The Fastest Way to Make a (Legal)
Fortune in India Today

Forget the stock market, options, or other risky
low-probability moneymaking schemes

A unique phenomenon we call "Breakaway Income" is the
fastest and most reliable way to make millions of rupees
or more, even in today's rotten economy...

Dear Reader,

I want to talk to you about the fastest way we've ever encountered to get rich in India today.

It's faster than options... more reliable than commodities... and offers a much higher probability of getting rich than the stock market.

We call it "Breakaway Income."

Why? Because it offers you a chance to break away from the meaningless daily grind, and finally live life the way you always wanted.

That's right! The "Breakaway Income" secrets we are going to share with you today are a safe and effective way of generating income-as much as you need, whenever you need it.

The kind of income that lets you pay for any car you want... in cash!

"Breakaway Income" has created several multi-million fortunes. And helped dozens of people, no matter how much money they had initially, create seven figures-sometimes in only a few years or less.

And just to make it clear-there's nothing illegal or unethical about "Breakaway Income". In fact, without it, many countries would not function properly. And millions of people would be unemployed.

However, before I tell you more about it, there's one important requirement I should mention:

This will only work if you're willing to put in a little effort to learn and implement something new. That's something 99% of the population will never do. But not everyone has what it takes to become wealthy.

On the other hand, if you're willing to invest a little time...

If you want to be a millionaire and make enough money so that you never have to look at price tags again... then this is your best shot.

You see, this "Breakaway Income" concept is nothing but an introduction to a new way of thinking and living.

An entry of sorts into a small community that can generate vast wealth-whenever (and however) they like. And once you know the secret, you can generate that kind of wealth repeatedly, in any economic environment.

It's like a "switch" has been turned on. You'll know exactly what to do, and when to do it.

But again, "Breakaway Income" has nothing to do with franchising, multilevel marketing, or any other scheme you may have tried and dismissed in the past. And it doesn't require you to start a business where you have to rent a building, hire employees, organize payroll, store inventory, etc.

None of that is essential.

On the contrary, this is the method even the ultra-wealthy use to generate real income that compounds your wealth day after day, week after week-even while you sleep.

And in any type of economy, through recessions, wars, oil shortages... you name it.

This method goes against everything we've been taught about money and becoming wealthy-from our parents, teachers, bosses... and especially the Stock Market and other financial types.

Worried about competition?

Well, unlike a typical investment where there are only so many shares or stakes... the higher the number of people using the "Breakaway Income" methods, the better it will be for you, for me and even for the economy. (As I'll explain below.)

So the purpose of writing this letter is to show how you can make "Breakaway Income" work for YOU. And provide you the step-by-step instructions to accumulate huge wealth using these methods.

I know with absolute certainty that anyone can do this - regardless of age, background, or education. The only thing you need is the willingness to invest your time and keep an open mind.

But before we talk more on this, please allow me to tell you a bit about myself and why you should listen to me for the next 10 minutes...

From sleeping on mud floors in Africa
to $60 million

About Mark Ford

Mark Morgan Ford is an American author, entrepreneur, publisher, real estate investor, copywriter, and consultant to direct marketing and publishing industries.

He is the author of several books on entrepreneurship, wealth-building, and copywriting. And he has also written a book of poetry and yet another on word use titled "Words that Work."

Ford's business writing is published under his pen name of Michael Masterson. Some of his books like the "Automatic Wealth" and "Ready, Fire, Aim" were Wall Street Journal and New York Times Best Sellers.

In the early 1990s, Mark along with some of his proteges created a correspondence school called the American Writers and Artists, Inc. (AWAI) to teach the fundamentals of writing for the direct marketing industry.

AWAI soon expanded to offer self-study programs on web marketing, resume writing, graphic design, publishing, travel, and photography.

In 2011, Mark co-launched the Palm Beach Letter, a wealth-building e-letter that aims to provide its subscribers useful advice on building wealth, living well, and investing.

Since 2013, Mark Ford has taken it upon himself to help people not just in the US, but all around the world make more money and transform their lives for the better.
My name is Mark Ford, and I'm the Founder of Common Sense Living.

About 40 years ago, I joined the Peace Corps, an international volunteer organization of the United States, to serve and help people around the world.

I slept on mud floors in African huts, taught at a University in Chad... and even dreamed of writing poetry for a living.

But after my early adventures-- since I was in my mid-20s --I've dedicated myself almost entirely to making money.

I started with service businesses-roofing, carpentry, pool building, and house painting. Then I graduated to retail operations-restaurants, bars, a health club, a martial arts dojo, two travel agencies, and two art galleries.

I also started two P.R. firms and a rare coin business. And then got into direct marketing and publishing.

In short, I owned and ran businesses in just about every field you can imagine.

However, there's something more important that you need to know about me...

At one point in my life, I was just like any other guy you'd see walking down the street. Perhaps someone just like you.

After I returned home from the Peace Corps mission, I used to make just $14,000 a year working as an editor.

My wife made less than me, and we were barely able to make ends meet with a newborn child at home.

That's when I realized I had to get serious about making money, and one thing led to another and brought me to where I am today.

A happy story you might say, but this was just the first part...

A few years back, my wife and I were talking a walk on a bridge over the Tiber River in Rome.

She was enjoying the scenery, but I was completely distracted and thinking about all the businesses and investments that needed my attention.

That's when it struck me...

  • We work day and night so that we can provide our loved ones everything they could ever want, but in the process we hardly have any time left to spend with them

  • We work day and night to provide our kids every good thing in life, but in the process we hardly have any time to watch them grow or play with them

  • We work day and night so that we can enjoy all the good things that money can offer. But by the time we have enough money, we are too old and too tired to enjoy those things!

I realized I had wasted 30 years of my time making money, but losing out on many other priceless things. And I was adamant that I wouldn't allow anybody else to make the same mistake.

So teaching other people what I've learned about business and wealth building is my top professional goal now.

Teaching is in my blood. (My father and mother were both teachers, as was my grandmother and her mother before her.) It is what gives me most pleasure.

And now, I'm keen to turn YOU into one of my most successful students. Wealthy, victorious and happy!

My most challenging and
ambitious project ever...

Listen, I want to tell you about a project that is near and dear to me.

It is my personal wealth-building program. It's got my name on it. I'm proud of it. And I want to remain proud of it.

But before I tell you about it, please allow me tell you about my association with India first, which goes back more than a decade.

I came to India for the first time about 15 years ago and instantly fell in love with it. Then, about 8 years ago, I got the chance to do business here and grabbed it right away.

Since then, I've been extremely happy to be working and investing in India.

Yes. In addition to having business interests in India, I'm also an investor in Indian companies through a fund.

So there's no doubt that India has given me a lot. And now, it is my turn to give something back.

I came to know from friends in India that a lot of Indian folks were suffering from the same problem as countless other people around the world.

And I knew we could fix that problem easily.

That's why we decided to adapt our best program for India and make it available to you.

We've already launched this program in the US, Brazil, Chile, Spain, Argentina apart from India.

We have about 500 members in India alone as of June 2014.

And we are also about to launch it in the UK, Australia and South Africa soon.

So you can be certain that these methods will work anywhere in the world... and not just in the US like you might think.

Members of this program receive our very best wealth-building research and recommendations: the "Breakaway Income" secrets that I myself have used to build my fortune.

The same ones that I have shared with dozens of other individuals around the world who now count their net worth in the millions.

And all the content is localized, or in your case "Indianised", so that you don't have any problem implementing the methods in India.

What's more, a majority of Indians are still unaware of these methods. So this is where you have a huge opportunity knocking on your door.

The New Way Of
Getting Rich!

For years, I've seen people scratch and save and struggle to gather the wealth they need.

Now, finally, I'm able to do something about it.

You see, a majority of people today depend on stocks, bonds, mutual funds and real estate to grow their wealth. But the thing is many folks don't have anywhere close to the money they need to generate a sizable income from these types of investments.

With falling growth, job losses and increasing expenses, just making ends meet has become a huge task for a lot of families. So setting aside big sums of money for investing or buying ridiculously expensive real estate is more or less out of the question.

In addition, there are many people who are nearing retirement and they need to make money quickly.

So stocks, bonds or fixed deposits that you need to hold for years for a small return will not do the trick. What you need now is...

  • Something that can help you make extra money quickly, almost instantly

  • Something that you could even have your spouse do while you stick to your regular job

  • Something easy enough that even retired people can use to generate a little extra income on the side

In a nutshell, you need proven and legitimate business ideas that you can implement to make money without much effort - no matter what your age, background or education.

And once you succeed in doing that, you can either use that money to supplement your regular monthly income. Or you could put it all back in and use it to expand your business like hundreds of people have done.

Well, guess what? I now want to show you not one, but multiple ways to get that seed money fast.

In fact, I'm going to reveal a few right here, right now.

For example, here's a simple way to...

Make Thousands From Photographs You Take
During Your Vacation Trips

This is an example of how you can get going now. It's a fun and stress-free way to generate money.

All you need to begin is a digital camera, and a computer with Internet access. And then, it's as easy as one, two, three:

  1. Taking pictures
  2. Loading them onto the computer
  3. Collecting money

This opportunity to capitalize on the sale of photographs exists now because we are at a unique point in time.

A few years ago, selling photos online was impossible. Internet did not have the reach it has today, and copyrights were not respected too.

But today there is an increasing demand for images with each passing day in the cyber world.

Netcraft, a British company, offers the most accurate analysis on the internet market. According to it, there are 620 million active websites. And each new website needs, on average, more than 23 photos.

Furthermore, approximately 3,174 images are required to supply the new websites that come up every minute.

You heard that right! Every minute 3,174 new images are needed to keep the Internet going.

That means there are thousands of potential customers who need new images every day.

There are billions of dollars moving in this business. And YOU have the opportunity to grab a small chunk of it for yourself.

We will give you all the information you need to succeed in this business.

You can initially take the photographs yourself. And after a couple of months, you can use the money to hire skilled photographers and set up your own company selling images. Your very own image bank!

The possibilities are huge. And in 10 years, this market will probably be dominated by large corporations. That's why you have to act now.

However, there are also several things to consider...

»   The different companies on the Internet looking for photos
»   What type of photos they need
»   What's the best camera and resolution to use
»   The payment structure (some companies pay more than the others)
»   How to collect the money from the companies
»   And many other aspects.

All these things are not complex. But you need to understand them clearly to generate a truly profitable monthly income out of this.

And that's where we come into the picture.

Imagine converting your photo into a "topseller" selling between 500 and 8000 times per day, with a sale value reaching up to Rs 1,000 per download!

I think you can visualize all the money you could make if that happens.

And the best part is you will be doing the work - taking the pictures and uploading them - only once. After that, the money keeps coming in by itself with hardly any effort from your side.

We want to show you how to make this a reality.

And this is just one of the methods we want to reveal to you.

How to Make Money
Telling Other People What to Do. . .

Here's an activity that could provide you with Rs 1,000-Rs 10,000 per hour.

It doesn't require any skills you can't easily learn. It doesn't require a large capital investment. It can be done from home. And you might actually enjoy it!

Let me explain...

No matter what you think about yourself, the fact is, you know something that other people may not know. Some knowledge that you may have gained based on your education, or years of working in a specific field.

Now imagine you could simply advise companies on something you know, and get paid handsomely for it.

You will get to work with smart, competitive, motivated people who understand your value. And your clients will be paying you for your judgment - for the wisdom you have acquired over the years doing what you do now.

You won't be doing any of the grunt work yourself. The companies will have their own people to do it.

So it's a great way to make money. And the opportunities for this growing by the day in a developing country like India.

But why limit yourself to India, when the entire world is at your fingertips thanks to the Internet. Right?

Most people think that everybody knows what they know. But the specialist's knowledge is extremely valuable to those who don't possess it. Far more valuable than the specialist himself thinks.

It is for this reason that some people charge a lot of money for giving advice, and clients gladly pay their high fees.

So some of the things we will reveal to you include...

◈  Picking a niche or specialty
◈  Identifying the target market you want to serve
◈  Determining the fees you will charge
◈  Building your reputation as an expert in your field
◈  Finding interested companies or local businesses for your "advisory" services
◈  Writing an agreement
◈  and more!

Don't worry! It's easier than it looks.

You could make extra money with this working part-time or full-time... depending on your skills, preference and time available. And we will provide you all the information you need.

And again, this is just one of the many exciting methods we want to reveal to you

Turn Your Hobby Into A Source Of
Regular Monthly Income...

A hobby is usually considered as something people do for fun or to pass their free time.

But what if we showed you a way to turn a hobby of yours, which you thought had no monetary value, into a source of regular monthly income?

This would be great method for housewives and retired folks looking to make some extra money, or anybody else for that matter.

The main idea is that it should be a hobby or activity that people get passionate about. That could be knitting, or gardening, or cooking, or motorcycle maintenance, or pet care, or coin collecting, or anything else.

Once you've zeroed in on a topic that you and a lot of other people are passionate about, you can literally become the "expert" on it. And people will read what you have to say and the money will start coming in even while you sleep.


Most people write their "expert" views and reviews on different online blogs and news sites just for fun without getting anything for it.

But what if you could write those views on your own website instead of someplace else... and also make good money doing so?

Yes! We call these simple websites as enthusiast websites.

These are extremely easy to build and maintain. We will show you how.

And once they're set up, you can post your views on different things related to that topic. You can do it as and when you feel like it. And you won't even feel like you're working.

It will be fun, and it will bring in money consistently ever month.

Even if you make Rs 30,000 every month in India, it's a decent amount for a retired person or a housewife working from home.

But the fact is, many people are making MUCH more than that from this method on a regular basis. And we will give you all the information you need to make this work as well.

Apart from this, we have several other methods to make an easy extra income every month in a section of Breakaway Income called the "Extra Income Project."

And all of them meet the below criteria:

  • Anyone should be able do it (it should easy and simple to understand)
  • You should be able to start it from home
  • You could work part-time or on weekends
  • You could begin without investing a ton of money.

Sounds really exciting, doesn't it?

And we'll tell you how to get access to it below.

However, like I said...

"Breakaway Income" isn't just about
making a little extra money on the side...

Imagine working only when you want to work. Working from anywhere in the world. Working with only the people you like. Doing only the kind of work you want to do. And to top it off, making a LOT of money.

That is, in fact, what I do on a daily basis.

I travel about three months out of every year. For example, I was recently in England, France, Germany, Belgium, Spain, Nicaragua, and Argentina-not to mention New York, Washington, D.C. and San Francisco in the last few years.

When I travel, I take my computer with me. I spend half of the day visiting parks, shops, and museums and going to concerts, dance performances, and the theater.

I spend the other half working on my computer.

And when I'm not travelling, I can take off from office early whenever I want to, and come in late anytime I wish. And if I want to, I can do no work at all for six months or a year or forever.

I have eliminated all of the stress that used to characterize most of my workday.

And how did I manage all this?

Well, the reason I have this great life is due to one thing and one thing only: About 30 years ago, I decided to become an entrepreneur.

If you were to ask me today, "What is the absolute fastest way to become rich?" I'd have to answer: by starting a small business.

By becoming an entrepreneur-even a part-time entrepreneur-you will be amply rewarded.

Returns from your own small business often exceed 25% per year.

Now that might not sound like such a big deal. Until you consider that Warren Buffett-the second-richest person in the United States (with a $58.5 billion net worth) and probably the world's greatest investor-has averaged only an 19.8% return from the stock market over his outstanding career.

And not only could you double (or even triple) your money every 3 years, you can also enjoy the many other benefits of having your own business and being your own boss, like:

   ✓   The freedom to choose your own schedule
   ✓   The power to create your own products
   ✓   The excitement of being fully challenged and in-charge
   ✓   The knowledge that you are providing an income for your employees

So as a component of "Breakaway Income", I will also give you some valuable inputs on how to start and expand your own small business and become a successful entrepreneur.

I believe nobody wants to be stuck in the "middle class" forever. And you won't attain complete financial independence until you start your own small business.

So I am going to share with you all of my secrets, such as:

☛  Why you shouldn't quit your job to start your business
☛  The four basic types of business, and which one I think you should be in
☛  The myth of the natural-born salesman
☛  How to come up with tipping-point ideas
☛  The handful of numbers you need to know to run your business
☛  How to groom proteges to run your business for you so you can live your dreams
☛  And much more!

This part of Breakaway Income is titled, "How to Start a Million-Dollar Business for $25,000"... (about Rs 10 lacs) and you can think of this as a crash course on building and running a successful small business based on my 30-plus years of doing the same numerous times.

And there's more...

Live like a millionaire on
the money you have right now...

It's nice to have money. It allows you to buy whatever you want.

But does that guarantee your life will be better? Of course not. Just because you can afford something doesn't mean it will give you a richer life.

And the fact is, you can live as well as any millionaire possibly can-but on the money you have now-by making smarter spending choices.

Let me give you an example...

The most expensive mattress in the world need not necessarily be the best.

The best mattress, to you, is one that gives you a good night's sleep. And it may not cost anything close to the most expensive mattress in the world does.

Another example...

The most expensive sedan in the world is a Maybach Landaulet. It has a 12-cylinder turbocharged engine that reaches a top speed of 250 km per hour. Its price tag is $1.4 million.

I could afford to buy a Landaulet. But I don't own one. Why? Because it isn't even remotely the best sedan in the world.

The best sedan in the world-in my view-is a BMW 760Li. Like the Landaulet, it is has a 12-cylinder turbocharged engine that reaches a top speed of 250 km per hour. Plus, it is better looking, better designed, and much more reliable.

And guess what? It doesn't have to be new. A BMW 760Li with 100,000 miles is as good as a new one. And you can buy a used one not for the new price of $140,000, but for $35,000!

The Landaulet will start to look foolish the moment you drive it out of the showroom. (Car experts will know you don't know squat about cars.) And it will look sillier every year thereafter as you plow tens of thousands of dollars into it to keep it going.

Paying off a $35,000 BMW over 20 years means you are paying something like $160 per month to own it. In other words, you could be driving the best sedan in the world for $160 per month. So why aren't you?

The point is, the best material things in life are affordable. They are not always cheap-quality never is-but they are affordable. And I'll prove that to you in a series of essays called "Living Rich"- which will be yet another component of Breakaway Income.

I'll show you how to enjoy the finest food and wine, wear the best clothes, travel... and have a home that even a billionaire would envy.

I'll also show you how to cultivate what I call a "rich mind"... how to spend your leisure time in ways that inspire, energize and give you lasting pleasure.

Keep more of what you earn...

There are only two ways to retain more of your money: by spending less... and then saving more.

In the "Retire Next Year program"-which is another part of Breakaway Income-I help you do both those things by sharing a number of ways to enjoy all the benefits of living in paradise... for less than or equal to what it costs you to live in your own country.

Thousands of people have already done it, and are now "living rich" in places like South America, the Caribbean, Europe, the Mideast, Asia, the South Pacific and Indonesia.

And the guidelines for each opportunity I will introduce you to are simple:

  • It must be located in a place-by the sea, in the mountains, in a quaint town-that is affordable and easily accessible.

  • It must offer not only a great lifestyle but also a way to earn extra income on a part-time basis.

  • The income-generating part of the opportunity must be realistic: It can't be something that requires obscure skills or technical knowledge or the investment of a great deal of money.

  • It must be immediately available. You should be able to make it happen in a year or less.

Let me give you an idea of what I'm talking about...

A few miles south of my vacation home in Nicaragua is a small fishing village called Gigante. Ten years ago, it was practically deserted. Now, along the town's main road, more than a dozen little shops, restaurants and bars have appeared.

One of these places is "The Crobar," a funky, dilapidated bar that sits on the beach and also happens to serve pretty good food.

John, the guy who owns The Crobar, has escaped the stress of his former life in the U.S. and is now living like a king in this beautiful setting. So are the many other "gringos" who retired to Nicaragua's Pacific coast.

It's a perfect way to live and "work"- and just one of the opportunities that I will present to you as a part of the "Retire Next Year" program of Breakaway Income.

Yes! I will give you all the information you need to shift to a new place and country, settle down over there - either for a few months and throughout the year - and also find a good part-time gig to support yourself and maybe even save some money by the time you get back home.

Hundreds of people are already rejuvenating their lives and exploring exciting new locales at the same time doing this.

This is YOUR opportunity to do it as well.

The most profitable thing I have done...
And you can do too!

Every year, Forbes publishes a list of the richest people in India, in the US, and in the whole world too.

And where do you think their money came from? Multibagger Stocks? Inheriting billions? Speculating in Bitcoins?

No! For most of them it came from doing something that you, too, could do to grow your fortune...

Doing this has helped me grow my income steadily over the past 20 years and double my net worth every three years. (Needless to say, I will never worry about running out of money.)

It has nothing to do with buying stocks, bonds, options, gold, silver or art.

And unlike investing in the stock market-where you want to be one of the first people to hear about an exciting opportunity and then keep it to yourself-the more people that take advantage of this, the better.

It's undoubtedly the most profitable thing that I've done, and that even YOU need to do right away...

Invest in Yourself!

Yes! Investing in yourself will be one of the easiest and most reliable investments you can ever make.

And no, what I'm about to tell you now has nothing to do with self-help, or personal development, or any of that other touchy-feely stuff.

"Wealth Builders Club India". . .

Some people like to write memoirs when they retire. Others get into philanthropy and taking up charity work.

I, on the other hand, want to be known for helping as many people as possible get rich. That is what makes me happy.

Now, it's not my intention to brag but... I've already helped dozens, if not hundreds of people, throughout my working career. And now that I'm semi-retired, this is what I've committed to doing for the rest of my days.

Over the years I've received a lot of emails from my readers. They shared with me the difficulties they've encountered in building meaningful amounts of wealth.

Many are struggling to provide a comfortable retirement. Others needed to replace the income from a lost job, or recover from market losses over these past five years.

These are problems that can't be solved with a new stock pick or trading recommendation.

But I knew I could help. That's why I decided to form a club-an intimate group created with the goal of helping you increase your income and grow your wealth without going anywhere near the stock market.

We call it the "Wealth Builders Club India."

It is the one place where you get all my best current ideas on wealth building in the form of an actionable, step-by-step plan. And it's the only place you can get me to answer your personal wealth-building questions.

And like I said, there aren't many people in India who know these methods yet. So that is where YOU will have a huge advantage.

Better Than Any Best-Selling Book
You Could Read On Wealth Building. . .

The Wealth Builders Club is everything I wish I'd had access to when I first started out building my personal fortune.

It tells you what to do, when to do it, and how much you can expect to make with each income-generating idea we recommend. (So you can make up your own mind if it is right for you.)

You could start on many of them tomorrow for as little as a few hundred dollars and an investment of a few hours of your time.

The club materials will show you everything... From how to make a little extra money on the side to how to live as well as a billionaire without spending a fortune.

And the information is organized in a way that allows me to guide you through every step of this wealth-building plan I've developed, followed, and refined over the past 33 years... bit by bit, in the right order.

This is crucial.

Because it's easy to get overwhelmed when you're just reading idea after idea after idea.

But I pace you through the entire program... introducing you to opportunity after opportunity... giving you all the time you need to succeed... answering your general questions and responding to your feedback along the way in regular e-mail updates.

This Is Not Some
"Pie-in-the-Sky" Fantasy. . .

All of these are genuine, proven-to-work methods.

Tried and tested in not one, but several countries.

I've already told you many different methods above. Here's yet another...

The New Way to Profit From Real Estate

There is no doubt that investing in real estate is one of the best wealth-building opportunities right now. And even more so in India, where the land available is scarce and the population is exploding by the day.

There are many Indians today who are kicking themselves and asking, "Why didn't I buy real estate when everything was so cheap?!"

Don't worry. I'm going to show you a way to make a LOT of money from real estate but without having to invest a LOT.


Listen, I've been investing in real estate for more than 30 years. I have made money consistently with it. And although entrepreneurship gave me my greatest income, it was real estate that brought me my greatest wealth.

Now here's something that surprises a lot of people about real estate: You don't need to be wealthy to get into this game. But you do need to understand how it is played.

Wealth Builders Club India members will have access to another special program called "Rental Real Estate 101," in which I and a team of real estate pros will show you "one step at a time" how to build your own income-producing real estate empire with an initial investment of as little as $1,000.

Given the timing and the opportunity, this alone can make you lacs, if not crores, in the coming years.
Is This Opportunity
Right For You?

There are certain things we look for in our Club members-and I urge you to carefully consider whether signing up for Wealth Builders Club India is right for you.

I believe, with my guidance, you could completely transform your financial situation within 12 months-no matter what your personal wealth-building goals are or where you stand today.

I get letters and e-mails almost every day from members currently making the most of the research we send them...

"The active income will allow me to purchase a second home... and fund some fun activities without having to touch the retirement savings... I sincerely appreciate your common sense approach to a continued active financially sound life and the very practical advice for the passive investments." -Robert Charles

"I have been a member for six months and already feel like a major movement in my life has taken hold." -Thomas Jackson

But it won't work for you unless:

  • You truly want to improve your financial situation.
  • You are willing to take action to make it happen.

See, if you're a stock investor, you first need to shortlist a few stocks and invest money in them to make money. Just reading about stocks that multiplied in the newspapers will not make you rich, right?

Similarly in this case, your investment will be your time and effort, and in some cases, a bit of money as well.

If you just read the methods and forget about them, you will see no change in your life whatsoever.

So if you join this Club, I want you to take my recommendations seriously. I want you to implement the suggestions I give you. I want you to wake up every morning with a burning desire to accomplish the goals we set together.

And when you make your first one crore, you can pat yourself for taking the decision to become a part of "Wealth Builders Club India."

Of course, you may have to put in many hours implementing my suggestions for these strategies to really pay off. How much time you spend is up to you. The more time you spend, the faster you will see results.

The rate at which your wealth builds should accelerate every month.

After the second year, you should be in a much better and more comfortable position. After year three, you will feel like your wealth is developing almost automatically. A seven-figure net worth in seven years will seem very likely.

That may sound like a big goal.

But I'm speaking from the position of someone who has already done it and is now looking back at the steps that helped him get there.

Here's what all you receive
when you join "Wealth Builders
Club India" today. . .

Just to be absolutely clear once again, Wealth Builders Club India is a comprehensive and complete wealth-building program.

We won't be sending you monthly stock tips.

We won't be telling you to "buy," "sell," or "hold."

Instead, we'll regularly send you a plan of action that can transform you-step by step and day by day-from the person you are today to the person you were meant to be...

A richer person. A freer person. A happier person.

All the content will be tailored to the Indian market. So you certainly don't have to worry about that.

And, we also often produce special reports on requests from members, if they feel that they require more information to implement a method we show them.

So you will never be left stranded because of incomplete information.

You'll know everything you need to take the methods and implement them in the real world right away. Since June of 2014, about 500 Indian members are already making use of these methods.

Now it's YOUR turn to join all of them and benefit from the proven methods too.

So as Soon as You Sign Up, Here's What We Will Send You:


  1. Stealth Income Strategies

    The 120-page report that reveals the core of my entire wealth-building philosophy and also 11 of my favorite income opportunities... It's a quick read and a good place for you to start on your wealth-building journey.

  2. The 11 Secrets Every Wealth Builder Must Know

    Short courses on money management that can help you get out of debt, increase your savings and increase your wealth every day.

    If you signed up for the Common Sense Living letter, you will have received some or all of these 11 secrets in your email already. But I believe these are so important, that you should receive the entire ebook to read.


  1. The Pledge: Your Master Plan For An Abundant Life

    Soon after you join, we will also dispatch you a free copy of one of my most recently published best-selling books.

    This book shares my personal transformation system-that will convert you into a money making machine.

    It's more than a self-help book. It's a contract between the person you are today and the person you would like to be. The YOU who goes after what you want and realizes your potential.

    The information is this book is not the key to happiness and success. But acting on it can be.

    This book is currently being sold for nearly US$25 (Approx Rs 1,500) on But when you sign up for Wealth Builders Club India, you get it absolutely free.

    "Thank you very much for the tremendous suggestions offered in the Wealth Builders Club. Thank you too for the copy of [this book], which I have read cover-to-cover. It is a good read, easy to understand, and choc-a-bloc full of actionable ideas for self-improvement."

    - Club Member Roger Leslie

  2. Ready, Fire, Aim: Zero to $100 Million in No Time Flat

    Ready, Fire, Aim is yet another of my best selling books.

    Whether you're thinking about starting a new business or growing an existing one, this book can give you a focused strategy for guiding the small business through the four stages of entrepreneurial growth successfully.

    It teaches you the different skills needed in order to excel in this dynamic environment.

    And it's based on knowledge I've personally obtained from creating and expanding numerous businesses.

    This book too is priced around US$ 50 (Approximately Rs 3,000) on But when you sign up for Wealth Builders Club India, you get it absolutely free.

    (Note: These books will only be mailed to addresses in India. So if you're someone residing outside India, you can have it mailed to a friend or relative's place in India and then relayed to you from there.)

✓ Creating Wealth series (New soon-to-be-launched newsletter)
    Soon we will be launching another newsletter titled "Creating Wealth".

    This will be a new series of letters which will continue to identify new opportunities, and update my ideas. They will reveal my best wealth-boosting techniques, including the fastest way to get a raise at work, how to go out on your own to make a fortune, as well as the "$10 trick" that changes the way you look at wealth.

    We don't want to reveal too much about it yet.

    But we can tell you this much that when it's launched, it will be offered at Rs 5,000 per year to others. And that you will get it absolutely FREE.

    Apart from this, every week, you will receive additional material from us, including the following...

✓ The Extra Income Project
    More than a dozen ways to make money quickly and easily, from home... The only home-based business opportunities I recommend! (Valued at Rs 20,000)

✓ Retire Next Year
    A program that reveals dozens of ways for you to enjoy a rich, happy and fulfilling retirement in beautiful - and highly affordable - places around the world (Valued at Rs 20,000)

✓ How to Start a Million-Dollar Business for $25,000
    My best ideas about entrepreneurship, based on the six books I've written on entrepreneurship, business management and marketing (Valued at Rs 20,000)

✓ Rental Real Estate 101
    A primer on the investment that has produced the largest portion of my wealth over the past 30 years (Valued at Rs 20,000)

✓ Living Rich
    How to live life to the fullest... having everything a billionaire could possibly want even while you're still building your wealth (Valued at Rs 20,000) And there could be a lot more coming...

This Is an Active, Growing Organization

Besides my proven methods, the club is actively developing NEW strategies you can use to grow your wealth going forward.

We have some of the best people coming up with wealth-building ideas for you and testing them out themselves... Making sure they work before we share them with you.

And the entire team at Wealth Builders Club India is working non-stop to make this whole thing bulletproof... to make it comprehensive... to make it as easy for you to implement as possible...

Anisa Virji, the Managing Editor of Common Sense Living and of the Wealth Builders Club India is educated in the UK and USA, and has lived pretty much everywhere for her work.

I personally asked Anisa to be the link between you and the WBC team.

Why her? I wanted someone on the team who had the same needs, motivations and doubts as you.

Like you, Anisa is also on the journey to build wealth. So as you follow the road I took to generate millions, she will walk with you every step of the way, keeping you connected to me.

And being born and raised in an entrepreneurial business family, she is already inclined to these kinds of ideas.

So with her extensive experience, Anisa will make sure all the methods we reveal to you through Wealth Builders Club India are applicable for India and meet all the rules and requirements of the country.

And as the connecting link between you and me, she will pass on any ideas or suggestions or requests you may have to me, so keep in touch with her.

The regular missives you receive from Anisa, titled "Anisa's Updates", will be yet another component of Wealth Builders Club India.

Plus, she will also continue to send you the Common Sense Living letters on a regular basis, so watch out for those as well.

And last but not the least, you can rest assured thats...

You Will Never Be Alone
In This Life-Changing Mission!

We have created a special Private Forum for Wealth Builders Club India members called "WBC Conversations."

Only the Club members can access this private forum.

And it's a place where members can have conversations about the Wealth Builders Club methods and share their experiences with others. A place to build on ideas, process new information, and get clarification to fulfill their needs.

Members can share their progress, and ask for suggestions and also give their suggestions to others.

And you will also have the Editors of Wealth Builders Club India on the forum, to guide you and clarify your doubts on anything if required.

All of which means that you'll never be alone in this life-changing mission.

So to summarize, here's everything you get from the Wealth Builders Club once again...

Stealth Income Strategies report
The 11 Secrets Every Wealth Builder Must Know report
The Pledge book
Ready, Fire, Aim book
Creating Wealth newsletter series
The Extra Income Project
Retire Next Year
How to Start a Million-Dollar Business for $25,000
Rental Real Estate 101
Living Rich
Regular updates from Anisa
Complete 24X7 website access to all these products
Access to our Private "WBC Conversations" Members-only forum

And How Much Is All This
Going to Cost You?

Before I tell you that, let me ask you a question...

Do you really want to be rich?

I know that might sound like a silly question at this point. But the scientific fact is, many people are psychologically wired in such a way that it's very difficult for them to take the steps necessary to become richer.

Sure, sometimes it's just procrastination.

But often, it's actually a fear of success that prevents people from taking the leap.

Psychologists call it the "Jonah Complex" (after the biblical character who tried to avoid his "fate"). Put simply, many people are afraid of living a life that stands apart-even if it would give them everything they've hoped for.

So if at this point, you're still thinking whether to join the Wealth Builders Club or not, then you should identify the real reason behind it.

Implementing just one of the ideas in the Wealth Builder Club could make you Rs 5,00,000, Rs 25,00,000, Rs 50,00,000 or more in a single year.

Over five or 10 years? You could easily build a fortune.

If you were paying to get this type of education at a college or university, it would run you more than Rs 10 lacs.

That's why we believe a subscription to the Wealth Builders Club India is an absolute steal even at its full price...

But for you, it's about to get even better...

Special Transform-your-life Discount

Ordinarily, a membership to Wealth Builders Club India would cost you a flat Rs 99,950.

But like I said, we want as many people to benefit from these life-changing ideas as possible.

That's why a as part of our special Transform-your-life initiative, your "lifetime" membership to Wealth Builders Club India will be available only for a one-time payment of Rs 49,950.

Which is a saving of 50% on the full price!

If you divide the membership fee into daily payments over a year, it would cost less than Rs 137 per day.

I'm pretty certain you spend more than this on commuting to and back from your workplace every day. But the Wealth Builders Club is something that can put an end to all those troubles and empower you to finally start living the life you want to live.

And then, from your next year onwards, there will just be a small annual maintenance fee of Rs 1,950 per year to cover the costs of researching and road-testing all the new opportunities we send you.

I believe this makes joining the club a "no-brainer."

The best part being that you continue to receive ALL the new money-making ideas we come up with... for life!

Imagine how it could change your life, and the lives of people in your family.

If you invested Rs 49,950 in a stock, what's the most you could hope to make? 10%? 50%? 100%? The odds of making one crore from a stock are pretty much zero.

But the strategies and recommendations I'll be sharing with you as a member of the Wealth Builders Club India are the real secrets to creating wealth.

So don't hesitate.

I assure you that you have absolutely nothing to worry about...

Our 30-Day Satisfaction Guarantee

Join Wealth Builders Club India today and try the materials for a full 30 days without any risk.

It should be enough time for you to get a hang of the methods, implement at least 1 or 2 of them, and start seeing some money come in for your efforts.

Use the time to test out the ideas you like thoroughly, and prove to yourself that they can work for you.

Anytime during these 30 days, if you're not convinced that my help, my guidance, my ideas and everything else I share with you in Wealth Builders Club India has helped make you richer, simply contact us for an immediate, no-questions-asked refund (minus a 10% processing fee).

But I can tell you this much that whoever has sincerely implemented these methods, has found them to work.

So there's no reason why they won't work for you.

Where Will You Be
1 Year From Now?

The direction life takes depends upon a few choices that we make in a handful of moments - the friends we make, the places we live, the jobs we choose.

Today, you are faced with one of those monumental choices.

Will you put this invitation away? Ignore it? Toss it out?

Or will you seize this moment?

If you ignore this invitation, where will you be 1 year from now? What will you do, on your own, to build your wealth over the next 1 year? What's your plan?

When will you start? How much will you make? In 1 year, will you be any better off financially than you are today?

Will you be wealthier? Will your life be richer? Will you be happier?

  • If you join the Wealth Builders Club and follow my recommended plan of action... you will have it all.

I spent years developing this program and I'm convinced that if you sincerely follow what I tell you, you will achieve your wealth-building goals.

The choice is yours. I just hope you don't look back on this moment in one year, two years, or 10 years and say, "I wish I had tried the Wealth Builders Club."

Because the sooner you start building your wealth, the faster it will grow... Giving you the same sense of safety, security, comfort, and enjoyment I've had for 30 years.

If you want to live a life with the stability and independence wealth can give you... have more than enough money to get through retirement... and provide your family with a lifestyle where they never want for a thing...

Then I urge you: Do not ignore this invitation.

Even if you're only half-interested, consider this...

You've got nothing to lose when you test out the Wealth Builders Club under our 30-day refund guarantee. But you could potentially miss out on a small fortune if you don't act now.

Also, the Transform-your-life discount to join Wealth Builders Club India at 50% off will be available for a short time only!

After that...

  • You'll have to pay the FULL joining fee

  • You won't be able to sign up until we reopen registrations to the Club again

  • And you will have lost a great opportunity to be a part of this special group and transform your life in ways you may never have imagined

So don't hesitate...

Subscribe Now
(You can review what your subscription includes before you place your order.)

To your future wealth, good health, and happiness,

Mark Ford

P.S.: Once you've made your first one crore rupees, I want you to write to me and tell me your story. I will personally be very interested in reading it... and it will also encourage other people to join the Wealth Builders Club and transform their lives.

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Why not take a small chance and find out if this is one of those moments that changes your life for the better forever?

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