Dear Reader,

Today I want to share with you the story of Mr Sharma...

A simple, middle-class, hard-working, family man from Mumbai.

Mr Sharma had come to Mumbai in his early 20s, after completing his studies from one of the most prestigious institutes of our country.

He got a good job in a private organization right away. And even got a good salary package (much more than his peers) to begin with.

Over the years, he saw his career taking off... and with each promotion, saw an incremental pay hike as well.

And as is the norm in India, he soon got married and was blessed with two children.

A doting father, he happily fulfilled every need and want of his two loving children.

Whether it was enrolling them into the best schools... or those ever-increasing pocket-money requests... or their demand for the latest gadgets... he fulfilled all of their whims and desires.

And then, there were the expenses associated with living in a city, the occasional gifts for his wife, family dinners, movies, and so on.

In short, everything was going good!

And even when it came to marrying off his kids, Mr Sharma left no stone unturned in making sure that it was as lavish as anyone could have imagined.

But even though he did almost everything right throughout his life, there was one crucial mistake (that almost all Indians make) that Mr Sharma made too...

Despite earning a high salary right from the start of his career, Mr Sharma was never about saving, investing or even thinking about building a retirement corpus.

He always thought that he would "meet this big expense now" and "save next year onwards".

But the problem with this didn't become fully clear to Mr Sharma until he got close to his retirement recently.

You see, being a private employee through his life, Mr Sharma would not receive any pension.

Add to that the fact that both his children have now settled abroad, and are busy building their own family lives.

So today, as Mr Sharma reaches his retirement age, he has just two options left...

Either continue working past retirement...

Or seek help from his children.

Neither of these should have been the case!

And if a graduate from one of the most prestigious colleges of our country who had a long and successful career could not "Save Enough"...

How many amongst us can?

Yes, this in fact isn't the story of Mr Sharma alone, but hundreds of Mr Sharmas like him all across India!

Let's admit it - we always think we loved our children and gave them everything in our power to make their lives better. And our children love us very much too.

So they will naturally look after us when we grow old.

But I'm writing this letter with a shocking warning for you or anybody else who might be thinking that way.

This is no longer feasible!

In fact, for reasons I'll reveal below, this kind of thinking could be a recipe for potential financial catastrophe in your final years.

However, you have nothing to fear because we've got a better idea for you right now.

Yes, it's a step we already know you're ready to take! And that's why we'd like to extend you an invitation to be a part of our special mission...

A mission to guide you in creating the dream retirement you desire, so you can enjoy life to the fullest in your retired days also.

The Illusion And The Reality...

Hi, I'm Anisa Virji, the Managing Editor of Common Sense Living.

Every month we receive hundreds of emails from our Common Sense Living newsletter readers.

Believe it or not, one of the hottest topics in many of the emails these days is retirement! And we think it very much ought to be.

See, increase in life expectancy today is a well-known fact.

With all the advances in healthcare, a great number of people are living beyond the age of 80 in many countries including India.

An article in the Economist stated that there are now more than 55,000 living centenarians in Japan right now... yes, that's 55,000 people over the age of 100... up from just a few hundred for most of the 20th century!

Plus, as per a report in the Times of India, the statistics released by the Union Ministry of Health and Family Welfare in India also showed that life expectancy in India has gone up by five years in just a decade between 2001-2005 and 2011-2015.

So we could and should expect to live at least 20 years in retirement...

Which means our retired years could actually last longer than our entire childhood and teenage years too!

Unbelievable, isn't it?

But sadly, when it comes to retirement, things in India today are in complete contrast to the fairytale picture we are usually given of it.

The Real Story Nobody Told You
About Retirement In India...

The years after retirement are often referred to as the Golden Years.

During these years, you could take lazy naps till 9 AM or later in the morning, then catch up with contemporaries and go on long easy walks, take up hobbies and things you always wanted to do, enjoy frequent holidays with your spouse, and so on.

But the question everybody needs to ask now is - how many people are REALLY able to live like that today in India once they retire?

After interacting with scores of retirees personally and over the email, I can tell you very few indeed!

However, you don't just have to take my word for it...

Sonalde Desai, a Senior Fellow at the National Council of Applied Economic Research (NCAER) with a joint appointment as Professor of Sociology at the University of Maryland, is a demographer whose work deals mainly with human development in developing countries.

Sonalde was part of the India Human Development Survey (IHDS), conducted in two rounds in 2004-05 and 2011-12 by NCAER, New Delhi and the University of Maryland.

NCAER, as you may know, is India's oldest and largest economic think tank. And it is highly respected for assisting the government, civil society and the private sector in making informed policy choices.

But more importantly, NCAER is uniquely qualified for designing and executing large-scale sample surveys, such as the one used in IHDS.

The IHDS was a multi-topic survey that reached out to more than 200,000 individuals from about 42,000 households, covering 33 states and union territories of India on the whole.

Through this survey, Sonalde Desai and her colleagues discovered some startling facts, which they revealed in their article titled "After the Dividend: Caring for a Greying India" published in the Economic and Political Weekly.

The article says...

"Given the nature of work elderly people do during the early years of life, and the lack of a savings mechanism and pension system, a majority of the elderly in India continues to work beyond the legal retirement age for formal sector workers."

But more importantly, the article also states that...

"A large proportion of the elderly households depends on income from salaried or wage work. About 87% of the households receive any income from agricultural/business/wage work. Close to 29% of the elderly lives in households which receive income from pensions, interest income and renting property."

So as per the above data, a large percentage of Indians are being forced to work well beyond the age of 60 years purely due to monetary compulsions.

And before you even consider it, let's get another thing straight too...

Your Kids Simply CANNOT Be Your Backup Plan...

As we talked about in the beginning of this letter, many of us Indian folks derive a lot of strength and confidence from the thought that our children will always be there to look after us...

And when we are no longer able to work in our old age, we can happily go and settle with our kids and grandkids.

However, this may no longer be feasible for two reasons now...

  1. The beckoning of a better life elsewhere:

    Sonalde Desai et al., in the same article "After the Dividend: Caring for a Greying India" also stated that...

    "With the gradual decline of employment in traditional sectors (like agriculture), opening up of new jobs in global settings, and growing individualism, it is often argued that the multigenerational family system is under stress. The IHDS finds some support for these expectations and reports a 5 percentage point decline in the elderly co-residence during the past seven years."

    So a lot of parents are having to live away from their kids today because their children are either working in some other country, or in some other town or city in India.

    And if not this, the children want to stay separately to have more personal space. Or even the parents themselves what to stay alone to have greater freedom and to continue living in the place and atmosphere they are accustomed to.

    So there's a wave of self-reliance and personal independence spreading among seniors in India too.

    An article in Hindustan Times observed that Indian joint families breaking down now as seniors are increasingly opting for retirement homes rather than staying with their children.

    But again, both living alone and in good retirement homes with all the amenities costs money.

    Which brings us to my second important point...

  2. Rising prices burning a hole in the pocket:

    Now you might be thinking―even if you don't go and stay with your kids, they could still surely provide you some financial assistance to help you get by in your retired days.

    Well, that too might be a tough task for a lot of kids going forward.

    Here's why...

    Take a 500-rupee note out of your pocket today, and within minutes... it's gone. Spent!

    That is what the ever-increasing living costs have done to us today. We are paying much more for everything than we used to... and getting only a fraction of what we'd get earlier.

    According to an article in the Times of India, food prices in general rose 157% between 2004 and 2013. This means you had to pay two and half times more in 2013 than you did for the same quantity of food in 2004.

    But why even talk about 10 or 15 years ago.

    You know that in the last three years alone, vegetable prices have risen greatly. The prices of fruits, eggs, meat and fish too have gone up. Onions keep attaining jewelry status regularly!

    And that's not all...

    Education has become expensive. House rents have risen. Traveling costs have risen. Property prices have risen.

    A dinner for two that cost Rs 500 a couple of years back now costs Rs 1,500. Even watching a movie in a theatre has gotten a lot more expensive.

    In short, you spend a lot more today just to keep your house running and meet your basic monthly expenses than your parents ever did in the past. And it will be the same with your children in the future.

    This being the case, do you want to get into a situation where you might become an extra burden on your children? Where they have to support you, their aged parents, while also providing for their young family?

    And this is of course assuming your children are already working and well-settled by the time you retire.


    • What if your children aren't settled by the time you retire, and you have to provide for them too?
    • What if you have to look after your own elderly parents?
    • What if you still have large unpaid loans on your home or your children's education?
    • What if you make persistently low returns in the markets for a few years?
    • What if your expenses spiral out of control due to rising costs?

    Because of all these concerns and more, not planning for your retirement is simply NOT an option.

    However, the good news is...

Help Is Close At Hand!

The truth is amidst all the euphoria around our large youth workforce, we are overlooking the fact that a part of our population is slowly but surely turning old too.

According to projections by the United Nations Population Division, India has around 100 million people above the age of 60 years today...which is expected to TRIPLE to 300 million by 2050.

And this 300 million will most certainly include YOU and ME as well!

In an article in Hindustan Times on breakdown of the Indian joint family system, Prakash Borgaonkar, Director of the Mumbai branch of HelpAge India International -- an organization that helps older people lead more dignified, active and healthy lives -- remarked that...

"The government offers regular social security payments only to those below the poverty line -- a minority of India's elderly -- and even then the benefits are difficult to access."

So with no government assistance, insufficient or no pension, breaking up of joint families, children finding it hard to provide financial help, and the constantly increasing cost of living, majority of Indians are heading towards a tough retirement.

And that's why there's an URGENT need for us to decide...

Whether we want to spend 20 years or more of our life after retirement penny-pinching for every rupee?

Or whether we want to give back to our children, celebrate important events in the lives of our grandchildren, travel to new places, fulfill our passions and do a lot more, even in our retired years?

If it's the latter, then you're definitely in the right place.

But before we proceed, I have to ask you a question...

Do You Know Exactly How Much Money
YOU Will Need At Retirement?

You see, most people either greatly underestimate the amount that they will need for a hassle-free retirement, or under-invest because their current income will not allow them to put away more.

Both of these can create a GIGANTIC problem for you later on.

And to explain with an example...

Let's assume you're a 45-year old person... with a current expenditure of Rs 80,000 per month... and current investments of Rs 55 lacs.

Now let's calculate the amount you would need for maintaining your current lifestyle after your retirement at the age of 60...

And for maintaining the same for twenty years after retirement, i.e. till you turn 80...

An example for retirement amount calculation: This number makes a lot of people roll their eyes in disbelief!

Your current monthly basic household expenditure = Rs 80,000/- Inflation (pre and post retirement) assumed to be = @ 9% p.a.

Your current medical expenses = Annual Rs 50,000/- Inflation on medical expenses assumed to be = @ 10% p.a

Value of your current investments = Rs 5,500,000/-
Expected returns on investment,
until retirement age = @ 12% p.a.

post retirement = @ 9% p.a.

So at Retirement Age:

Your monthly basic expenditure would cost Rs 291,399/-

Your annual medical expenses would cost Rs 208,862/-

Total Annual expenditure would be Rs 3,705,646/-

So to maintain your current lifestyle when you turn 60, your total annual expenditure then would be around Rs 37 lacs per year!

And to maintain the same lifestyle for 20 years after your retirement, you would need a corpus of around Rs 7.41 crores.

Unbelievable, right?

Now assuming your investments grow @ 12% p.a. till you retire, the value of your current investments of Rs 55 lacs is likely to be around Rs 3 crores when you turn 60.

Which means you would still require Rs 4.4 crores more to maintain your current lifestyle during your retired years too.

So you can see how you need to start putting away even more for retirement from this very moment onwards. But the problem is that building up your retirement corpus is not the only thing you have to do with your money.

There are expenditures like buying our own house, buying a car (or two), kids' education and marriage, or grandkids' birthday parties.

And then there are unexpected medical bills that come out of nowhere, the impulse buys we do from time to time, unexpected loss of our own income or income from spouse, and so on.

All of which can affect our investments towards retirement greatly.

But now, there's a way for you to endure all such unexpected expenditures, fulfill all your current desires, and still save for and eventually get that dream retirement you want.

Yes! Here are the full details about it...

Lay Down The Path For A Comfortable Retirement
With A Proven And Comprehensive Plan...

Of late it has dawned on a lot of folks that retirement is indeed a major life phase, and it rightly requires a foolproof financial plan of its own.

However, even though people recognize that their retirement could be very long, they have no idea what's the best way to plan for it or who to trust.

Luckily for you, we've got just the thing to not only help you prevent unpleasant situations in your retired years, but also enable you to lead a self-sufficient and independent retirement.

That's right!

It doesn't matter whether you are 21 and just starting out in your career, or 50 and heading towards retirement fast with more worry than hope.

What we have for you below could work for everybody!

You see, when it comes to retirement, all of us have a lot of tricky questions like:

  • How much money do we need in our accounts before we can bid adieu to the world of regular earnings?
  • How do we create that lump sum so that we can live the remainder of our lives without financial fears crossing our paths again?
  • What if the money I have saved is not enough?
  • Are my current investments on the right path?
  • What will be my main source of income once I retire?
  • Are there alternate methods I can use to earn extra money in my retired years?

The questions are many...

And the main problem is that the right answer for each person would be different depending on their age, current situation, social status, and several other factors.

So how do you know what are the right questions to ask for yourself?

And how do you know what's the right answer for YOU?

I'm Partnering With Two People With
Rock-Solid Credentials To Help You
Figure Out The Answers Correctly. . .

After receiving hundreds of emails from readers expressing their apprehensions about retirement, I felt we really needed to put something together to help our readers address this issue quickly and correctly.

So I went looking for the people with the right credentials, knowledge, and expertise to help me in this mission.

And thankfully, I didn't have to look too long or too far for them!

If you've been reading our Common Sense Living newsletters for even a short period of time, then you already know about Mark Ford.

Mark Ford is an American author, entrepreneur, publisher, real estate investor, copywriter, and consultant to direct marketing and publishing industries.

Mark has built up wealth of a whopping $60 million in 30 years after starting from nearly $100,000 in debt. And through his books, courses, and publications, he has also taught and continues to teach thousands of people all over the world to follow the same path.

Most importantly, since we're on topic of retirement, I should mention that Mark is an expert on retirement.

Not because he has studied the topic thoroughly or claims he is an expert...

But because, in Mark's own words, he has retired three times till now, and learned what works and what doesn't from experience.

The Biggest Mistake Retired People Make...

Mark Ford feels that the biggest mistake a lot of retired people make is giving up their active income (i.e. income from a job or business) completely...

And thinking that their passive income (i.e. pension and returns from their investments) will be enough to support themselves in retirement.

You see, as per Mark Ford, there are two big disadvantages of bidding adieu to your active income completely once you retire...

First, when your connection to the source of your active income is cut, you also lose your connections with all the people you knew and worked with.

Second, the lack of an active income increases your dependence on the passive income and weakens your ability to make smart investment decisions.

Active Income vs No Active Income

To explain this better, imagine you have built up a retirement corpus to support yourselves in your golden days.

WITH an active income, you might need your retirement corpus to grow at just 10% per year to reach the retirement income you require... which is very much doable without taking a lot of risk.

But WITHOUT an active income, and also taking into account the inflation, you might require your retirement corpus to grow at 20% or even 30% every year!

And this would mean having to invest your money in high-risk avenues and worrying about it every night and day.

A scenario you don't want to get yourself into in the years that you're actually supposed to enjoy!

So I say instead of going through this entire ordeal, why not have a retired life that includes lots of travel, fun, and leisure- partly funded by the active income you earn from doing some kind of meaningful work?

Yes! There are many ways for a retired person to earn a part-time, active income. And Mark will reveal several of them to you now and show you how to put them into action too.

In fact, you don't have to wait until you retire to put these methods into action.

You could start using them right away, to make even more money to invest in your retirement plans or to do whatever you want.

But that's not all...

Live Life Richly
...Even In Your Retirement!

When a lot of people retire, they're suddenly forced to bring about a drastic change in their lifestyle, cut down on many of the things you love, spend money more carefully, and so on.

It hurts them not only financially, but also psychologically.

But I can assure you that you won't have to go through all of it.

Mark Ford believes that it is possible to get the best things out there for less... and live like the rich without actually spending like them. And he wants to show you multiple ways to do this too.

And, again, you don't have to wait for retirement to put these methods into action.

You could start using them and start leading a more satisfying life right away too!

Sure, But What About The "Financial" Part
Of Your Retirement Plans?

So Mark Ford is the man you should listen to for ideas on generating an active income after your retirement and living like a millionaire for less...

But I know many people would feel that their retirement planning isn't truly complete until they have the appropriate "financial" plans in place too.

Don't worry. I've got you covered here as well!

Allow me to introduce PersonalFN, one of India's leading and best-reputed advisory platforms for everything on personal finance.

Since 1999, PersonalFN has been researching and advising extensively on mutual funds, bonds, fixed deposits, insurances, taxation and gold.

... in short, anything and everything that relates to your personal finance.

And what really differentiates PersonalFN is that they think about YOUR best interests first. And they don't run after commissions like many other financial advisory firms do.

As one of PersonalFN's subscribers, Srinivasa Rao from Bengaluru, puts it...

"With their unbiased research and personalized financial planning, PersonalFN helped me overcome the fear of investing into mutual funds. I think I have become an informed investor, thanks to the easy-to-understand literature and research articles that PersonalFN publishes and their friendly staff who never pressurize a customer into anything."

Given their experience and reputation, I knew that the guys at PersonalFN would be the best choice to guide you with the "financial part" of your retirement planning.

So I immediately got to work, collaborating with both Mark Ford and PersonalFN, incorporating all their teachings, ideas, and years of experience.

The result?

Retire Rich:

The 7 Steps to Take Today For a
Better Retirement Than You Can Imagine

When I told Mark Ford and the guys at PersonalFN about what I was working on... my mission to help regular folks achieve a dream retirement...both immediately agreed to lend their expertise without hesitation.

And the result is our guide, Retire Rich: The 7 Steps to Take Today For a Better Retirement Than You Can Imagine!

It's a brilliant, all-encompassing, easy-to-follow guide that I have put together in a joint effort with both Mark Ford and PersonalFN.

The guide brings together Mark Ford's wealth building ideas with PersonalFN's financial knowhow, and shows you how you could achieve your dream retirement in just 7 steps.

Yes! In this 75-page guide, you will learn:

  • Why retirement planning is a must for everyone and why you should do it today (Page 6)
  • The 10 questions to ask to assess your financial situation (Page 14)
  • How to calculate the exact amount you need to retire (Page 23)
  • How to start building your retirement corpus (Page 26)
  • How to evaluate your risk profile (Page 43)
  • Proper retirement portfolio asset allocation (Page 55)
  • ...and more!

And to make all that easy for you, I've also included some examples of what your ideal retirement portfolio could look like.

However, this guide is just one of the many things you get...

2. Retire Rich Toolkit:

Must-Have Resources For
Starting Your Retirement Plan Right Now

Now, simply reading the Retire Rich guide won't eliminate all your retirement-related worries and hand you the retirement you seek.

To make that a reality, you have to start calculating your numbers and start making the right investment decisions as soon as you can.

That's why our Retire Rich Toolkit will give you forms and checklists to start creating your retirement plan quickly.

The planner in this toolkit will help you plan as you go, giving you exercises to complete and numbers to calculate. And with each step, you will have more clarity on where you are in your retirement planning process right now, and what you need to do from now on.

In addition, we have also included five financial calculators that will make this process and your life so much easier.

3. Retire Rich Portfolio:

5 Mutual Fund Recommendations
To Start Securing Your Retirement Immediately

By this point, you'll probably have all your retirement-related numbers ready.

Now comes the issue of where you should invest your money to achieve the financially sound retirement you want.

In PFN's Retire Rich Portfolio guide, you will get a brief preview of 5 ideal investments, and why you should consider investing in them right away.

Yes! PersonalFN, based on their 15-plus years of experience, has handpicked five funds that are well-placed to capture economic developments in India and could generate considerable wealth for you over the next 5–6 years.

This is one of the core components of this project.

These five funds recommended by PersonalFN are capable of providing you with not only diversification, but also stability and a prospect for long term capital growth...thereby giving you a reliable foundation on which to build your retirement dreams.

But wait we're not done yet...

4. Retire Rich Protection Plan:

The Ironclad Safeguard to
Disaster-Proofing Your Retirement Right Now

Okay, let's say you have now calculated all your retirement numbers and started making investments to build up your retirement corpus.

Very often, we have seen that people have to keep dipping into their retirement savings to cover some sudden unexpected costs. And this prevents them from building up their corpus as fast as they'd like or to the level they'd like.

That's why in our Retire Rich Protection Plan, we have included useful tips on how to insure yourself against any disaster and thereby protect your retirement corpus.

This guide prepared by PersonalFN answers important questions on life and health insurance, pension plans, and even on how to prepare a will so that your children don't fight over your property after you leave this world, a vital issue lot of people tend to ignore or overlook!

5. Retire Rich Income:

Tried and Tested Techniques To Make
Extra Money And Boost Your Retirement Income

I've had many retired people tell me that when they retired and their regular income stopped, they felt like a water tap had been suddenly cut off.

But I'm here to tell you that you can still keep that tap running and have money coming in after your retirement...

While doing something you love, from the comfort of your home, for just a few hours a week.

Yes! In our Retire Rich Income guide, Mark shows you several 'extra income' ideas used by himself and several members of our Wealth Builders Club India to create extra streams of income to supplement their retirement funds.

And the best part is, you don't have to wait until retirement to start using these methods.

You can start using them right away to earn extra money and make bigger investments towards your retirement corpus as well.

And finally you also get...

6. Retire Rich Life:

The Key To Spending Much Less And
Enjoying Life More Every Day Of The Year

Saving for retirement doesn't mean giving up all your pleasures right now.

You don't have to scrimp and save every rupee in the hope of living a happy retirement 10 or 20 years down the line.

In our Retire Rich Life guide, Mark Ford shows you multiple ways to get the best things for less and live life like a rich man without spending like one.

And these ideas don't just focus on how to spend your money. They also delve into the best ways to spend your time and more.

You get ideas on how to sleep well, eat well, travel well, and make your life more enriching.

7. 24X7 Access to Everything On Our
Retire Rich website

If you're someone who likes to read and refer to things on the go, then you'll be happy to know that all these guides (except for the Retire Rich Portfolio) will also be available to you on our website...

24 hours a day, 7 days a week!

(For PersonalFN's Retire Rich Portfolio guide, we will have a note on the website on how to access it.)

So if you're travelling on a train or sitting in an airport with internet access on your mobile, you can simply go to our Retire Rich website and access these guides with ease.

We are making all efforts to ensure the information in these guides is both

  1. Easy-to-understand, and
  2. Easy-to-access that you can go through them and benefit from the information without any problem.

8. Access To The Exclusive
Retire Rich Club

Finally, through our Retire Rich website, you will also get access to our Exclusive Members Only Retire Rich Club, where you can interact with other members, share your experiences, and guide each other in your retirement-planning journeys.

And the guys from PersonalFN and I will also be there to guide you and give our views and inputs wherever we can.

So with this Club, you can get your doubts and queries cleared instantly. And you won't have to act with confusion or uncertainty lingering in your mind with respect to any of our methods.

If you're stuck at any point while implementing some method, just get on the Club and get everything cleared up immediately.

And You Can Get All These As A Part Of Our

As I said, I've partnered with Mark Ford and PersonalFN in this project to help you achieve the dream retirement you desire and deserve...

The retirement that will be your 'self-created' chance at a good life in your Golden Years!

And you'll get all of these as a part of our ULTIMATE RETIREMENT BUNDLE now.

That's right! Both PersonalFN and Mark Ford have tons of experience in their respective fields. And this retirement bundle is loaded with nuggets of wisdom from their years of experience.

You won't find this information anywhere else!

At least, I personally don't know of any retirement bundle like this...which gives you a complete blueprint to achieve your dream retirement, without having to sacrifice your current pleasures or living life stingily today in a hope of a better tomorrow.

This Is A Great Opportunity For You
To Have A Retirement Like Mr Jain's...

As I told you earlier, many people think of retirement as a complete break from the hustle and bustle of their working life, and unlimited free time on their hands.

But having nothing to do can only lead to boredom and possibly even financial problems after a while. And, as they say, an idle mind is also the devil's workshop!

So why not have a retirement like Mr Jain's instead?

Mr Jain was the business head of a large government bank and travelled a lot for work. Today, he still travels but with a different purpose-to enjoy, relax, and see the world.

However, it's not like he has given up working completely now. Mr Jain still consults, advises, creates manuals, and gives business advice. And he has multiple retainers bringing him more than Rs 50,000 a month.

But the difference now is that he only accepts the projects he likes, he sets his own working hours, and he does most of his work through email, helping him retain his personal freedom.

As a result, he also has lots of time to spend with his grandson. And he is happier than he has ever been.

You too could have a retirement like Mr Jain's...filled with financial security, good health to be able to do whatever you love, and meaningful work to do.

But you'll need two things to get there...first, a proper plan...and second, taking the required action.

So How Is YOUR Retirement Going To Be?

You must have heard the saying, 'Failing to plan is planning to fail!'

Well, it definitely holds true when it comes to retirement.

So I ask you again-how is YOUR retirement going to be?

Will you become a burden on your kids, penny-pinch for every rupee you spend, live life in a state of constant financial worry, and slowly fade away into darkness?

Or will you be as active as ever, work partially even in your retired years, celebrate and even pay for important occasions in the lives of your kids and grandkids, and use the extra free time to visit new places and pursue your other passions?

The choice is entirely yours!

But if you indeed decide to start taking the RIGHT steps towards your retirement now, then we're happy to provide you all the guidance you need through our ULTIMATE RETIREMENT BUNDLE.

Now you must surely be wondering...

How Much Is All This Going To Cost You?

Before we talk about the price, let me make a few things clear...


When we set out to create our ULTIMATE RETIREMENT BUNDLE, our main aim was that it should benefit as many people as possible.

See, even though many people don't realize it, this retirement thing is turning into a huge financial epidemic.

And we want to do whatever we can to minimize its spread in India, which is why we created this retirement bundle.


If you go to a financial advisor for help with your retirement planning, without a doubt, he or she will charge you tens of thousands of rupees for his advice.

What's more, financial advisors will most likely be a recurring expenditure... NOT a one-time thing. Plus, you'll never know if they're thinking about their own commissions instead of your good.


When it comes to retirement planning, everybody usually says you have to scratch and save and live the hard life today to have a good retirement tomorrow.

But in our opinion, nobody deserves to live a life like that!

After live only once, and this day in your life is as precious as a day 10 or 20 years down the line.

That's why our ULTIMATE RETIREMENT BUNDLE helps you do both - live well today AND retire well tomorrow.


Here Once Again Is What You Get From Our

The Long List Of All Retire Rich Products
1) Retire Rich:
The 7 Steps to Take Today For a Better Retirement Than You Can Imagine!
(Rs 5,000 value)
2) Retire Rich Toolkit (Rs 2,000 value)
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