About Ritika Bajaj - Ritika is the Editor for Common Sense Living, and the Wealth Builders Club India.
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Ritika Bajaj, Editor here at Common Sense Living 

Who is Ritika Bajaj?

Armed with a Masters in English Literature, Ritika set out to explore her life as a writer and editor. Her decade long career in the media started in a publishing house in Mumbai, where she was editor of a lifestyle magazine. Here she interviewed and met with some of the finest minds in India and wrote on a range of topics like business, lifestyle, travel, culture and fashion.

Soon the entrepreneurial bug hit and she started her own venture, a design and content house that focused on custom publishing. From understanding business development to creating a wide network of services providers, this start-up taught her many valuable lessons on entrepreneurship that she continues to share in her writing.

Ritika feels passionately about the thriving social sector in India. Over the years, she has volunteered at an NGO working toward education for the lesser privileged. Here, she taught English, helped build curriculums and eventually became part of the core management team.

Today she dons several hats, moving from being a prolific writer/editor to an educationist, entrepreneur and spiritual enthusiast. She is also involved with youth and women forums and often expresses her views on important social, cultural and gender issues.

She is intrigued by the dynamism of social media and spends most of her time in cyber space. She strongly believes that in this era, the two Cs: Communication and Collaboration will be the cornerstones for progress individually, locally and globally.

At Common Sense Living, Ritika will engage you with her own stories of entrepreneurship and give you valuable tips on Creating Wealth. Her insights will be a guide on living the good life and helping you build enough wealth to ensure your coffers are never empty!

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