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For All Gmail Users: 3 Important Steps to Ensure You Don't Miss Out on Any Common Sense Living Idea!

This is an important notification about the way you receive emails from Common Sense Living.

If you are a Gmail user, you've probably noticed some big changes in your inbox recently.

Your Inbox has been divided into three tabs or categories, viz. Primary, Social and Promotions.

What this basically does is, instead of routing all your important emails to one place, it sends them to three different places, automatically.

In other words, instead of checking one Inbox, you have to check three 'inboxes' this time.

Now, it creates a unique problem for you as an Common Sense Living subscriber.

You see, the 'Primary' tab is the default tab that opens up on accessing our Gmail account, and it is quite natural for us to follow that tab only, instead of taking our time to look at ALL the three tabs.

So what that means is, you are probably missing out on all the important Common Sense Living newsletters (being mass shared) that normally get directed to the 'Promotions' tab.

So, while you might be ransacking your 'Primary' tab and pondering why you haven't been communicated by us since last week, all our emails might already be residing in the 'Promotions' tab.

Yes, that's certainly a problem.

However, with just a few adjustments, we can solve this issue.

Here is how you can make our emails (and any other important emails) land exactly where you can see them - under your 'Primary' tab.

1. Open your email and click on the Promotions tab.

2. Look for my email in the "Promotions" tab and drag it to the tab titled "Primary"

3. A verification question will pop up asking if you want to do this for all future messages from subscribe@commonsenseliving.co.in. Make sure you click "Yes"

Three steps and you are done!

We'd request you to kindly do the same for our other email addresses as well, listed below:

If you want to completely remove these new tabs, you can do that, too!

Just go to the Settings box on the upper right corner of your inbox and select "Settings". Click on the "Inbox" tab and deselect all the other categories. Click "Save" to keep these changes.

Don't miss out on any issue of Common Sense Living from us anymore.

Follow these 3 simple steps and keep benefiting from the well-researched updates and commentaries to be shared in the future!

If you have any query, you can get in touch with us at +91-22-6143 4049.

We'll be delighted to assist you.

Warm Regards,

Anisa Virji,
Managing Editor here at Common Sense Living