will also look at every gain as a bonus and appreciate the rewards more. - Use Lord Krishna's Teachings for Better Decision-Making

  12. When you have an idea, allow it to bloom on its own

    I believe that the true power of any idea is when it gives life to itself. The best ideas are those that come to you naturally. Moreover, once the seed is planted in your mind, it will grow in the most organic and beautiful way. You, of course, have to water it on time, but it will unfold on its own, allowing you to capture its light and radiance in due time. - A Flashback of the Lessons I've Learned


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MPS Chauhan

08 Jan, 2015

Actually those " have started common sense living" are beyond common men brain. I must say to whole team this work must go to all civilisation not to few countable persons. Regards MPS Chauhan 8 Jan 2014

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Nazmuddin Eranpurwala

06 Jan, 2015

Nice and inspiring article as always.Keep it up. Always enjoying reading your article. Wishing you Best of luck.


01 Jan, 2015



01 Jan, 2015

Great meaningful quotes. Keep it up.

Veena multani

01 Jan, 2015

Very inspiring worth reading again and again for bringing sunshine in our lives

Rajeev Tabeck

01 Jan, 2015

Excellent and inspiring. Wishing you and your family Ritika, a bright happy healthy and prosperous 2015.God bless you.

Habeeb Rahiman

01 Jan, 2015

Nice quotes for any one at any moment. Getting such quotes on New Year day, is a boon.

sudarshan singh

01 Jan, 2015

Wonder, very uplifting and full of life article. wish you and 'Common Sense Living' team a very happy and prosperous new year 2015.


01 Jan, 2015

Very nice article. It is worth preserving and to be read again and again for betterment.

Rakesh Chandra

31 Dec, 2014

Thanks for such highly useful & bright ideas ideas and wishful thinking on New Year's Eve.Wish U happily eventful & refreshing New Year!

Nitin Joshi

31 Dec, 2014

Thank You Very Much! It was nice read. Earlier I ignored few articles from Commonsenseliving but now I will go back and pull other articles as well.... I have shared this one with plenty of people, with a hope, it will help others as well!

Arunagiri Visvanathan

31 Dec, 2014

A very nice way to close the year with these "uplifting Quotes" Wish you and your family a Happy & Prosperous 2015

Suresh Chand

31 Dec, 2014

Excellent, enthusiastic and wonderful article ,& true for every human being.of this world. Thanks Ritika.


31 Dec, 2014

Nice Ritika Best wishes for a happy 2015 shiv

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Arun M

31 Dec, 2014

Excellent Ritika, enjoyed your articles always.

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31 Dec, 2014

its Inspiring, Thanks and Happy New Year

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