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We believe in complete transparency, authenticity, and accountability. Our goal for Common Sense Living is to help you find the ideas you need to get to greater wealth, better health and the happiness you deserve. Our ideas hope to inspire you to pursue your dreams, and choose the best possible life for you.

We've developed this FAQ section to give you insight into our business model, products and communications. And we are always here to answer any questions you might have. So read on, and get in touch.

Anisa Virji
Managing Editor, Common Sense Living India

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Common Sense Living is an online publication that gives readers useful ideas on life, well-being, wealth, health, success and happiness. We encourage our readers to explore their fullest potential and pursue the life of their dreams, both personally and professionally. We give readers a continuous stream of innovative ideas that have practical applications for everyday situations.

We give you tools to enhance your thinking; we give you aids to enable better problem-solving and decision-making; and we empower you with new-age mechanisms for thriving in today's world.

Additionally, Common Sense Living empowers individuals by giving them a host of ideas on entrepreneurship and numerous ways in which to create an additional income to improve the quality of their lives and their financial well-being.

We'd love for you to sign up for our e-letters. But don't expect any conventional 'regular' ideas here. You will find only unique, challenging ideas that go against the grain and are distinctly 'Common Sense Living'. Our writers provide you with guidance and insight that you will only find on our website and nowhere else in the rest of India.

Whatever your aspirations or dreams, whatever your current bank balance or job position, Common Sense Living can help you take them forward and give you the necessary fuel to speed ahead in your journey of success and wealth-building.

The Common Sense Living E-letters - an email newsletter sent to readers free. We offer interesting and useful ideas and thoughts for those looking to be wealthy, healthy, happy, and successful - at any age. Click here to sign up for free.

The Wealth Builders Club India - a paid-for lifetime membership program is sent to subscribers via email. WBC India includes tailor-made content that helps readers explore new avenues for wealth creation. Extra income opportunities, retirement business ideas and easy-to-start ventures. Click here to learn more about WBC India.

These and any future Common Sense Living products are created for readers who are looking at innovative and off-beat ideas that are both lucrative and effective and seldom available anywhere else.

The Common Sense Living eLetters are letters authored by Mark Ford, Anisa Virji, Ritika Bajaj and friends of Common Sense Living India. They are free for all readers, and are emailed to you four times a week.

The letters contain useful ideas that can lead you to a more exciting, fulfilling and successful life. The ideas range from how to start your own business, pursue your dreams, manage your money, and achieve great personal success. The letters touch a chord through their simple heartfelt ideas. They evoke how everyday life events trigger deeper lessons of living. They don't instruct, they inform; they don't direct, they decode. They are something you will enjoy over a cup of chai!

To get a peek at some of our ideas you can get our free eBook 12 Common Sense Ideas for Successful Living by clicking here.

Wealth Builders Club India is a comprehensive program on wealth generating ideas. The goal of our wealth-building program is simple: Get richer every single day. Wealth Builders club India shows readers who are "not yet wealthy" how to achieve financial independence. It provides ideas on how to increase net worth by tens of thousands or hundreds of thousands of rupees every year. It talks about how to make more money through imaginative means. By sometimes pursuing a talent, investing wisely, earning an extra income while still at your job or retiring and still being occupied.

This program launched in May 2014 has kept readers engaged with innovative concepts and researched information. The diverse range of articles and reports offered here are already stirring readers to take on brave and new approaches to building wealth. It is a club that is both aspirational as it is inspirational! This is a paid product. To learn more about how to become a member of the Wealth Builders Club India click here...

It is completely free to sign up for our e-letters, which will be delivered to your inbox every Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday. We only make money from our paid products or third party paid products we have decided to promote. This is why you'll sometimes see promotions in your Common Sense Living E-letters.

We will only tell our readers about paid products we believe in and those that are applicable to your lives. We will only collaborate with trusted partners.

But just in case, you feel the e-mails are getting too many and you need a break from them, you can unsubscribe at any time.

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When on the site, feel free to register for our free e-letters at any time. Following which, we will send you our e-letters to your email Inbox four times a week.

We look forward to your comments and feedback on our thoughts and ideas. In the footer of each email there is a link through which you can post your comments. You can also write to us via email and we usually respond quite promptly.

Along the way, we will send you special opportunities, like videos, promotions and reports that may benefit you. Sales from these products allow us to publish Common Sense Living for free. But you are under no obligation to purchase anything you don't want to.

If you wish to discontinue your subscription, simply go to the 'Unsubscribe' link in the footer of every email. One click and your name will be off our list immediately.

Otherwise, enjoy reading Common Sense Living e-letters and avail of the vast knowledge for not a single rupee.

Well, the answer's really simple... because its diverse and unique ideas will only enhance your experiences. They will change your approach to life and living by showing you a completely new perspective to what already exists. Common Sense Living will expose some of the brightest, most lucrative and effective thoughts that can be incorporated in your personal and professional life.

The e-letter space is a fairly untouched one in India and very few are doing it as comprehensively and intelligently as we are. Our ideas will push you out of your comfort zones and make you want to take action, they will inspire to be a better version of yourselves.

We collect your first name and email address when you subscribe to Common Sense Living. Only our authorised employees will have access to this information. You can update your personal information at any time by contacting us. We take your privacy very seriously. To read our privacy policy, click here.

No. If you sign up to Common Sense Living we will never share, sell or rent your email address or personal details with any third party. From time to time we'll send you details of offers, products or services we think you may be interested in. All of those emails will come from Common Sense Living.

You can unsubscribe from Common Sense Living at any time - you'll find a link in the footer of every email. Click on this and we will not send you any further emails. You can also contact us at any time if you believe you have received spam or junk email from Common Sense Living.

When you sign up to Common Sense Living, you receive our four-times-weekly email absolutely free. You can also visit at any time you like and gain access to a wealth of additional free resources that will give you more ideas about how to live a richer, happier and more productive life. These resources include:

  • Access to any Common Sense Living special free e-books and reports.
  • Access to the complete archive of Common Sense Living e-Letters.
  • Video and audio resources.

Common Sense Living is a publishing company that provides life and wealth building ideas. Some of the products produced by us are paid-for products. The Common Sense Living Letters will always be free but we will sometimes advertise for paid-for products, our own or our affiliates', on our site or in our emails. Nothing published by Common Sense Living should be considered personal investment advice.

We never give direct investment advice in Common Sense Living. One of the main goals of Common Sense Living is to show you ways to build wealth and make money outside of the stock market.

The global founder of Common Sense Living, Mark Ford, and the CEO of Equitymaster, Rahul Goel, have long been associated professionally and personally. When Mark Ford wanted to launch Common Sense Living in India, he established it in association with Equitymaster. Several of the operational resources we use - administrative, customer care, and marketing - are handled by Equitymaster. Also on matters of investment advice we redirect to Equitymaster.

That said, one of the main goals of Common Sense Living is to show you ways to build wealth and make money outside of the stock market. Our content is separate from Equitymaster's, our editorial team is independent, and we maintain complete editorial control over our content.

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By phone: +91 22 6143 4055

By post: Common Sense Living Private Limited, 103, Regent Chambers, 1st Floor, Nariman Point, Mumbai - 400 021

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