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Responses From Our Readers

"Dear Anisa,

I sincerely thank you and Mr. Mark for giving us this wonderful program. I am quite busy with my full-time job and family responsibility. Still I look forward to WBC mails every week. When I saw your second opportunity i.e. photography, I was delighted, since I had undergone a course in photography long back and I enjoy taking photographs. I have started reading the report. It is very useful.

I appreciate that timely mails from Mr. Mark and you, sharing the experiences of other members are acting as subtle pressure for us to start and do something to become a wealthy person soon. While I am good at saving money, due to lack of time, I am not able to take informed decisions to build wealth. I feel joining this course and working on the ideas will help me build wealth. My sincere thanks to him and you."

- Wealth Builders Club Member Nirmala Balasubramanian

"Dear Anisa,

How have you been??!! It's been almost a year since my last email to you. I had informed you about my move to Singapore and how with the help of ideas from Wealth Builders Club I could triple my salary and had great ideas to launch websites and blogs.

So  the latest update: It took me almost six months to get settled here and decide to finally start working on my plans. I am pleased to inform that I have finally been able to launch my website. Step by step things just fell into place. I got in touch with my school friend Sarita and in her I found an amazing business partner. So passionate is she about this venture that she has given up her entire freelance writing career to create content for our website.

Before you begin to wonder what the website is all about, let me spill the beans. It's a travel website focussed on exotic locations and sharing inspiring travel stories. It’s a one stop shop for all things travel. You can book your flights, hotels , cars and cruises and even tours here. You can also shop for all things related to travel. Please check it out My website is now two months old. For someone who had no clue about building website and affiliate marketing , I could build the website within 40 days despite having a day job and a naughty 2 year old kid to manage.

All this wouldn't have been possible without the inspiration and guidance I received from Wealth Builders Club. I am truly grateful to Mark, you , Ritika and the entire team of Wealth Builders Club. My website has already started making a few dollars and is gaining good traction. I installed flag counter last week and was amazed to find out that my website has reached more than 1500 visitors across 45 countries in less than a week!!

The biggest payoff has not been the money per se but the personal growth I have experienced. I have come in touch with some amazing people with many inspiring travel stories. We have featured a couple of them on our website too and will be featuring many more in coming future. From complete ignorance about online business, I have gained tremendous knowledge and have grown a lot in the past two months.

So life is going great. Thanks to Equitymaster my portfolio is going great and thanks to Wealth Builders Club, my website is gaining subscribers at a rapid pace. We are already getting offers for collaboration from various companies and fellow travel bloggers. I will be soon launching a YouTube channel with ultra-short tavel videos. Please spread the word about and would be great if you could like our Facebook page

Thanks one again for the great work you guys are doing. All this wouldn't have been possible without Wealth Builders Club.'

Warm regards,

- Club member Akshat Tiwari

"Hello Mark & WBC Team,

I am Swapnil, 24 years old, working full time as an engineer in a power plant. I must say that I previously had a different thinking toward how to live my life in terms of wealth, health, along with an entrepreneurial mindset but I used to stuck up with the 'how to do it' dilemma. I liked the idea of removing the emotion process and thinking with relation to 'what we need or want exactly, be it starting business, managing and growing wealth or taking care of our health by living rich.

So far reading and acting on recommendations provided by Mark and further reports with detailed analysis, thanks to the striving efforts by the entire WBC Team, one can only be more confident of his success. I can say for sure that I've started my journey in a right direction with the right people(WBC team).

Thank you Mark and his team,"

- Club member Swapnil Malewar

"I would like to let you know that subscribing to the Wealth Builders Club is one of the best investments I believe I have made, as everything coming from you is so very well value added, practical and actionable. Thank you so much for all the inspirational life changing thoughts and essays which I thoroughly enjoy ☺"

- Club member Sandesh Pandhare

"I have no words to express my satisfaction with regard to the commitment shown by you guys on delivering the two reports i just suggested in my email. This email is only to express my congratulations to the Wealth Builders Club team on having shown such a commitment to serve your subscribers. I am happy to have your support in this wonderful journey. "

- Club member Vinay Ganesan

"Wealth building was always my passion and writing my main hobby. I wrote script, article, stories, emails and all were appreciated but I didn't make it my wealth building strategy. Wealth Builders club has given me this insight into making my passion and hobby as wealth building strategy. I am thankful to you for this endeavour. I am full of energy for living and working till I die. I am 62 and retiring but not from life but starting to live with freedom.

I have started direct contact for copywriting, marketing and advertisement, script writing, advisory in financial planning and lifestyle management and corrosion issues. By the grace of God I have saved and invested enough to live comfortably in retirement. To be in action is life and be idle is death."

- Club member Jaiprakash Agrawal

"Thanks for gathering all the information related to stock photography. The work that is going on in this club is commendable to say the least - sharing the wealth building wisdom to this detail is not anyone's cup of tea. Kudos to what you have been doing. At least it must have changed the mindset of lot of common people towards a goal of building wealth.

Please convey my best wishes to everyone in this club and the team that must be tirelessly working behind the scenes for making this happen. "

- Club member Rajesh Boorugucharla

"It gives me great pleasure to inform you that my first major project of tripling my income has been achieved!!! Tomorrow is my last day at Standard Chartered Bank. I am moving to Singapore and have got a job that gives me more than three times my current pay (after expenses and taxes, my savings are more than 4 times my current income). Mark Ford and Wealth Builders Club brought in the fundamental shift in my approach by making me go for increased cash flows. I will keep reading your mails and everything that's dished out by the good people at Wealth Builders Club.

I already have many plans to further boost my income. Here's the list:

  1. Will start a blog for expats in Singapore giving real life experiences and useful info like cost of living, finding the best condo etc. can be converted into a website. Am sure there are many such blogs but with the strategies given by WBC will help me a great deal.
  2. Have started doing ground work on a website on Ancient warfare and will be expanded into ebooks on greatest battles, greatest lives of antiquity and ancient war strategies, I was always so interested in Ancient History and only through WBC reports I got the idea to convert my interest into a money making hobby.
  3. Have applied for SEBI license and will soon be launching equity advisory business. Stock investments is my passion and I will provide stock investment ideas (1 per month for a fee of 10k per year).
  4. Doing a course on digital marketing to find interesting odd jobs at and other freelancing websites
  5. Learnt a great deal about digital photography last year and it's a new hobby for me now

All these ideas came to me only when I got associated with Wealth Builders Club India. WBC just doesn't teach wealth building, it actually teaches how to truly live life!"

- Club member Akshat Tiwari

"Great and inspiring solutions for sixty plus. This is good that in his series Mark Ford made beginning with retirees, who must bring change in their classic thinking.

It is a great opportunity to reach sixty plus years of age. Many people don't reach that stage. Once lucky enough, why not make it worth, enjoyable, memorable? This is possible if one is physically fit in health and finance. Mark Ford has shared guidelines from his struggle in life, as well from others great people's achievements.

There are opportunities for achieving hidden unfulfilled desires which could not be accomplished earlier. I did my post graduation in management at the age of 72 years which was followed by a very satisfying assignment as faculty for teaching MBA students. My case histories were real and local which every student participated and learnt with more clarity.

I welcome Mr.Ford's series which happen to deal with problems of people senior in age. It is wonderful beginning of a very satisfying journey. Many many thanks."

- Club member Joginder Bakshi

"Please find below my views on the Wealth Building Journey I have embarked upon based on Mark's ideas.

I always knew I wanted to generate more wealth than I already had growing up. But the problem that I faced was how to go about it? Simple investing wasn't going to do it.

I happen to come across Wealth Builders Club India (WBCI) where I a lot of Mark's Ideas for generating wealth were shared. Now don't get me wrong, he's no magician who can make you a millionaire overnight - that's entirely up to you and your efforts. But if you want to know how to get there, then he is the one you need to listen to.

The wealth of knowledge and experience shared is great. But what has made this journey exceptional - is that most important motivational boost you get!!! It gets you moving, moving away from that very comfortable position of not following up on actions and to overcome the inertia of keep things the same. I for one have already started to try and implement a couple of his ideas - I need to work on it, just like all successful people - time and energy needs to be spent on what you believe and go for it.

I am happy to be a part of this group interested to increasing their wealth not only for financial fulfillment but also on how to make the most of what life has to offer.

Kudos to the team."

- Club member Akshay Maini.

"I am a member of Wealth Builders's Club for the past few months. It has been a very good experience for me. I liked Mark's theory of creating many "wells" i.e. many sources of income, instead of depending upon a single one.

Till date Mark and his team in India have shared 6-7 wealth building ideas with us. A few points that impressed me are as below:

  1. The ideas are based on Intellectual Property (IP) creation. Thus we need to create IP once and market it well so that it will keep on generating income for us for years to come.
  2. The ideas are explained in much greater details (in fact I would have preferred them to be less verbose so as to save time of reading!). The actionability is taken care of so that they don't remain at theoratical levels. The way forward is explained quite clearly.
  3. Indian team puts in special efforts to provide intricate details thru their research and most importantly, tweaks them to suit in the Indian context. We can thus relate to what Mark and the team expects.
  4. The ideas revolve around what we already possess such as invalulable experiences and a few skills that we might not have tested till now. They also revolve around our hobbies; thus our hobbies can be pursued and simultanously our income generation will get taken care of. Nothing better!
  5. Most of them are dependant on Internet technology, which is the order of the day and its going to remain that way for decades to come. By pursuing these ideas, we are getting closer to Internet based functioning and even Internet based thinking, which is quite futuristic and hecne extremely useful for each one of us.

I have a dream to retire early. I am sure these ideas wil help me to spend my time gainfully pursuing my passion, post my early retirement dream coming true.

Mark also guides on other areas such as living like a millionaire without spending in that fashion, early retirement etc. They are quite interesting, different and useful. The team's effort to make them relevant in India is worth appreciating.

A few points one needs to remember while pursuing this wealth building journey, as experienced during the past few months of my association:

  1. Patience: While reaidng the articles, I developed the perce[tion that the income generation will happen much faster. IN real life as we all know, nothing comes as fast as we expect. We need to keep on doing right things and wait patiently before we succeeed fully in the mission. Needless to say, one gets confidence of the success for sure. Secondly, since we are pursuing our hobbies in the process, the entire journey itself is quite enjoyable.
  2. Hardwork and persevarance: While reading the articles, I had developed some perception about the kind of efforts that will be required for us to succeed. For example, I felt that 5-7 hours a week is sufficient to pursue one idea. In reality however; I appeared to have underestimated substantially. The effort for getting even some success is at least 3-4 times more! In nutshell, I would say that the ideas are great, support is very good; however our perseverance, hardwork and patience will only get us to the success. Success for sure will be substantial and the entire journey will be enjoyable."

- Club member Satish Pendse

"Well one thing is for sure that I am happy that I have joined the WBC.

The principles and the teachings gives us a feeling of confidence and that we can do this(meaning financial independence).

Joining the club has changed my conventional thinking that one can grow rich only by investing in riskier avenues.

It has shown me the various avenues from where one can earn money and invest wisely. Mark has rightly shown that having multiple streams of income are smarter ideas of getting rich. WBC has given us many ways as to how to develop these extra income opportunities.

Internet has changed the way we do business. And WBC has shown multiple ways to exploit the advantages of internet to earn money.

Kudos to the team, I appreciate their prompt responses. I like their professionalism.

I would like to thank Mark and WBC for nudging me into action. I have chosen copywriting as an extra income source and I hope to see the results soon."

- Club member Anil Vaidyan

"As a wealth builder club member, I can very well compare Mark's wealth building journey to that of a wonderful train journey that we all enjoy. The engine chugs off slow and steady, mentally preparing us for a wonderful journey ahead. There are many opportunities that come along, like the stations in between. There are numerous strategies that come our way too, like the innumerable food items that are served to us in the train. We carefully study and analyze and choose what interests us. In the process, we make friends too with our co-passengers as in a train journey. The benefits are there for the taking and we aim to reach the final destination,i.e. success, with the able guidance of the driver (Mark Ford) and the guard (Anisa Virji)."

- Club member Jaishankar Jayaraman

What WBC Members
Around The World Are Saying...

"...I have noticed that my profits and bottom line have grown every single day... and in some cases, by the thousands. I am looking forward to many years of financial freedom. Thanks to everyone at the club. It's incredibly life-changing material."

- Club member Carl Wyland

"The active income will allow me to purchase a second home... and fund some fun activities without having to touch the retirement savings... I sincerely appreciate your common sense approach to a continued active financially sound life and the very practical advice for the passive investments."

- Club member Robert Charles

"I have been a member for six months and already feel like a major movement in my life has taken hold."

- Club member Thomas Jackson

"I greatly appreciate your membership advice and do have to admit that you guys are the most down-to-earth, caring, most "interested in the success of others" publication I read. I read approximately four to six others and am seriously contemplating cancelling "all" other publications in the interest of following your advice only."

- Club member W.G.

"Just read Extra Income Opportunity #3 on e-books. Wow, another home run. The quality of the information we receive as members of the Palm Beach Wealth Builders Club is simply amazing. A resounding WELL DONE!"

- Club member Keith K

"It's been a truly remarkable journey, to say the least. I'm not yet sure what got me so fired up, but I believe that sending in my signed pledge to Mark started something inside me that is still burning hot today. It seems I created this little promise to someone I look up to, and in doing so, I felt I wanted to prove to that person (and myself, of course) that I could pull it off."

- Club member Erik F.

"You guys are amazing! I'm busy reading your materials, studying Mark's books, and five or six other things that you've suggested. And I thought I was busy BEFORE I joined the Wealth Builders Club!

It's very clear to me that by seven years from now, my life and financial situation will bear little resemblance to their present state. Then, it will be MY privilege to send a huge "thank-you" to you guys. (I have seven years to figure out what unusual gift I can send.)"

- Club member Jake D.

"I am really excited about the copywriting course from AWAI and the business-building ideas from the Wealth Builders Club. I read few pages from The Pledge every day.

Mark is my new mentor. His ideas resonate with me a lot. His ideas are so practical, and he connects all of the missing dots to being successful.

Thanks, everyone from Palm Beach. You guys are amazing!"

- Club member Mani M

"Overall, The Palm Beach Letter and the Wealth Builders Club have been worth it. It is very refreshing to get exposure to more that just investment ideas."

- Club member Jay R.

"Thank you for the plethora of information that has been hitting my inbox for the last couple of months. It has been great!"

- Club member Pearse S.

"Your articles help me focus on what is truly important. I am grateful for all that you do. Thank you!"

- Club member Delcia C

(Letter from Argentina WBC - translated from Spanish)

"Firstly, I'd like to thank Mark, Federico and Joaquin for allowing me to join the club.

Prior to receiving Federico's 4-step course, I failed to take advantage of this opportunity. I thought the cost was too much, and that the information was going to be similar to that of your other products.

I was wrong though.

The 4-step course has motivated me to work and commit myself to the club.

Also, on Sunday, Fotolia accepted to sell two of my photographs.

Thank you for this second chance, and thank you for starting this club."

- Club member Pablo

(Letter from Argentina WBC - translated from Spanish)

"Last month, I began to implement Mark's system of goals, objectives and tasks. So far, its been working very well for me. The system has allowed me to improve my productivity, and helped me to stop wasting days. Most importantly, it has allowed me to reach the weekly goals that I have set for myself.

Moreover, I was able to obtain my first customer as a copywriter. This is going be a great experience, and I look forward to getting more sample sales letters, so that I may begin to write mine.

The topic of writing in general has also begun to interest me. In fact, I have gone ahead and started a blog about my profession.

My wife and I are also looking into the business of importing goods from China to the U.S. (perhaps even Britain, because of its better exchange rate). I hope to do this after some time and with the club's advice.

I am also interested in learning more about real estate, but I have decided to wait for new tips. After all, I am a structured person, who tends to think about things a thousand times before doing them.

Best wishes to the entire team."

- Club member Jorge O

"Absolutely profound. I have been going through all your articles which are so inspiring that it keeps me going in an otherwise insipid life."

- CSL Subscriber Rajesh Acharya

"All your articles are excellent and will be very useful if one goes through them scrupulously."

- CSL Subscriber Gopisetty Koteswara Rao

"I have yet to come across more SOLID article than the one below. It's so wonderful that I am making a print of it and also intend to email it to as many friends as possible. As the person who planned, planned and planned for creating retirement funds and finding big chunk of it MELTING away i can understand the meaning of this article more than anybody else, perhaps.

CONGRATULATIONS Common Sense Living for such a useful, wonderful article which i will treasure and read regularly."

- CSL Subscriber S.A.Salam

"I enjoy reading common sense letters. Your posts have a universal appeal. In your earlier write ups, you had suggested reading Man's Search of Meaning by Viktor Frankl. I picked up the same on my recent trip to Africa. Was a great read. Look Forward to reading your other book recommendations."

- CSL Subscriber Shyam Satish

"I have been a subscriber to the Common Sense Living Newsletter now for a very long time. Maybe it was just fate, but I unintentionally stumbled on this newsletter and like every other common Indian I decided to subscribe to it based just on the name "Common Sense". I got to be honest with you all, I used to blindly delete all your newsletters initially till one day I finally decided to give it a read. Since then, I have never looked back.

Reading your newsletter has now become my new favourite book. Every chapter better than the previous ones. The topics that are touched upon are the ones that aren't most talked about but ones that need most direction; and you all do a pretty good job. Ritika and Anisa have a way to capture the readers' attention and enthusiasm by their writing. I usually never reply to such mails and so this is my first. I am writing to you as I would really like to thank you, for your newsletter has helped me a lot in a number of ways. I am sure you get this a lot, but credit must be given where deserved. Good job. Looking forward to the next one..."

- CSL Subscriber Johann Irani

"I really appreciate the 10 things mentioned in your guide and it is really worth reading again & again."

- CSL Subscriber Chinmayanandam Sridharan

"At every opportunity I read your articles and in fact I make sure I pass on what you discuss to our Rotary Club members during our weekly meetings. All your articles are meaningful, widely inspiring and am sure you will have plenty of followers.

Wishing you all great success."

- CSL Subscriber Balan Bhaskaran

"I am a very happy & regular reader of Common Sense Living articles. I have been reading them since quite a long time and have been privileged to get them delivered in my mailbox. I thank you from the bottom of my heart for the amazing literary work done by you & your team.

I am a student currently who wishes to be a successful entrepreneur and your articles are like gold dust to me, they have developed my vision and moulded me into a better human being ..."

- CSL Subscriber Hardik Jethalia

"My heartfelt wishes for the quality of work you are doing to bring a difference in our lives. We also must appreciate the fact that contents, topics & lengths are perfectly blended with an awesome common sense! I have never read any other portal or feeds as holding as yours which is worth going through, every time.

Keep doing the good work...& let's grow together."

- CSL Reader Shiva Kumar

"Dear Mark, Many thanks for your valuable insights. I firmly believed that long term investing in stocks was a sure shot way to success, but your extra income generation was really an eye opener. eagerly waiting for the ways to make that extra income in India."

- CSL Subscriber Benoy

"Hi, I have just completed reading the first two secrets. Both are good basics that are available on financial literature available on the web. But the difference this one makes is the systematic way of presenting it. Anyone who wants to be wealthier and seeks to accomplish it by various means will have to hit it whether knowingly or unknowingly. But this calibrated thinking will make it easy for everyone who strives to be wealthier."

- CSL Subscriber D. Thirugnanam

"I wish, i would have come across this wonderful article earlier. I have in fact lost a lot of money following advices of so called share market experts, which now i would negate.. ."

- CSL Subscriber S. K. Goel

"Very good article & straight forward. I am now 49 yrs, working right from age of 16yrs, could not able to accumulate the wealth, but from last 3yrs getting into the process of building my own business,but it is very hard for a person who get the pay check! The 4 simplest steps mentioned in the article is difficult to digest, but once I took the responsilbity to whatever I am today financially, this start working right. Many many thanks."

- CSL Subscriber Nagaraja


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