The BIGGEST promotion in your career and life is waiting for you. And it is closer than you can ever imagine

How You Could Go From
Employee To Employer
In Just 21 Days Flat For many years now, you may have been
suppressing your dreams and doing something
you totally dislike just for the sake of survival
But here’s how you could finally stop surviving,
start living, and create a richer and happier future
for yourself and also your successors
(Opportunity open for a short time only!)

Dear Reader,

Have you ever wondered

Whether there’s more to life than shuttling up and down and spending 10-plus hours at the office every day?

Whether your boss even appreciates your loyalty after you’ve poured your heart and soul into your job?

If you answered yes to either of these questions, then you’re not alone. And this letter is going to be one of the most important things you’ll ever come across.

Here’s why

We now want to give you a chance to change this scenario once and for all, and open the door to a better life of your choosing in just 21 days from now!

Yes! Imagine you could travel to new places and fulfill your life’s passions instead of travelling to work every day.

Imagine your hard work and loyalty being rewarded with the 100x increase in your wealth instead of a demoralizing snub.

Imagine making more money than you’d ever need, and never having to face financial scarcities again.

Sounds really exciting, doesn’t it?

And now, you have a chance to make it a reality too
- your reality!

That’s right! In case you’re still wondering what this is all about

I now want to guide you in starting your own business, in any field or area of your liking, and never look back again.

You see, there’s a massive shift happening in the world right now.

We now have twenty-something aged kids setting up businesses to pursue their passions. And digital nomads traversing the length and breadth of Earth with nothing but a laptop to support themselves.

The fact is that the idea of being your own boss and making big profits has never had as much appeal as it does right now.

So, it would be a huge shame if YOU missed out on something like this.

And I want to make it my goal to ensure you don’t.

Ritika Bajaj, Editor here at Common Sense Living

Hi, my name is Ritika Bajaj. You may already know me as one of the Editors of Common Sense Living.

But before Common Sense Living, I was actually an entrepreneur myself.

It was a huge learning experience right from setting up the business, to learning how to generate revenues, dealing with vendors, keeping clients happy, and so on.

However, it wasn’t an easy ride by any stretch of imagination.

And there were times when I really wished I had a mentor -- a person well-versed with the ups and downs of the entrepreneurial journey in India -- to guide me through the whole process.

So that’s exactly what I want to do for you now.

I’m going to give you a step-by-step blueprint
to get your business up and running

That’s right! You may have some fantastic business ideas in your mind.

Ideas you think nobody has put into action yet.
Ideas you think only you can pull off effectively.
Ideas you think will transform the world.

But it’s also possible you haven’t been able to put these ideas into action yet for various reasons.

However, there’s nothing to worry.

Over the next 21 days, we will send you a lesson every day explaining one step of the business launch process in detail.

These lessons will contain full details on how to create a business plan, what legal and logistical aspects to consider, what things one should be wary of, and more.

As you understand each step clearly, and complete the tasks associated with each step, you could move closer and closer to launching your own business successfully.

Then by the end of the 21 days, your business is finally going to be off the ground. And you'll also feel like the entire process was a piece of cake.

Now you might be asking what qualifies me to guide you in the business launch process.

So let’s get that out of the way first, shall we?

I’m putting my past entrepreneurial experience
to good use for YOU

There is a saying that entrepreneurs are born and not made.

I don’t know what you think of that. But in my case, I guess that saying was certainly true.

My first brush with entrepreneurship happened long back while I was still in college. At that time, I sold handmade candles to stores near my home but didn’t really take entrepreneurship seriously back then.

After graduating with a masters in English literature, I got into a job just like most people.

Fortunately, during my seven years in the media, I got the opportunity to meet and interview some of the finest minds in India and write on a range of topics including business, lifestyle, travel, culture, and fashion.

My encounters with business tycoons such as Kishore Biyani, Gautam Singhania, Rakesh Jhunjhunwala, and Shekhar Bajaj gave me immense insight into how leaders think and manage their enterprises.

But little did I know that all these interactions were silently propelling me towards my second entrepreneurial venture.

Yes! Armed with all this knowhow, I soon launched my own venture a design and content house focused on custom publishing which gave me a first-hand view of what it is like to set up and run your own business in India.

From understanding business development to creating a wide network of service providers, my startup taught me many valuable lessons on entrepreneurship.

It taught me that developing an entrepreneurial mindset can help overcome limitations and develop ingenious solutions that would aid the lives of many.

And that’s why I’ve made it my goal now to inculcate the same entrepreneurial mindset in my readers as well.

After two years of extensively researching and connecting with entrepreneurs at Common Sense Living, my many years of interactions with eminent businesspersons, and my own entrepreneurial experience prior to this, I have decided to share my learnings in the form of a course.

A course that would guide aspiring entrepreneurs in launching their own business in just 21 days flat.

6 reasons why you should really consider
starting your own business

Starting your own business gives you numerous advantages.

The biggest ones among them being:

  1. Make A Much Higher Income: When you work in a job, you let somebody else decide your income. But when you start your own business, you could earn a much higher income based on your efforts. And if the business succeeds and grows BIG in the future, the value of your stake in the business could also multiply MANY times.

    Take the case of Flipkart as an example. The company that started with an investment of just Rs 4 lacs in 2007 is valued in billions currently, turning its founders into millionaires today.
  2. Tie Your Work And Passion Together: Starting your own business gives you a chance to earn your livelihood doing what you love. So you may have a passion for writing or pianos or bikes. Whatever it is, you could turn it into your business. And by doing so, you could also find that your work is more enjoyable and fulfilling.

    Let’s consider the example of Zomato here. While working at Bain & Co, Deepinder Goyal would often collect and pin restaurant menus on his office soft board. When the menus became popular, he decided to upload them on a website for everyone to see. Zomato just took off from there, expanding to over 22 countries and increasing its valuation to over $1 billion currently.
  3. Fulfill Other People’s Unfulfilled Needs: There may be areas in which there’s a need for a product or service, but nobody is fulfilling that need yet. By pouncing on such opportunities, you could not only get the satisfaction of fulfilling somebody’s unfulfilled needs, but also create a profitable venture because of getting into that space early.

    Take the example of UrbanLadder here. Around the end of 2011, Ashish Goel, the founder of UrbanLadder, saw that despite the furniture category in India being a US$15 billion market, it had no big online seller. So he along with a friend launched UrbanLadder in 2012, and it is now India’s largest online furniture and home dcor company. What’s more, Indian billionaire Ratan Tata also came on board UrbanLadder as an investor-mentor in 2014.
  4. Work When And As Much Or As Little As YOU Want: If you’re tired of the "9-to-5" grind and the hustle and bustle of the corporate world, then starting your own business could enable you to set your own work timings and give you a more flexible lifestyle. And when your business grows in the future, you can hire employees and delegate the work to them instead of doing it all yourself.

    The Internet and Freelancing Jobsites have made this a reality for lot of business owners. And it spares you a lot of time for whatever you decide to do with it.
  5. Unleash Your Creativity And Script Your Own Destiny: When it’s your business, you will have the opportunity to be as creative as possible. You will get to create the rules, define the work processes, roll out additional products or services to meet customer demands, and do so much more. And sometimes things will not work like you expected them to. In that case, you will have the power to change your entire business model itself and start afresh.

    Take the case of Snapdeal. After launching in 2008, the company experimented with various business models over the course of four years without much success. Then in 2012, the company shifted to the eCommerce model and the business really took off after that. So if it’s your own business, your destiny can be in your own hands.
  6. Do Big Things Even From Small Towns: A job often requires you to move to distant locations for the purpose of work. But you can start your own business and make it big right from the place where you are residing currently.

    For example, CarDekho, the car classifieds and reviews company, was launched from the tourist town of Jaipur. And it is now highly successful and already active in countries like Indonesia too.

    Now you must be wondering that if setting up business has so many advantages

Why doesn’t everybody go out
and set up their own business?

Like I said, I’m sure there are millions of people out there (including YOU too probably) who have dreamed of breaking free from the 9-5 job. Of doing what they truly love. Of making a difference in this world.

But then, there’s a family to support, bills to be paid, children’s education and marriage

And worst of all, there’s also the fear of failing. Of losing face in the society if something they start does not turn out well.

So the result

The average person stays cage-bound in the same 9-5 job his entire life. And his dreams of going out on his own and doing big things gets buried deep under a mountain of responsibilities never to be heard of again.

However, that doesn’t have to be the case with you.

If you give me just 21 days, I will give you the complete roadmap to get your first business off the ground and finally give wings to your dreams.

And there isn’t going to be a better time than now to do that.

Why Now Is The Perfect Time
To Start Your Own Business

You must be wondering why you should start your business right now.

Why can't you start your business say the next year, or three years from now, when you are fully prepared and financially geared up for it?

Well, firstly I can tell you from my own experience that you're never going to be 100% prepared for launching your own business.

No matter how much and how well you plan, you're still going to have doubts and fears. And things are NOT going to turn out exactly like you expected them to.

But that is what setting up and running a business is. It’s a process where you’re constantly learning something new and improving yourself every single day.

So in my view, the best thing would be to not worry about how prepared you are, and just go out there and do it. (In any case, we will guide you with regard to the tools and know-how required to get your business up and running smoothly.)

Then comes the second part, about being financially geared up

See, there was a time when setting up your own business required a lot of money. Back then, you had to rent commercial space, buy office furniture, hire employees, and spend on countless other things before you could even get your business running.

However, things are a lot different now.

Today, setting up a business has become extremely easy with the growth of the Internet.

A lot of Internet firms today launch with just one or two employees who started the business in their spare time from their bedroom with minimal investment.

Then as and when the revenues increase, more employees are hired, a coworking space is used, and the operations are expanded.

So you certainly do not need a LOT of money to start a business in India these days.

And here’s the best part

What makes this scenario even better for aspiring entrepreneurs is

A government ready to encourage and
support aspiring entrepreneurs to the hilt!

You surely know about the “Startup India, Standup India” initiative of the Indian government.

This new initiative woos aspiring Indian entrepreneurs with multiple benefits like:

  1. A new app to be launched for registering businesses in just 24 hours: If the whole bureaucratic procedure for setting up a business made you wary earlier, then this is something you can take advantage of to register your business quickly and easily.
  2. All startups launched from April 2016 to be exempt from taxes for the first three years: So you can just invest the profits back into your venture and grow it even faster.
  3. A fast-track mechanism to make it easier for you to patent your intellectual property: Extremely useful for preventing competitors from copying your fast-selling and popular ideas, products and services.
  4. Wrapping up a failed venture will be as easy as starting a new one: Not every venture you begin will succeed. So if a venture doesn’t do well, you will be able to shut shop easily and move on to the next venture without any hassles.

Plus there are many other benefits too.

And we will now show you how to get the most out of this new government initiative as well.

A Chance To Make Your Mark In
“The Era of Indian Entrepreneurs”

India is on the brink of a creative revolution right now.

Never before have we seen so many divergent and offbeat ideas turn into huge and profitable businesses.

With the internet providing a plethora of opportunities, launching your own startup has never been easier.

In October 2015, software industry body NASSCOM and IT consulting firm Zinnov published a report on startups In India.

As per the report, India ranks no.3 in the world for its startup ecosystem with 4,200 startups. And 80,000 jobs have been created by startups in the year 2014-15 alone.

However, here’s the best part

It’s not just male entrepreneurs who are going out and setting up companies.

In fact, as per the same report, 9 per cent of the startup founders in India are actually females.

Which proves that just any person with an entrepreneurial mindset can go out and set up his or her own businessirrespective of age, caste or gender.

What’s more, we now also have investors who are constantly looking for and seeking out businesses with high-potential ideas and products to invest in them early.

In fact, the funding for startups actually increased by 125% from 2014 to 2015.

So in every way, this is truly the “Era of the Indian Entrepreneurs”, and you shouldn’t miss out on it.

An opportunity to make a difference
in a way only YOU can!

Now you might be thinking

“There must probably be startups operating in every field by now, then what new can I do?”

Well, you probably understand that no two people can do the same thing in the exact same way.

This means you could start a business that offers exactly the same thing as another company.

But the methods you use, the prices you charge, the way you treat your customers, and other aspects could be entirely different and make your business more appealing to customers.

So rather than worrying about competition, what’s more important is that your business should be based on an idea that’s close to your heart.

Pursue an idea that connects with you, and arises from your own experiences, instincts, and understanding of the market and consumer.

That way your venture will obtain uniqueness from the fact that it reflects YOUR unique personality, and no one can copy it easily.

Now you must be having a lot of questions about setting up your own business like:

  1. How are you going to find that unique idea?
  2. What will you do once you have found it?
  3. Where will you get the required money from?
  4. How will you know whether it is the right time to launch?

Well, we promised to guide you in answering all the difficult questions.

And we are going to do just that through our new course!

Announcing The Indipreneur Launchpad:
Our New Online Course To Guide Aspiring Indian Entrepreneurs In Setting Up Their First Business

Now Indipreneur stands for two thingsIndependent Entrepreneur and also Indian Entrepreneur.

Simply put, Indipreneur is the ideal platform for independent creative entrepreneurs. Entrepreneurs who want to follow their passion, listen to their inner voice, give expression to their skills and talents, and in the process create unique enterprises.

Through Indipreneur, you’ll realise that entrepreneurship can be challenging.

But also that if you focus on a few key fundamentals, if you follow a step-by-step approach, you have a good chance of taking your idea to its logical conclusion - success!

So if you dream of escaping your 9-5 job, earning supplementary income, or simply wanting to make an impact on the world, this course is for you

Age, sex, caste no bar!

From A Figment of Your Imagination
To A Real Business In Just 21 Days Flat

The Indipreneur Launchpad Course has been developed to aid entrepreneurs in their startup journey.

This 21-day flexible and self-paced online course on entrepreneurship has been designed after extensive research and learning from more than 100 entrepreneurs.

It has a simple and effective teaching style that highlights startup fundamentals and puts them in context for the entrepreneur-to-be.

And it also provides ready templates and tools that can be further customised for your business.

Each lesson will firstly have a 3-4 minute podcast introducing the lesson. And that will be followed with more reading on the website, and doing your tasks associated with that lesson.

The tasks will enable you to work on and improve your business idea throughout the course.

And there are some other big benefits this course provides in addition to the tools and resources

Share And Grow Together

Signing up for the Indipreneur Launchpad course will just be the first step in your entrepreneurial journey. You will still have quite a long way to go.

But the best part is you won’t be alone in this mission.

You can always reach out to us if you have any additional queries at all times.

And signing up for the course also gives you access to a web forum that enables entrepreneurs to connect with, learn from and help each other.

So in short, you will have a whole community consisting of fellow Indipreneurs and your course mentors to lean on and connect on for just about anything in your entrepreneurial journey.

You can talk to them about your ideas. Share your network of resources. And help out each other with your entrepreneurial challenges.

Surely, you will know some things that other people don’t. And they will know some things that you don’t. So you can guide each other in solving problems.

And you never know, some of them could even join you in your entrepreneurial adventure if your idea appeals to them greatly too.

The possibilities are simply unlimited.

The bottomline is the entrepreneurial journey is usually long and hard. But when you have someone’s hand to hold, it becomes much easier, and more meaningful.

And Indipreneur makes that possible in multiple ways.

But wait, there’s more

The student today could become
the teacher tomorrow

When you become a member of the Indipreneur community, you will be able to tap into its ever-expanding resources to finally launch your first business.

But you surely won’t remain a student forever!

Tomorrow, when you have launched your business successfully, you will have obtained the knowhow to guide other aspiring entrepreneurs in doing the same. To help others address different challenges that arise in the entrepreneurial journey.

This means in the years to come, you are actually going to become a teacher yourself in the Indipreneur community.

And as one of the founding members, you can show the way to the next batches and be the guiding light for those who come on board next.

Now comes the most important part

What exactly will you get from the
The Indipreneur Launchpad Course?

The Indipreneur Launchpad course will be primarily divided into 3 moduleswith each module consisting of 7 lessons again.

So in all, you receive 21 lessons in a period of 21 days.

  • Module 1: Create your Business Idea

    The first module will primarily be about developing the entrepreneur mindset, identifying and researching the business idea, researching the target market, and field-testing the business idea in that market to decide whether the idea is good, or it has to be refined or tweaked further.

    Aspiring entrepreneurs can test their business idea against a number of factors like market acceptability, consumer feedback, financial viability, scalability and sustainability.

    And we will provide the time-efficient and cost-effective tools to test each of these factors.

  • Module 2: Know your Business Fundamentals

    The second module will focus on giving a shape to your business idea.

    The lessons in this module will guide new entrepreneurs in finding a suitable workplace and building the initial team. Then we will also look into understanding various legalities involved, creating a business plan for the years to come, obtaining funds for your venture, and even the importance of customer relations for any new business.

    Yes, a lot of new companies often focus on client acquisition more than client satisfaction. But the truth is that a handful of really satisfied clients is the best thing any new business could have as it helps your company stay afloat without much stress.

  • Module 3: Build and Promote your Brand

    Now, a good business idea and noble intentions alone will not do the trick. There are many businesses out there with extremely good and helpful products biting the dust because hardly anybody knows about them.

    So in this third module, we will focus on creating an emotional connect with the consumer and grabbing a share of his mind and heart.

    And we will look at different effective ways in which you could market your new business.

What makes our course different from all the
other similar courses out there

The fact is that launching a business is not a simple thing for a lot of people.

They might have doubts, fears and hesitations in their mind. And because of that, launching their business often becomes a long and drawn-out affair, and the idea itself sometimes gets shelved in the delay.

So to address this issue of prolonged delays and the rise of unnecessary fears, we have created this course with the aim to guide our readers in getting your first business off the ground in a short duration of just 21 days.

Yes! The course is the first of its kind to give such extensive information via 21 lessons in the succinct timeframe of 21 days, but still extremely thorough and covering all the important bases.

The course is a result of a long period of research, reflecting the personal experiences of entrepreneurs and case studies of established and successful businesses.

And with it, you will gain the confidence to finally take that first step and get your business off the ground.

By the time we reach the end of the course in 21 days, even if you don’t currently have a business idea, you’ll start working on onebecause the course will give you the confidence to dream!

Will this course work for any business
or industry?

Now you could have a business idea in entertainment, IT, manufacturing or some other industry

And also of any size like being a solopreneur operating a consulting business, or starting a cookie business from home.

Whatever business it might be, we believe that the basic steps and processes to follow for every startup are more or less the same.

That’s why there’s absolutely no reason to doubt whether this course will be relevant for your industry or business idea.

Every section of every module in the course is designed to guide you in creating an enterprise that is profitable, valuable, and sustainableno matter the industry.

So the only thing required from you is the drive and will power to take an idea to fruition.

The truth is, you may think just creating a product or service and selling it is enough. It’s not!

Entrepreneurship is much more than that. It is about not giving up easily, and about creating an impact and adding value to the lives of a multitude of consumers.

So if you are willing to go the full hog

If you are willing to convert your entrepreneurial dreams into your life mission

And if you wish to touch the lives of many in the process

Then this course is for you!

Understand And Implement
At Your Own Pace

Now this course has been designed to guide people in launching their own business in 21 days flat.

But that doesn’t mean everybody has to stick to the same schedule and launch their business in 21 days only.

We understand that some people might require more time, or they might want to go through each lesson multiple times before implementing them.

That’s why we will give you access to the Indipreneur Launchpad course for a full year after signing up.

Yes! So during the year, you can go through the course multiple times at your leisure, read our new blog posts, look at course updates, chat with other entrepreneurs on the forum, or even write to us with the progress of your startup.

If at any point in your startup journey you get stuck, then don’t hesitate to reach out to us and the other entrepreneurs on the forum.

We will do our best to answer your queries and guide you in overcoming your challenges in your entrepreneurial journey.

Last but not the least

8 Standalone reports on different aspects
of business building

In addition to the 21 lessons you get from the course, we have also created 8 standalone reports on different aspects of business building.

Some of these include:

  1. The Top 10 Reasons to Become an Entrepreneur
  2. The 11 Ways to Fund Your Venture
  3. The 10-Step Definitive Guide to Writing a Business Plan
  4. From Social to Successful (S2S) - Designing Your Online Personality

and more!

Now these are all elaborate, downloadable PDFs

Which means you can easily carry them around on your smartphone, and refer to them at anytime during your entrepreneurial journey.

And the information given in these reports is different from what you get in the course modules. That’s why we believe you’ll also benefit from these reports greatly.

Now coming to the most important thing

How Much Will This Course Cost You?

I think you’ll understand that one has to follow the right process and take the right steps while starting a business to increase the chances of its success.

The Indipreneur Launchpad course will ensure you’re doing just that.

And signing up for this course will also give you access to an entire community of aspiring Entrepreneurs and mentors at Common Sense Living to fall back on for any additional doubts, queries or concerns you have.

So quite frankly, how much this course costs shouldn’t even matter to you if you’re serious about setting up your own business and making it profitable.

In fact, signing up for this course could be the best investment you make in your upcoming business.

It will be a kind of signal to yourself (and to me) that you’re serious about this.

So given the significance of the information in this course

And the guidance you will get from us and your fellow Indipreneurs

We believe Rs 10,000 would be perfect for this course.

For Rs 10,000, you’ll get

  1. The complete step-by-step blueprint for launching your business in just 21 days
  2. Access to the entire course content for one full year
  3. An online forum where you can interact with your fellow aspiring entrepreneurs
  4. A full year of guidance from me and my colleagues at Common Sense Living if you get stuck at any step
  5. 8 standalone reports on different aspects of business building

In addition, you can also sign up and test-drive this course for a full 30 days. After going through the course, if you feel that entrepreneurship is not your cup of tea, then we’ll gladly give you your money back any time before the 31st day.

Isn’t that great?

But wait, there’s some more good news for you

Try The Indipreneur Launchpad
Course at a Special 50% Discount...
And Without Risk For 30 Days...

As I said, the normal price of the Indipreneur Launchpad course is Rs 10,000 per year.

But through our special offer, you can get a discount of up to 50% on it.

This means you now pay Rs 4950/- only.

And what’s more, you will also get 30 days to try it out without any risk.

If after going through the course, you feel that entrepreneurship is not for you, then let us know anytime before the 31st day and we will refund your FULL payment.

So don’t delay

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Go catch your dreams!

Ritika Bajaj

Ritika Bajaj
Editor, Common Sense Living