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How to Break Out Of
The Middle-Class

And Get The Time, Money, And Respect
You Have Always Dreamed Of
This Proven $50 Million Blueprint Has Enabled
Hundreds Of Ordinary Indians To Change Their Lives
And until March 26th, I'll send the 'blueprint'
to YOUR personal e-mail to prove it
"It gives me great pleasure to inform you that my first major
project of tripling my income has been achieved!!!"
Akshat Tiwari

Dear Reader,

The story of the Mahabharata and Abhimanyu is known to one and all.

It is said that Abhimanyu, the son of Arjuna and Subhadra, received knowledge of how to break into a chakravyuh while he was still in his mother's womb.

Sadly, Abhimanyu was only given the knowledge of how to break into a chakravyuh...and not how to break out of it.

Which sounds a lot like what millions of middle-class Abhimanyus in India are going through right now.

Let's face it - right from our childhood, we've all been thoroughly brainwashed about the importance of studying hard, obtaining a degree or two, finding a good job, and then working hard at that job day in and day out to come up in life.

So your parents did everything they could to make it possible for you to study at the best schools and colleges.

And after that, you kept up your end of the deal. Secured a good job, worked hard to get timely promotions, and gradually climbed up the social ladder.

So far, so good.

But then what...

The sad truth is that millions of Indians have successfully entered the middle-class, and now don't know how to get out of it.

With the passage of costs have increased, education costs have increased, real estate has become expensive, entertainment costs have increased... Literally every other type of cost has multiplied several times.

But here's what hasn't increased: salaries.

Raises have not been commensurate with the increasing costs.

Stock market returns also haven't managed to bring any dramatic transformation in your lifestyle.

The result - you still worry...

...About your son's education.

...About your daughter's marriage.

You look at price tags before making every buying decision...and wonder how you'll pay bills after retirement.

This is the definition of stuck in the 'Middle-Class Chakravyuh'.

And worse, now you can see this dreaded cycle repeating itself in your children...

Now they are working jobs they don't love.

Now they are bringing in average or above average salaries that barely go up.

Now they are worrying about their children and their parents.

Will this cycle never end?

And that brings me to why I'm writing to you today.

I'm Anisa Virji.

And today I will introduce you to someone who has found a way to break out of the 'middle-class chakravyuh'...

Someone who used to be middle class, and has found the formula to push himself into the bracket of not just wealthy, but ultra-wealthy.

And he will show YOU how to do the same too.

And he promises, it is easier than you are imagining!

Yes! I'm talking about a life where you never have to look at the price-tag.

  • Where you don't have to worry about what would happen if an emergency brought up a big cost.
  • Where you never have to do work that you don't enjoy.
  • Where you are confident you can leave your children the security they need to build their own lives.

And the best part?

You Are Only ONE Step Away
From This Kind of Wealth

Now, let me tell you beforehand that this one step might be contrary to what you might have read about creating wealth.

But it's a proven step that has already guided hundreds of Indians towards living a life they deserve.

And the good news is this...

You already have everything it takes to move to the next level.

You understand the value of money...

You make good financial decisions...

And you have a good education and good experience.

So, with this one small change, you have the opportunity to move out of the middle-class chakravyuh as well.

And once you're out of it...

You will lead the same life - just without worrying about the future.

You'll be the same person - just much, much, more comfortable with yourself.

You will have the same values - but with a bank balance that allows you to build up your family in the best way that you can dream.

It is the tiniest difference.

And you only have to take just one small step up and out.

This blueprint will help you take that step.

And break the chakravyuh - for yourself and your family - forever!

Today, I'm going to show you how to use what you already know to apply this proven formula and build a high net worth from nothing.

Because what you're about to discover may well be the simplest formula for building wealth ever created anywhere in the world...

...and it is designed to help everyday Indians get wealthy, even if they have struggled to get rich in the past.

People like Akshat Tiwari, who used this system not only to move out of the 'Middle-class chakravyuh' but to triple his income in just under 12 months!

He used the same blueprint, which I plan to share with you today, to improve his young family's quality of life many times over. He wrote to tell us...

"It gives me great pleasure to inform you that my first major project of tripling my income has been achieved!!! ... (you) brought in the fundamental shift in my approach by making me go for increased cash flows."

It's not that he didn't work hard before.

As a banker, he probably knew more about money than the average person.

The difference for him was this blueprint.

Now he can dream dreams for his kid that before seemed impossible.

And making this change was easier than he had ever imagined...

This blueprint will put you in a position to make not just more money - but real wealth - and use that to get rid of your debts and acquire retirement-sized wealth fast.

Now, before we move ahead, let me tell you that the blueprint has nothing to with any trading system...

Or multilevel marketing...

Or betting on gold or futures, etc.

This is all safe stuff.

In fact, in my view, there simply isn't a safer way to build big wealth in India today.

Just think about what an eight-figure net worth would mean to you.

You'd be able to...

  • Enjoy a life where you have complete control over your time, and the freedom to do what you want, where you want, whenever you want
  • Escape the stress of today's uncertain markets and economy. You get to control what happens to your money.
  • Feel confident as you tell your family and friends you have the money to give them what they need, or help when something comes up.

And most importantly...

Free yourself from money worries,
Just like S Ravishanker did...

In a few moments, I'm going to share with you the powerful wealth-building blueprint that's been tested thousands of times...and has been proven effective at creating seven - and even eight - figure incomes for everyday, regular people.

I've been sharing this formula with a group of Indians for three years now.

And one of these Indians is Mr S Ravishanker from Bangalore.

S Ravishanker was having a hard time at work.

He felt like a 'spent force' in his organisation - doing the same work that new entrants with barely three years of work experience were doing, and hating it...

Most importantly, he had this nagging feeling that he had lost sight of what made him enthusiastic about life and work.

But then things changed...

"The years from 40 to 46 seemed to have whizzed past and I was worse off, confidence-wise. Luckily I was a long-time member of Equitymaster and at this soul-searching time I was introduced to the club."

Two years later, Ravishanker is a changed man.

He has followed his passion and built up his confidence to new levels.

He has found new sources of income for himself.

And new respect at work - "this has made me a much more clever, intense and creative worker at my regular job - and this has also been noticed by my colleagues and superiors."

He is now thinking about sending his son abroad for further study - something he did not dare to think before.

And all because he followed the blueprint.

"I have much greater financial confidence with WBC, but if you want to know my ROI: I'm 35% happier than I was 2 years ago."

And Ravishanker is not an exception.

My mailbox is flooded with stories of people who are following the blueprint...

CW has: "... noticed that my profits and bottom line have grown every single day... and in some cases, by the thousands. I am looking forward to many years of financial freedom. Thanks to everyone at the club. It's incredibly life-changing material."

Others are using the formula to learn the mindset of the wealthy...

Anil V wrote and told us: "...The principles and the teachings give us a feeling of confidence and that we can do this (get financial independence). Joining the club has changed my conventional thinking that one can grow rich only by investing in riskier avenues."

Now you can use this blueprint to break yourself - and your family - out of this 'not-yet-wealthy' cycle,

Stay with me, and today I'm going to share the details of this blueprint with you.

It's simple.

You can start using it right away.

It isn't magic, but as you saw, it works.

If you've tried everything else...and you want - once and for all - to become's what's on the table for you today...

It Doesn't Matter How Old You
Are...You Can Still Do This!

This blueprint is the simplest way for anyone - at any age - to build the wealth they always dreamed of.

But as Ravishanker, and Akshat, and all the others learned...and what you must learn before you go on, is this:

Acquiring wealth is a process.

There are many tricks and techniques you can learn about building wealth that will help you.

But there is no huge hidden secret that will get you rich in one clever move.

The wealth-building process I'm about to explain to you was developed by my mentor - a serial entrepreneur, author, investor, businessman, and wealth coach - who has helped thousands of wealth seekers for many years.

Mark Ford

His name is Mark Ford. And he is a deca-millionaire. But more importantly, he is just a really genuine guy.

He doesn't think twice about sharing everything he knows with anyone who asks. He loves giving advice.

And the best part is that while other multimillionaires might give philosophical lectures, Mark strongly believes in giving clear, tried-n-tested, actionable strategies.

So what does he know?

Mark Ford has the two most important things you could want in a mentor: a teaching background and practical experience building wealth.

He knows exactly what we should do - and shows us how to do it in a useful, practical way.

He simplifies the process!

But while Mark's wealth-building blueprint is amazingly easy to follow, it wasn't so easy for Mark to discover it.

You see, Mark built his million-dollar fortune from scratch.

No inheritance.

And no wealth-building wisdom from his 'middle-class' parents who were teachers.

He didn't even know he was in the middle-class trap - or that he wanted out.

He worked pretty much non-stop from the age of 16, but he never had any interest in making money as a young man.

He taught English literature at the University of Michigan, and then went to Africa to teach as a volunteer.

It was only in his early thirties - when he was living in a small apartment with two kids and a third one on the way, not to mention $60,000 in debt - that he had a realisation.

He decided that something had to change.

And he knew that something was HIM.

When he was attending a Dale Carnegie seminar, delegates were given a sheet of paper and asked to write down their number one priority: "What is the one goal you will dedicate your life to?"

Like all of us, Mark had lots of things he wanted to do - write a book, start a magazine, become a teacher, be an amazing father - but because of his financial situation he decided his one goal was:

"I Want To Become Rich."

Yes, that was Mark's one simple goal in life...

And suddenly, his focus became laser-sharp.

"I really started to apply that goal to everything I did - at work, at home, and when I was by myself.

I began to ask about everything: 'How can this help me get rich?"

Mark learned how to structure his life and his work to get a little richer every day.

He figured out who could help him to get rich - surrounding himself with mentors.

And who was standing in the way of him being rich - avoiding them.

Then he started trying every possible wealth-building trick in the book.

As he went he repeated those that were successful - and dropped those that failed.

Week after week...month after month... Learning. Developing good habits. Never making the same mistakes. Gaining confidence.

It took Mark less than two years to become a millionaire (from being in $60,000 debt).

And by the age of 40 (five years later), he was worth more than $10 million.

He's 66 now and I know that his net-worth is now in the high eight-figure range.

And that's why the first thing Mark Ford would tell you (if he were your wealth coach) is that he didn't acquire his wealth by starting a high-tech company and going public...

Nor did he make his millions trading high-risk stocks and bonds...

And no, he didn't inherit any money. His family didn't have any to leave.

Nor was he a natural-born entrepreneur (like Steve Jobs or Bill Gates)...

Mark achieved great wealth by respecting his own 'common sense' and following a set of simple guiding principles he has stuck to throughout his life.

He created this process and will hand it over to you...

Every lesson...every idea...every strategy, technique, and application.

Mark has decided to tell you exactly...

What to do first...

Where to apply your efforts for maximum payoff...

What never to try...

This formula represents more than 30 years of Mark's business and investing experience. Everything he ever did that helped him achieve a net worth in the high eight-figures - and the lifestyle that goes with it.

But here's something Mark actually cares about: teaching others how they can acquire their own wealth...

So, if you've tried all your life to get rich...and nothing has ever really worked or 'stuck'...

Today Could Be The Most Important
Day Of Your Life...

We've all heard the old adage - If you change nothing, nothing changes.

But if you are still here with me, that means you are ready to change your life.

And with Mark's blueprint, you can begin your journey today!

I promise you that.

In fact, I began my journey almost three years back myself...

I've worked directly with Mark since 2014.

We were introduced by one of his protgs, Rahul Goel, the man who has made Equitymaster research what it is today, often using the very same principles you will learn here today.

I've studied in the US and the UK and have lived and worked all over the world. But I learned how to build wealth right here in India.

When I first moved back to India, I realised that if I wanted to build the life I had always dreamed of, I would have to learn how to build wealth.

And that means more than just having a job.

I started by investing some money in the stock markets...

But when I did the math, I realised that this would never be enough...that something was missing.

I started doing some research, asking around, trying to figure out who could help me understand what I was doing wrong.

And then I came across Mark.

Mark taught me everything I know about building wealth.

One of the first things Mark taught me was the importance of something he calls the 'Net Investible Income' - the primary wealth building strategy he used to grow his net worth from zero to more than ten million dollars in less than seven years.

This is the first 'law of wealth' Mark teaches his protgs all over the world.

Net Investible Income is the extra income you make that goes straight in your investment bucket...and it is the key to building wealth.

Now, I'll show you how this one simple idea alone could help you acquire retirement-level wealth in much less time than you could conventionally, with stocks and bonds.

In this presentation, you will see how to increase your net investible income - starting right away, with the money you have now.

Trust will be easier than you think.

Mark's wealth-building formula is logical. Intuitive. Easy to understand and navigate.

It will make sense to you like nothing before ever has.

It will give you the knowledge and tools to create life-changing wealth.

And remember what I said:

You don't have to acquire any obscure skills.

You already know what you need to know to start this process.

Satish P was surprised by this when he tried the blueprint:

"The ideas revolve around what we already possess such as invaluable experiences and a few skills that we might not have tested till now. They also revolve around our hobbies; thus our hobbies can be pursued and simultaneously our income generation will get taken care of. Nothing better!"

J Agarwal was happy that he could use his passions to make money. Who wouldn't be?

"Wealth building was always my passion and writing my main hobby... Wealth Builders Club has given me this insight into making my passion and hobby into a wealth building strategy."

You don't have to risk a ton of money or invest a fortune in some scammy business scheme.

You can make a start as soon as today from your own home, committing only a few spare hours a week, with money you have now.

Imagine...finally some breathing room in your life.

Your expenses, not only covered...but you have spare cash in the spend on a much-needed vacation...or even to put down against an investment property or business venture that will make you even more money.

Are you ready to embrace everything that would mean for you?

A bigger income...less financial stress...more freedom to spend enjoying your life... Greater respect in your family, workplace, and community?


Then let's get started...

Prepare For Wealth by Switching
On 'The Wealth Switch'

Before we begin, let me ask you a question...

Do you really want to be rich?

I know that might sound like a silly question at this point. But the scientific fact is, many people are psychologically wired in such a way that it's very difficult for them to take the steps necessary to become richer.

Sure, sometimes it's just procrastination. But often, it's actually a fear of success that prevents people from taking the leap.

Psychologists call it the 'Jonah Complex' (after the biblical character who tried to avoid his 'fate'). Put simply, many people are afraid of living a life that stands apart -even if it would give them everything they've hoped for.

  • Fear of the sense of responsibility that often attends recognising one's own potential
  • Fear that an extraordinary life would be too much out of the ordinary, and hence not acceptable to others
  • Fear of seeming arrogant, self-centered, etc.

The brutal truth is: Most folks aren't mentally prepared to be wealthy.

First you need to learn how the super-rich think about money and wealth.

In the first step of this blueprint, you'll learn how to activate the 'wealth switch' that enables the world's richest individuals to confidently build fortunes at will.

You'll discover the strategies rich people use to create wealth, keep it, grow it, save it, spend it and, above all, enjoy it.

The beginning of your wealth-building journey is so important.

This One Step Will Determine
Your Ultimate Earning Potential

This introductory step will align you more closely with the way Mark thinks about wealth.

This will help you get the best out of the other wealth-building ideas we want to share with you.

Ideas like:

  • The single most important factor in becoming wealthy (hint: It's not 'who you know' or where you went to college)...
  • How to calculate your 'magic number' - that is, the exact amount of money you need to retire - as well as a plan for getting there in years, rather than decades...
  • Three super-effective ways to save 2-10x what you've been saving - without making any boring or painful financial sacrifices...
  • How to invest those extra savings into 'side door' wealth strategies that compound quicker...
  • The 'doughball' secret to retiring long before your friends and colleagues have even started planning (even if you're a late starter)...
  • How a deceptively simple mathematical trick can turn every rupee you invest into thousands over the course of your life...
  • The only stocks, funds, and insurance products you should ever buy (anything else could actually make you poorer)...

In short, the first step of this journey will show you how to adopt the exact same wealth habits, thought processes, and rituals Mark observes - even if you don't have a lot of money right now.

Once you've taken this important first step, you'll have no doubt in your mind that you can build wealth, no matter who you are, where you live, what problems you have, or how old/tired/depressed you may feel.

This newfound optimism will carry you right into the next exciting step of Mark's wealth building formula...

Avoid This Single Biggest Mistake
That Almost Every Middle-Class Person Makes

We believe the average rich person has seven sources of income.

While the average poor person has one source of income.

Middle-class people can be broken by a boss, a manager, an accident, or a failed business.

They can go to sleep at night and wake up without a job - an income - or a way to feed their family.

There's the difference right there - between middle class and 'beyond class'.

It is the difference between a good night's sleep and the worry of losing everything.

Having extra income streams is one of the best-kept secrets of the super-rich.

With a second source of money coming in, all the stress that comes with trying to stretch your regular income - whether from a pension, dividends, or even a paycheque - disappears overnight...

And then, if you want, you can create a third income stream...

And a fourth...

Mark knows.

He has been writing about this subject for twenty years.

He has written more than 500 essays, full of specific actionable strategies on how anyone - at any age - can make extra income.

And he has written twelve books on the subject, many of them best-sellers.

But the real reason he knows is because he did it himself.

Today he has at least a dozen different income streams, each bringing him six and seven figures every year.

And that's why he's made this program the second step in the formula...

He believes that having an extra Rs 5,000, Rs 50,000 and then Rs 500,000 a month makes everything easier.

As I said, Mark's been coaching people on this for many years. Along the way, he has helped scores of people create new income streams...

Let me show you a brief example...

It's an 'active income' strategy. And you can use anywhere in the world to collect extra income.

You could use this technique to potentially generate large new streams of wealth, which you can collect as often as you'd like.

Once SD (not revealing the full name on his request) learned this technique...he tells us he used it to generate Rs 200,000 in just one weekend.

Sounds unbelievable right?

But it's happening...right here in India!

He doesn't work from an office anymore. Now he works from his seaside town in Southern India, and writes for clients from around the world.

What's his secret?

In a nutshell, SD and countless others have tapped into an unpublicised way to earn thousands of rupees by writing just an email or two a month.

Now, when I say 'writing', I certainly don't mean anything technical or literary in nature.

This is much simpler (and less stressful) than that. This type of 'writing' is more like having a conversation with a when you try to convince him to see a movie or eat at your favourite restaurant.

You simply put that kind of 'conversation' down on paper...writing maybe an hour or two a day, from wherever you like.

Now, you may think it's crazy that you could make thousands - even hundreds of thousands - of rupees this way...

Just by writing 'conversational emails' in your spare time.

But here's something most people don't understand - and why this opportunity is so real...

It has to do with the internet and the ever-changing way people use it.

To make money online, businesses use something called 'direct-response' advertising.

Businesses are always looking for people who know how to write like this. These ads are written by direct-response copywriters. Good writers are hard to find. Good copywriters even harder.

Mark knows this because several of the businesses he's involved with have been on the forefront of this new strategy. And they're generating hundreds of millions of rupees as a result.

Of course, there's a formula and a proper way to write these emails.

But once you learn it, it could feel like having a licence to tap extra money anytime you need it. And you will learn exactly how to find clients.

Imagine setting aside a few hours a week to write a short email about something you already know about, and getting anywhere from Rs 50,000 to 2 lakh paid to you?

In A Year, That's 24 Lakh
In 'Side Income'

In five years, that's over a crore rupees.

In ten years, you would be ready to retire.

That's real money.

And you hardly had to risk anything to get it.

You didn't have to rely on anyone else for this money...

The market didn't have to move in 'the right' direction for you...

And if you're like most people who enjoy being creative, you had fun!

This is just one example of the kind of 'active' income that's helped Mark make millions since his mid-30s.

But it's just one of dozens of powerful secrets from the wealth-building blueprint people are using to generate millions of rupees in extra money right now.

A Vaidyan says:

"Joining the club has changed my conventional thinking that one can grow rich only by investing in riskier avenues.

It has shown me the various avenues from where one can earn money and invest wisely. Mark has rightly shown that having multiple streams of income are smarter ideas of getting rich.

WBC has given us many ways as to how to develop these extra income opportunities. Internet has changed the way we do business. And WBC has shown multiple ways to exploit the advantages of internet to earn money.

I would like to thank Mark and WBC for nudging me into action. I have chosen copywriting as an extra income source and I hope to see the results soon."

Join Mark's club today and you'll be introduced to an entirely different approach to wealth-building than anything you've seen before...

You won't have to learn new skills, take on great risks, or spend a bunch of money on any equipment.

The wealth-building strategies you'll learn are...

SIMPLE TO UNDERSTAND: I'm not talking about technical 'systems' that are sold as straightforward but are anything but. I've seen hundreds of these types of things come and go. Some of them require elaborate skills... Not this!

EASY TO PUT INTO ACTION QUICKLY: You will instantly understand what you have to do. There's no 500-page instruction manual to read. Regardless of your experience, prior knowledge, or background, you'll be able to get into this quickly. And you don't have to be already rich to get started. All you need is basic English and the internet.

REALISTIC NO MATTER HOW OLD YOU ARE: You won't find any farfetched promises of instant wealth. Just a set of realistic ways to generate income...potentially thousands of extra rupees a month - or more, depending on your ambition and enthusiasm - income that doesn't have to stop flowing when you stop working...

DEAD-EASY TO SET UP: You don't need any fancy computer software, nor will you have to attend any expensive seminars. You already have everything you need to make a start. The process of building wealth will be straightforward to implement. These are all common-sense ideas - shared by a multimillionaire with more than thirty years' experience. He's as plain speaking as they come.

Mark and his team have developed more than 36 of these 'extra-income blueprints' that one can follow.

We'll send you all of them and you can start off with the one you like best.

Here's a sampling of what you can learn...

  • How to make more than 12 to 24 lakh in a year, writing just one letter a month...
  • How to start an 'Import & Sell' businesses that could bring in as much as Rs 6 lakh or more a month from your kitchen table...
  • Passive income from your iPhone - how you can bring in extra cash on autopilot from your phone...
  • How to earn Rs 50,000 to Rs 200,000 every weekend planning receptions...corporate events...and more (people will gladly pay you to take the hassle off their plate)...
  • Do you have a book in you? How writing for an hour a night could make you up to Rs 15 lakh in online sales - and you don't need a publisher - and you don't even need to be a writer...
  • Living Room Tycoon: Here's how to make Rs 35,000 a week by investing just an hour or two in the evening...while you watch TV...
  • Voice over artist...virtual media marketer...resume writer...
  • The safe steps to making Rs 50,000 a month PLUS from Amazon - even if you've never visited the website before...
  • How to casually blog your way to a six-figure annual income...and it won't even feel like 'work'...
  • Low skilled work you can do in 2-10 hours a week and rake in Rs 30,000 a day...without engaging your brain...
  • Why businesses will pay you Rs 10 to 20 lakh a year to share your work experience with their staff as a consultant (great if you've had a long career...even better if you like telling people what to do!)...

Take it from me...

These Moneymaking Ideas Are
Easier to Follow Than You Can Imagine...

However, you do need to take that first step...

You need to be willing to become rich!

Once you do that and begin your journey...

Each extra income idea is explained clearly in the blueprint...from start to finish.

You'll get an outline of the opportunity.

You'll know its moneymaking potential.

You'll know how much time you need to spend each week on the project.

You'll know what (if any) expenditure you'll need for equipment.

You'll know the potential scalability.

And you'll even read about others who are making money this way.

People like Al C who wrote and told us:
"I've done very well after following the 'Importing Goods From China' strategy. And I've just gotten started..."

And BB, who writes:
"Thank you for writing about publishing in Extra Income Opportunity No. 2. I began publishing to the Amazon Kindle only a few short months ago and am making a few hundred dollars a month on autopilot."

Imagine: Making an extra Rs 15,000 to Rs 50,000 or more in just a few hours a week...following a program that's perfect for you.

One that you can do when and where you want...

One that can give you a sense of joy and fulfilment that may have been missing in your life!

And you don't have to quit work to do it.

Mark wants you to keep your regular job while you start your first extra income stream from your kitchen table in a few hours a week...

You will see results straight away. And then, when you're ready to scale up, you'll have a genuine shot at making a seven-figure income. Possibly the best chance you'll ever get...

Learn How To Scale Your
Extra Income Project Into A
Million-Dollar Business

Yes, the next step of Mark's wealth-building formula will teach you, step-by-step, how to convert that extra income into a growing, profitable business - one that could one day be worth a million dollars or more.

If you've ever wanted to be your own boss...choose your own schedule...eliminate the stress that used to rule your working life...and make enough money to retire...

This is the only guidance you'll ever need.

And all you have to do to get that life: Follow step 3.

If you were to ask Mark, "What is the absolute fastest way to become rich?" he'd answer: "By starting your own small business."

Yes! By becoming an entrepreneur - even a part-time entrepreneur - you will be amply rewarded.

Returns from your own small business often exceed 25% per year.

Now that might not sound like such a big deal. Until you consider that Warren Buffett - one of the richest people in the world (with a $58.5 billion net worth) and probably the world's greatest investor - has averaged only an 19.8% return from the stock market over his outstanding career.

And not only could you double (or even triple) your money every three years, you can also enjoy the many other benefits of having your own business and being your own boss, like:

  • The freedom to choose your own schedule
  • The power to create your own products
  • The excitement of being fully challenged and in-charge
  • The knowledge that you are providing an income for your employees

Nobody wants to be stuck in the 'middle class' forever.

And you won't attain complete financial independence until you start your own small business.

Mark has developed, built and consulted for hundreds of start-up businesses over the last thirty years. He uses the exact same formula for success every time. You're going to learn how to use this formula in your budding enterprise.

You'll never need to page through another one of those long-winded business books from the airport again.

Mark's formula includes a specific training plan for anyone who seriously wants to own a million-dollar business.

In fact, Mark tells me:

"It's the most profitable thing
I have ever created in my entire
career of building wealth."

You'll learn, step by step, how to start slowly, from home, investing only modest sums, and then build your business steadily while you figure out the best products or services for your market - and then...when you are'll even learn how to sell them!

In addition, you'll learn:

  • Why you don't need to quit your job to start your business. In fact, Mark will give you lots of great reasons you should keep your day job...
  • Why trying to 'get things right' is a huge mistake in starting a business and how it leads to so many entrepreneurial failures. If you have never started a successful business, this one realisation will be invaluable...
  • How to choose a best-selling product. There are many things about the competition that you should imitate but there are also a few things that should be uniquely your own. Here Mark teaches you how to build a product that is 80% knock-off and 20% your own and why this formula is most likely to bring you early success in any market...
  • You: a marketing genius? Yes, absolutely - as long as you develop these four basic skills...
  • How to know the right price to charge: Most new businesses don't charge enough for their products...but Mark will show you how to attract great customers who will buy from you again...and again...and again...
  • How to groom 'superstar' protgs to run your business for you can collect fees and cash dividends without ever stepping foot in the office...

One of Mark's protgs, Rahul Goel, is CEO of Equitymaster, one of India's most successful independent research analyst companies.

Here's what Rahul Goel says about Mark...

"Mark was has been my mentor and friend for almost ten years now. He's a trusted adviser and valuable source of wisdom today. Without his wealth-building guidance, I would never have been able to build Equitymaster into a profoundly successful financial publishing company. His wealth of knowledge became a key part of my own professional and personal success."

So far, I've been showing you the steps you can take to acquire the wealth you need in seven years or less.

But what if you can't wait seven years?

What if you want to retire sooner? Say, in two years or even next year?

Well, we have a fantastic and proven way to help you with that...

'Backdoor' Technique
To Retire Early...

The steps I've shown you so far could take you from zero to financial hero in seven years or less.

But if you simply must retire sooner, you'll be very interested in this...

We call this our 'backdoor' technique for retiring almost immediately!

In this program, you will be given access to more than a dozen amazing - but crazy-cheap - retirement lifestyles that you can start living next year...

Yes, as early as next year!

And it doesn't matter how old you are...or even if you don't have a lot of savings.

So long as you have an average income (or even without) you can take advantage of this.

You Can Get Twice the
Retirement for Half the Cost

I'm talking - in case you hadn't guessed - about giving thought to retiring overseas or in smaller Indian cities. Many Indians have already made their big move - and they're having the time of their lives...

They're 'living rich' in places like Coimbatore, Kodaikanal, Kasauli...even Malaysia, Cambodia, and others.

And they're finding that it's cheaper, easier, safer and freer than they ever thought possible...

Our Five Criteria for Recommending Retirement Towns to You:

  • It must be located in a place - by the sea, in the mountains, in a quaint town - that is affordable and easily accessible...
  • It must offer not only a great lifestyle but also a way to earn extra income on a part-time basis...
  • The income-generating part of the opportunity must be realistic: It can't be something that requires obscure skills, technical knowledge, heaps of red tape and local regulation, or the investment of a great deal of money...
  • It must be immediately available...
  • You should be able to make it happen in a year or less...

People across India speak either English or Hindi. Most of the destinations we recommend have world class healthcare that costs a fraction of what you'd pay in the big money-sucking metros.

Real estate costs a half to a third what you'd pay for the equivalent place in Delhi or Mumbai. Utilities - including power, water, and even the internet - are often better, quicker and much cheaper than they are at home.

In fact, it's possible to live amazingly well in many of these places on a budget of half what it costs in the big cities.

And we will show you how to make money wherever you are to supplement your income.

Madhu N moved from busy Delhi to a small town in the south of India called Coimbatore. She wanted to retire happily with her husband, away from the hustle and bustle of a big Indian metro.

As she explored her new hometown, she met someone who needed a part-time teacher in a nearby primary school.

This was the start of her post-retirement career. She worked flexible hours, using a skill she already had (speaking English) and found that she loved spending time with children.

What's more, she and her husband could go off for weekends to nearby Kerala and take in the mountains at Munnar.

She managed to do this all because she didn't have to continuously dip into her retirement fund.

The money she earned from teaching gave her that little extra to indulge in her own small luxuries.

Fast-track Your Retirement and
Live a Luxury Life

If retiring by next year appeals to you, you can do more than teach English. Let me give you a taster of some of the 'fund your life' opportunities Mark is ready to share with you so you can use to live and make money anywhere...

  • See the world and pay your way by writing about it: How to make up to Rs 68,000 an article writing about something you already know...
  • Travel like a diplomat: free food, free excursions, and free hotels... Combine your hobby with your travel dreams as a freelance tour guide and make Rs 100,000 to 500,000 per overseas trip...
  • Swap the suit and tie for an apron...or gardening gloves...and retire like a king on a pauper's budget: the trick to making the simpler life more financially rewarding than your current career...
  • The best way to own a holiday rental...and make Rs 5-10,000 a night profit from tourists...
  • Own a book store...a bakery...or an art gallery by the sea... Revealed: the joys of making extra retirement income from doing something you love...

Every year, many Indians give up the rat race at home in favour of a slower, simpler, more rewarding life in smaller, lovelier cities. Most never look back.

S Pendse said:

"I have a dream to retire early. I am sure these ideas will help me to spend my time gainfully pursuing my passion, post my early retirement dream coming true."

When you think about the rising cost of living...the increasing traffic...the bad quality of air...the increasing political start to wonder what quality of life you can expect as a retiree in the big cities.

We show you the alternative. And alleviate all the concerns you have.

That idea: of finally being able to reward yourself... with a relaxing, enjoyable - even adventurous - life, free from guilt or worry... This is just one of the 'deeper' benefits of having wealth.

It's not just about getting more money...

It's also about greater security, independence, and freedom...

As your net worth increases, you'll find your stress levels come down.

You can wake up in the morning knowing no one is chasing you for money.

Knowing your family is financially secure.

Even if something happens to you - THEY'LL be okay.

But you should also know that as you get richer you'll be running into people - brokers, bankers, lawyers, financial advisors (to name a few) - some of whom will be 'helping' you... by stealthily stealing your money!

Their agenda is to take as much of your money as they legally can.

And they are very good at it.

This group of people represents the biggest threat to your money today. And their only agenda is to wriggle out more of your money from a completely legal manner.

It could be in the way of the fees they charge you, or the taxes you pay, or anything else.

But by taking the next step, you can stop them getting their hands on any of it.

Protect your Legacy

Mark calls them the 'wealth stealers'.

They run the biggest and most profitable companies in the world...

They manage trillions of dollars on the stock market...

They are lawmakers...salesmen...writers...even doctors (you'll be flat out amazed when you learn who has their eyes on your money!).

Ravi Subramanian says:

"Bankers become 'bhayankar' when they fail to deliver what they have promised and try to hard-sell products on which they earn more money to the gullible customer."

The minute you start making significant money, banks will send over an investment consultant who will try to convince you by ranting tongue-twisting financial mumbo jumbo.

Have you wondered why banks prefer to sell you insurance-cum-investment products over mutual fund schemes?

It is simply because they earn a higher commission from insurance products. Especially if you are retired, they offer products that earn only a paltry return.

If you are under forty, they will convince you to buy Unit Linked Insurance Plans (ULIPs), which are targeted towards retirement or securing your child's future.

Mark tells another story about how a senior citizen's lawyer quietly billed him for 7,200 hours work over ten months...the equivalent of working 24 hours a day!

We're all trusting. And that makes us all vulnerable.

We'll name all the major wealth stealers...reveal their sneaky tactics...demonstrate how people are vulnerable to their nonsense...and give you an armour-plated financial plan to protect you from their inevitable attack.

Mark has teamed up with PersonalFN, one of the most trusted financial advisors in India today, to show you how you can protect the wealth you've earned plus save thousands or tens of thousands more in investment gains, unnecessary insurance premiums...bogus interest payments...and more.

This blueprint will guide you to get rich
and then make sure you stay rich!

So now I say to you:

Quit looking for the 'next big thing'.

Stop waiting for your numbers to come up...or your ship to come in.

Your Ship is IN.

It's waiting, right here, for you to board.

This is the smartest, safest, most comprehensive way to build wealth in India. It works for beginners as well as more sophisticated wealth builders and it starts working for you right away.

If you're serious about acquiring and keeping wealth...

And you want to start enjoying the advantages of wealth immediately...

Let me hand you this:

Your Invitation to Join the
Wealth Builders Club India

Today, you get to take your first steps on a road that could potentially lead you to an eight-figure net worth.

The Wealth Builders Club India is a private club set up by Mark Ford to share everything Mark has ever learned about building wealth: the three-decades-old formula for generating extra income and increasing net worth that can work for anyone, anywhere, at any age.

The Club was an instant success when we launched it in the US back in 2012 with nearly 5,000 members in its first year. In 2014, it was launched in India and we were swamped.

We now have over 700 lifetime members.

Today Wealth Builders Club has more than 18,600 members with offices in England, France, Chile, Australia, South Africa, Brazil, Argentina, and China.

You Will Get Actionable Ideas
To Help Grow Your Wealth Fast

The Wealth Builders Club is made up of a series of easy-to-follow programs.

The programs are split into tutorials. Each individual tutorial will be sent to you in an email straight to your inbox, according to a schedule that takes you through Mark's complete wealth-building formula from beginning to end.

Each idea you receive will be clear and direct. It'll tell you how much money you could possibly make. We'll demonstrate all of this using case studies, where possible from other club members, or else from Mark's vast experience.

As Club Member JD says:

"I'm busy reading your materials, studying Mark's books, becoming a copywriter, starting my own business, and five or six other things that you've suggested. It's very clear to me that seven years from now, my life and financial situation will bear little resemblance to their present state."

I assure you: Everyone here at the Wealth Builders Club knows you don't have time to waste. We understand you want to see results as quickly as possible.

But we're not going to tell you a lie - that you can get rich simply by buying a certain stock or by day trading or by using any other get-rich-quick scheme.

Time passes quickly when you are middle aged or older. It will pass quickly whether you join the club or not.

If you don't join, things will probably be the same this time next year. If you join, I am sure things will be considerably better.

Imagine how you'll feel one year from now if...

  • You've cleared most of your debts.
  • You've cut your spending in half with surprisingly little effort...
  • You're making more money on your assets....
  • You've started a spare-time home business...maybe even two or three...that are making you Rs 50,000 to Rs 2 lakh extra cash a month...
  • You own a small investment property that's bringing you in enough to start thinking about property number two...

BOTTOM LINE: This time next year, you may be in the region of Rs 10 to 20 lakh a year better off thanks to your Wealth Builders Club membership...

But we don't leave members to their own devices after just one year...

After year two of membership, you should be in a MUCH better financial position...

After year three, you will start to feel like your wealth is building almost automatically. An eight-figure net worth should seem very attainable.

I know this sounds like a huge goal. And it will require work on your part - a million dollars isn't just going to fall into your lap.

But remember: What's keeping you in the 'middle-class' is a mindset. What takes you out will also be a mindset.

So let your mind change.

Our blueprint shows you exactly how he did this and how you can too.

How does that sound?

Before you take the next steps to joining, you should be clear about what I'm offering you today:

A Serious, Ongoing Commitment
To Your Financial Future

Join the Wealth Builders Club today and we will immediately share our best wealth-building ideas with you.

We will continue to do so in the coming years.

Accept my invitation and this is what you'll receive...

'CLUB DAY' PRIMER SERIES - Every day for the first seven days of your membership, you'll get this seven-part wealth-builders primer, containing all the research and guidance you need to get started. Read this before you do anything else...

MODULE 1: THE EXTRA INCOME PROJECT - 36 (and counting) ways to make money quickly and easily, from home...without a huge investment of cash or time. These are the only home-based business opportunities Mark recommends... (Value: Rs 20,000)

MODULE 2: HOW TO START A MILLION-DOLLAR BUSINESS- Mark's best ideas about entrepreneurship, based on a thirty-year career...and the six books he's written on entrepreneurship, business management, and marketing... (Value: Rs 20,000)

MODULE 3: LIVING RICH - How to get the best things out there without paying anywhere close to the full price. And how to live life like a billionaire without spending as much as he would. (Valued at Rs 20,000)

MODULE 4: RETIRE NEXT YEAR - A program that reveals dozens of ways for you to enjoy a rich, happy, and fulfilling retirement in beautiful - and highly affordable - places around the world... PLUS the extra income opportunities you can set up to fund it all... (Value: Rs 20,000 per year)

MODULE 5: THE REAL ESTATE PROJECT - How to get started with the investment that has produced the largest portion of Mark's wealth over the past thirty years. (Value: Rs 20,000 per year)

MODULE 6: DEBT AND CREDIT SOLUTIONS - Methods to assess and overcome debt and credit problems. The faster you get rid of your debt, the happier you're going to be, and this module will show you how. (Valued at Rs 5,000)

MODULE 7: WEALTH STEALERS - Different industries and people that could rob you of your money and steal your dreams of building wealth...and what you can do to protect yourself from them. (Valued at Rs 5,000)

MODULE 8: FINANCIAL PLANNING - How to diversify your portfolio, plan your taxes, and generally sort out your finances. Most people get into unexpected financial problems because they don't have a grip over their finances! (Valued at Rs 5,000)

MODULE 9: WEALTH THROUGH PERSONAL POWER - Acquire wealth through personal strength, skills, confidence, and competence that individuals need in the course of their development. From smart decision-making abilities to being calm and positive in unfavourable conditions - everything counts in the wealth-building journey. (Value: Rs 5,000 per year)

MODULE 10: COLLECTING 101 - How to get rich collecting beautiful art, antiques, coins, stamps, and other valuables - the secrets to earning a rate of return that exceeds stocks... (Value: Rs 5,000)

MODULE 11: INTRAPRENEURSHIP - You don't have to wait until you have your own business to start building wealth. It's possible - easy even - to make more money at your current workplace. Aside from being a quick way to bring in more money, it requires the least personal risk to you. (Valued at Rs 5,000)

BUSINESS COMMUNICATION SERIES - We are creating a powerful new series on persuasive communication for businesses and professionals which will take your communication efforts to the next level. Whether you are selling, negotiating, or presenting, you will be able to do it with more finesse and confidence. (worth Rs 5,000)

CREATING WEALTH NEWSLETTER - This is a special wealth building newsletter where we continue to identify new opportunities and update our ideas. (Value: Rs 5,000)

Already you're getting Rs 140,000 worth of value.

But that's nowhere near what you will pay today. I'll tell you more about the cost of joining in a moment. First, I want to tell you what else you'll receive...

You see, as a new Wealth Builders Club Member, you'll also get free access to...

The 'Lazy Man's Way' to Start-up Success

(Value Rs 20,000)

Sometimes, what you really need is literally a formula that you can plug in and start your business.

This is the idea behind our 'Done For You' business blueprints.

When you download one of these blueprints you get to...

Take an Already Established Business Model and Simply SWITCH IT ON

Everything you need - all the research, the steps, the templates - to start a business are provided in this package.

This means you can get your new venture off the ground - and making money - in a fraction of the time it would take you, were you doing this all yourself from scratch.

If you've ever dreamed of owning your own lucrative side-business, this is the best, quickest, SAFEST way to dip your toe in the water.

The first plug-and-play business blueprint in the 'Done for You' program is how to write and publish your own cash-generating eBooks, from scratch - even if you've never written a sentence in your life before (and don't want to).

Michael P used this formula to publish a book of short stories about his life from age 14 to 55. He says he doesn't live paycheck to paycheck anymore...

Turab Dedanwala is almost eighty years old. But he was determined to write his story, to leave as a legacy for his family. Today, he has published his book, and in fact here he is presenting it to Mark Ford.

Another 'done for you' blueprint will show you how you could top up your income quickly by renting out a room - or even your whole house - on a short-term basis to tourists or business travellers.

'Done for You' blueprints are quick and easy to set up from home. Most importantly, each business model has the potential to make you thousands of rupees in extra income in a few spare-time hours every week.

There is NOTHING like this anywhere. Mark has specifically created this in response to needs from Wealth Builders Club members.

Ordinarily, you'd pay Rs 20,000 per year to get this package. But you'll get them for free - and any new blueprints we add - when you join the Wealth Builders Club (provided you do so through this invitation).

Now that's Rs 160,000 worth of value you're getting for your one-off joining fee. But let's keep going...

The 'Indipreneur' Launchpad
The Step-By-Step Blueprint To Launch
Your First Business In Just 21 Days Flat!

(Value Rs 10,000)

Now earlier in this letter, I told you about the 'How to Start a Million-Dollar Business' module of Wealth Builders Club...which shares methods and experiences from Mark's own business building journey that you could use while setting up your business.

However, after discussions with several members of the Club about this...

We felt that even though the strategies and information given in the 'How to Start a Million-Dollar Business' modules are amazing, readers in India will need to know a few more things in order to start a business in India and make it successful.

So to fix that gap, we asked entrepreneurship expert, Ritika Bajaj, to create the 'Indipreneur' Launchpad Course.

Simply put, the aim of the Indipreneur Launchpad is to guide you in getting your first business off the ground in just 21 days flat!

You see, many people in India feel launching a business is a very hard and complicated thing - right from setting up the business, to learning how to generate revenues, dealing with vendors, keeping clients happy, and so on.

So with that in mind, they never even get to the point of launching their own business. And their ideas and dreams remain as just that...ideas and dreams.

However, we don't want that to be the case with you.

The Indipreneur Launchpad gives you the complete step-by-step blueprint to get your first business off the ground in just 21 days.

Yes, every day over a period of 21 days, we will send you a lesson explaining one step of the process in detail.

We will give you the full details on how to create your business plan, what legal and logistical aspects to consider, what you should be wary of, and so on.

As you understand each step clearly and complete the associated tasks, you will move closer and closer to launching your own business successfully.

And by the end of the 21 days, your business is finally going to be off the ground. And you'll also feel like the entire process was like a piece of cake.

Now, normally the Indipreneur course costs Rs 10,000.

But you can get the Indipreneur Launchpad for absolutely FREE...without paying a single simply joining the Wealth Builders Club now.

But that's not all. Join us now and you also get...

Retire Rich
Our Specially Prepared Ultimate
Retirement Planning Bundle

(Value Rs 5,000)

Our Retirement Bundle was created in association with Personal FN, a trusted personal finance advisory research company in India.

The bundle consists of the main guide, Retire Rich: The Seven Steps to Your Dream Retirement, which shows you how you could achieve your dream retirement in just seven steps.

Then you also get five financial calculators, five ideal fund recommendations for your retirement from PersonalFN, a Protection Plan guide on how to insure yourself against adversities and protect your retirement corpus, and much more.

Nearly 1,000 people signed up for this retirement bundle during its launch. And while the bundle costs Rs 5,000 normally, you will get it for FREE with your Club membership.

I'll explain how you can get your hands on all of these wealth-building resources in just a moment.

I hope by now you're giving serious consideration to joining the Wealth Builders Club.

This truly is the one way out of the middle-class dilemma.

It's not that it will get you out of the 'middle-class' actually. It's more than that.

It will get you out of the class game entirely. Wealthy people never have to think about what 'class' they fit in. They don't care. They are above that.

And that's where you should be. That's where every Indian should be!

We have more than 18,600 happy Club members... in nine different countries... across all age groups... from all different backgrounds... who are using this blueprint - while you read this (see box, below)

We're ready to roll up our sleeves and help you do the same.

We've already promised you Rs 175,000 worth of services, but before I send you all your membership materials, I need something from you.

This is before we even talk about money or membership fees.

Universal ideas of wealth and success that can work anywhere in the world
International Wealth Builders Club members speak...

"After I've become a WBC member, my life and my financial education improve by the day. I'm no longer indebted and I have more money in my account. Now, instead of worrying about next month's bills, I'm preparing to invest... the options were always intriguing to me because I didn't know them until then."

- Brazilian club member Samuel V

"Your experience and life wisdom resonates with my own in many ways, and this has encouraged, energized and empowered me to drive many changes (small and big) in my life and in the way I look at many things."

- French club member Alain LB

"Please could you thank Mark Ford on my behalf, his hard work, generosity and commitment to the WBC is both astonishing and inspiring!"

- British club member Dan N

"I have never felt so energised, and feel that Mark's advice and the Wealth Builders Club subscription is the best investment that I have made in my life - his insights are invaluable! My productivity has skyrocketed in just a short few weeks!"

- Australian Club Member Daniel B

Mark feels very strongly about this:

We want your word that you will take
action immediately on at least ONE
of the ideas in the club.

Whichever one piques your interest first.

These strategies will work for anyone willing to give them a serious try. But Mark says most people fail to achieve their wealth-building goals because they postpone action.

They tell themselves they'll get to it later, or as soon at the time is right.

One of my favourite quotes from Mark is this: "The moment you say you'll start next month, or even next week, you reduce your chances of success by 90 percent."

To get started, you won't need a lot of spare time, but you will need to commit some. Please, please think about that.

If you're worried that you don't have enough time for something else in your life, this definitely won't be for you.

Mark and I want you to consider this condition carefully before you give us any of your details and begin the process of joining the club.

If you don't feel that you'll be able to commit some of your time to at least one of our wealth-building programs, it's better that you don't accept my invitation today.

Frankly, we'd prefer our research went to someone who was going to get the full value out of it.

And when I say 'full value'...

You're getting Rs 175,000 worth of
wealth building resources today

If you are as pumped for this as I think you are, I don't think you'll have a problem accepting our one and only condition of membership.

Bottom line: Provided you're prepared to commit some spare time, this wealth-creation program has the potential to take you from where you are now to independently wealthy (or rich and retired) within seven years.

We're giving you all the tools to help you do it... Nothing is off limits to club members. The full formula will be revealed.

If I added up the cost of all the valuable material I'm waiting to send you today, it would come to Rs 175,000.

That might sound like a lot.

But when you consider that the pay-off for all this could be an eight-figure net worth, and a new level of happiness, it's getting a return on your investment that's beyond any number!

You cannot achieve that return from investing in stocks. And you wouldn't get anywhere near the same satisfaction.

But here's the thing. If you join the Wealth Builders Club through this invitation today, it won't cost you anything like that...

Join Before March 26th
For This ONE TIME Offer!

Implementing the ideas in the Wealth Builders Club could make you Rs 5,00,000...Rs 25,00,000...Rs 50,00,000 or more in a single year.

Over five or ten years? You could easily build a fortune.

If you were paying to get this type of education at a college or university, it would run you more than Rs 10 lacs.

Actually, I've learned more from Mark than I have from my fancy college education.

That's why I believe a subscription to the Wealth Builders Club India is an absolute steal even at its full price...

But for you, it's about to get even better...

Normally, a LIFETIME membership to Wealth Builders Club India costs Rs 99,950.

The Wealth Builders Club is the kind of thing where you don't want to have to worry about an 'end date'. It's a revolution - a life transformation. It gives you an endless supply of ideas, strategies, and support for your wealth-building story.

If you take this opportunity right now to join the Wealth Builders Club, I have no doubt that in seven years' time you could be richer than you ever thought you could be .

Even in just a year from now I'm sure your financial picture will be brighter.

But I want you to feel confident too. Confident you made the right decision. In fact, I want you to look back on this as one of the best financial decisions you ever made.

And we don't want anything to stop you from taking this step - least of all the membership fee.

Now, we have only ever shared these resources with lifetime members. And we strongly believe that is how this blueprint should work. So just this one time...

If you act right now, just this one time, you can obtain a one-year membership to Wealth Builders Club India for a payment of Rs 24,950 only.

Rs 24,950 a year is less than Rs 69 per day.

I'm pretty certain you spend more than this on your commute to and from your workplace every day. But the Wealth Builders Club is something that can put an end to all those troubles and empower you to finally start living the life you want to live.

I believe this makes joining the club a 'no-brainer'.

Imagine how it could change your life...and the lives of your loved ones. You'd never have to count again.

If you invested Rs 24,950 in a stock, what's the most you could hope to make in a year? 10%? 50%? 100%? The odds of making one crore from a stock are pretty much zero.

But the strategies and recommendations I'll be sharing with you as a member of the Wealth Builders Club India are the real secrets to creating wealth.

So don't hesitate...because here's the clincher!

Our Contribution to 'Your First Project'

As I told you, most of the ideas and methods revealed through Wealth Builders Club require very low startup funds.

Now, we want you to start with idea number one right away.

So we have decided to give you an additional Rs 5,000 off, to kickstart your entrepreneurial journey.

This means instead of Rs 24,950 like I said earlier, you will pay only Rs 19,950 if you join Wealth Builders Club now through this invitation for one-year membership.

Rs 19,950 per year comes to just about Rs 55 per day.

I believe we all spend more than Rs 55 per day on less meaningful things.

And this is something that could bring a huge transformation in your life going forward.

There's one final thing I want to tell you about...

Join the Club today and you'll also receive...

Your Very Own
'Millionaire's Library'

The 'Millionaire's Library' is a physical package, mailed directly to your doorstep - for free - when you join the club.

Rip open the package...and inside you'll find three of Mark's top-selling books. Including...

a) Ready, Fire, Aim: Zero to $100 Million in No Time Flat

Ready, Fire, Aim is one of Mark's bestselling books.

Whether you're thinking about starting a new business or growing an existing one, this book can give you a focused strategy for guiding the small business through the four stages of entrepreneurial growth successfully.

It teaches you the different skills needed in order to excel in this dynamic environment. And it's based on knowledge Mark obtained from creating and expanding numerous businesses.

This hardcover book is priced at about Rs 2,571.44 on Amazon India. But when you sign up for Wealth Builders Club India, you get it absolutely free.

b) Automatic Wealth: The Six Steps to Financial Independence

Many people in their 30s-50s recognise that their current job will never afford them true financial independence.

But rather than quit your day jobs and face an uncertain future, Mark shows you how to turn your skills and experience into more money in seven to fifteen years.

This hardcover book is also priced at about Rs 1,286 on Amazon India. But when you sign up for Wealth Builders Club India, you get it absolutely free.

c) The Pledge: Your Master Plan for an Abundant Life

Soon after you join, we will also dispatch you a free copy of one of Mark's most recently published best-selling books.

This book shares Mark's personal transformation system that will convert you into a money-making machine.

It's more than a self-help book. It's a contract between the person you are today and the person you would like to be. The YOU who goes after what you want and realises your potential.

The information is this book is not the key to happiness and success. But acting on it can be.

This book is currently being sold for about Rs 248 on Amazon India. But when you sign up for Wealth Builders Club India, you get it absolutely free.

"Thank you very much for the tremendous suggestions offered in the Wealth Builders Club. Thank you too for the copy of [this book], which I have read cover-to-cover. It is a good read, easy to understand, and choc-a-bloc full of actionable ideas for self-improvement."

-Club Member Roger Leslie

(Note: These books will only be mailed to addresses in India.)

If you Join Wealth Builders Club, all the books in the 'Millionaire's Library', worth over Rs 4,000, are yours with my compliments.

I know we've been through a lot today.

And I appreciate how overwhelming all of this might seem. We really are offering to help you make real change. Change is not easy.

If it was, neither of us would be here, right?

But here's the most important thing...

We will support and
encourage your wealth-building
efforts ALL THE WAY

My job is to make sure all the methods we reveal to you through the Wealth Builders Club are easy to understand and actionable, and meet all our rules and requirements.

I am also your link to Mark. I will pass on your ideas, suggestions, or requests to him. And pass his responses to you. And while we cannot forward or offer any personalised investment advice, we will always answer your emails fast - because your journey to eight figures is our priority.

Just ask club member Vinay Ganesan...

"I have no words to express my satisfaction with regard to the commitment shown by you guys on delivering the two reports I just suggested in my email. This email is only to express my congratulations to the Wealth Builders Club team on having shown such a commitment to serve your subscribers. I am happy to have your support in this wonderful journey."

I will be there if you get stuck. So keep in touch with me.

There's another safety net I want to offer you...

Our 90-Day Satisfaction Guarantee

Here's what I propose:

Join The Wealth Builders Club

Download all the bonus reports and gifts I want to send you. Read the introductory material Mark will send you in the next week. Get a feel for the kinds of wealth-building techniques and strategies you're going to learn.

Then throw yourself into the formula. Try one or more of our wealth-building programs. Make some of the changes we suggest to you. Watch as your financial fortunes change before your eyes.

If, at any stage in the next ninety days, you feel the Club can't deliver the kind of wealth you're looking for, call us and we'll cancel your membership.

You'll get a FULL REFUND of the joining fee you pay today.

You read that right: You have a WHOLE 90 DAYS to evaluate, test, and measure our strategies, according to any criteria you like. If at any time you decide membership is not for you, I'll refund you, no questions asked.

You can keep everything you get from the Wealth Builders Club in that time.

Every strategy and report. The 'Millionaire's Library'. Every email...EVERY resource you get over the next ninety days is yours to keep, even if you cancel and claim a refund.

Is It Worth It?

"I would like to let you know that subscribing to the Wealth Builders Club is one of the best investments I believe I have made, as everything coming from you is so very well value added, practical and actionable. Thank you so much for all the inspirational life changing thoughts and essays which I thoroughly enjoy ?"

- Club member Sandesh Pandhare

"Mark is my new mentor. His ideas resonate with me a lot. His ideas are so practical, and he connects all of the missing dots to being successful.."

- Club member Mani M

"I can say for sure that I've started my journey in a right direction with the right people (WBC team)."

- Club member Swapnil Malewar

"I happen to come across Wealth Builders Club India (WBCI) where I a lot of Mark's Ideas for generating wealth were shared. Now don't get me wrong, he's no magician who can make you a millionaire overnight - that's entirely up to you and your efforts. But if you want to know how to get there, then he is the one you need to listen to."

- Club member Capt Akshay Maini

"The work that is going on in this club is commendable to say the least - sharing the wealth building wisdom to this detail is not anyone's cup of tea. Kudos to what you have been must have changed the mindset of lot of common people towards a goal of building wealth."

- Club member Rajesh Boorugucharla

"Great and inspiring solutions for sixty plus. This is good that in his series Mark Ford made beginning with retirees, who must bring change in their classic thinking."

- Club member Joginder Bakshi

"I have yet to come across more SOLID article than the one below... As the person who planned, planned and planned for creating retirement funds and finding big chunk of it MELTING away i can understand the meaning of this article more than anybody else, perhaps..."

- Subscriber S A Salam

"You've given me confidence that I can drive my future, rather than sit by the roadside waiting for what might pass my way. I am in a much better, safer financial position than I was a year ago. Thank you."

- Club member JN

"For one of the few times in my life I'm fiercely focused and honestly feel I'm getting somewhere."

- Club member S Ravishanker

I think you already know the answer to that.

Yes, you're busy. Yes, your time is valuable.

But think how much more valuable it could be in twelve months' time...when you've got a year's worth of Mark's wealth coaching under your belt.

Still, you might be thinking: "I can get a lot of moneymaking tips on the Internet for free - why should I pay you?"

Yeah, maybe you can. So, why haven't you?

Look, the Wealth Builders Club is not just a handful of tips, tidbits and tricks to guide you to make some money.

This is a chance to get access to the life's work of one of the most successful wealth builders in the world. And to learn - and copy - the simple habits, rituals, and guiding principles that led him to a high eight-figure fortune.

Believe me, once you see what's coming your way...once you get a feel for the kind of money you can start making from these'll wonder why we didn't charge more.

Just ask AV. For the first year, she wasn't sure if she had taken the right step. She learned a lot - she was not complaining.

But...she hadn't made that extra money we had hoped.

And then one day, in her second year of membership, she said it was like a switch was flicked. In one day, she made almost what she had paid for the Club! In dollars that too (it was about $600 - she used Paypal for online payment and it was about Rs 38,000).

Now she's unstoppable, making that kind of money every weekend. But that's not why she loves the Club. Like all our members, she feels the Club pushes her to live her best life.

Akshay M put it beautifully...

"The wealth of knowledge and experience shared is great. But what has made this journey exceptional - is that most important motivational boost you get!!! It gets you moving - moving away from that very comfortable position of not following up on actions and to overcome the inertia of keep things the same. I for one have already started to try and implement a couple of his ideas - I need to work on it, just like all successful people - time and energy needs to be spent on what you believe and go for it."

Let's be clear about what's at stake here.

This is a chance to have your life removed from the 'middle-class chakravyuh'. It's a way out. A way up.

A hand has reached inside to pull you out...

Will you grab it?

Then I urge you: Do not ignore this invitation.

Even if you're only half-interested, consider this...

You've got nothing to lose when you test out the Wealth Builders Club under our 90-day full refund guarantee. But you could potentially miss out on a small fortune if you don't act now.

Also, this 1-year offer on Wealth Builders Club India will be available only for a short period. There will be NO extensions!

After that...

  • You'll have to pay the FULL membership fee
  • You won't be able to sign up until we reopen registrations to the Club
  • And you will have lost a great opportunity to be a part of this special group and transform your life in ways you may have never imagined

So don't hesitate...

Join Now

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To your future wealth, good health, and happiness,

Anisa Virji
Anisa Virji, Managing Editor,
Wealth Builders Club
February 2017

P.S.: Once you've made your first one crore rupees, I want you to write to me and tell me your story. I will personally be very interested in reading it...and it will also encourage other people to join the Wealth Builders Club and transform their lives.

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With a full refund guaranteed, what could you possibly lose?

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